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August 1, 2014
For $499, a Publishers Weekly reviewer will provide you a detailed evaluation of your complete manuscript.

PW Manuscript Eval: An Expert's Full Attention on your project


 Have you finished writing a book and now you want affordable, professional feedback to help you assess its strengths and weakness and reach all your writing goals? Then PW Manuscript Eval is for you!

What Is a PW Manuscript Eval?

This is our full-service manuscript evaluation.  One of our expert reviewers will read your manuscript and provide insightful written feedback on a variety of topics, including strengths and weaknesses of your writing style, plot and story development, character construction and believability, as well as the kinds of issues and red flags mentioned above. A PW Manuscript Eval is for writers looking to refine a complete project to get it ready for submission, and for writers looking for help getting over the humps that many writers encounter between drafts of a project. It's where our best minds meet yours.

What do I get?

Submit your entire manuscript.  A PW reviewer will read your project and deliver you a concise, helpful evaluation within six weeks.

The Evaluation will include:

  • A summary of your book, to ensure others are seeing what you think they are
  • Detailed analysis of strengths and weakness in writing style, plot and character development, and overall arc of the book
  • In-depth pointers on how to proceed with revision

Click here for a sample Manuscript evaluation.

Pricing is by manuscript length:

Length Price
Small: Up to 80,000 words $499
Medium: 80,000-120,000 words $529
Large: 120,000-150,000 words $559


Terms and Conditions: PW Manuscript includes a written evaluation, not any kind of conversation or correspondence with the reviewer, who will remain anonymous. The evaluation will be delivered to you within the next six weeks by email; it will also be accessible on your BookLife dashboard. Note: This service is a manuscript evaluation service, not a book review, and your evaluation may not be used as promotional copy or as a blurb to promote your book.