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Young Adult Fiction

  • Fauldon's Dream and the Karier of the Task

    by Enoch K. Enns

    Rating: 2.00

    Plot: Readers are dropped into the novel in what feels like the middle of the story -- and this prevents them from investing in the characters, their world, and the book. The plot movies from one place to the next and introduces a string of characters, but there is little sense of the what is at stake. And this also prevents reader engagement.

    Prose: Significant portions of the dialogue and narrative are stilted, too flowery, and overly wordy. Many descriptions, phrases, and passages are confusing, and certain terms and phrases are repeated too often.

    Originality: The world created for the novel is unique, and it would be very interesting with more development. However, the story currently bounces too quickly from one location to the next without properly developing each locale.

    Character Development: As with the plot, we are given little background information about the characters -- the sort of information that would make them fully developed and cause readers to become invested in them and their journey. Additionally, the characters do not grow or change significantly over the course of the book.