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October 28, 2019

“Fight the Patriarchy” is Parsons’s battle cry, and in More Than One Storm Coming, she details what might happen after the 2020 elections if women aren’t represented at the ballot box.

What’s the story behind this book?

I wanted to know why the church went silent in 1940s Germany. I wanted to know why some women side with men who denigrate women. I wanted to know why attempts at teamwork between spouses are perceived as an attack and competitiveness. Is there a connection between the abuse of power in Washington, D.C., and domestic abuse by men? Is Washington the macrocosm and home the microcosm? If things go badly for women in the 2020 elections, they will need a plan B.

If you could pick anyone to give this book to, who would it be and why?

I was surprised when my veterinarian said she was Republican. Progressive in every way, she has her own business, raised her kids after divorce, is not intolerant or prejudiced, and appears to be giving, not selfish, not biased. I guess she saw the horror on my face, because she quickly added, “But not now.” I’d also give the book to Sunday school teachers who are aware of the misconduct of ministers. My niece belongs to a couples church group but is liberal in her thinking; I’d give it to her. I would give it to all women who want to move forward in their social, educational, and religious lives. It appears that many women do not know the history of the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, or the Wild West. To men who say, “I’m not like that,” I say they will have a chance to prove it in 2020.

Was there a specific instance in your life that made it clear that you needed to write this book?

It must have been around 2002 or 2003. My husband and I were watching a prominent TV evangelist preaching about abortion and how women who have abortions think of the fetus only as a blob. I turned to my husband and asked, “What did he say?” I felt sick, like I’d been punched in stomach, and I felt hate for the first time: an imposter preaching the Gospel, and a rich one at that. Hate is contagious. Love is not. Love must be created out of something that costs you—like this book. I’ve been in the fight for safe reproductive care for women since.

Your bio says that you’ve worked for decades educating women. Can you elaborate on your past work?

I’ve written several books—Abortion Misnomers, Murder of the Church Secretary, The Failed Patriarchal Systems, and my most recent, Storm Coming—on the same theme. I spent 10 years as a Southern Baptist Church secretary and saw six pastors come through. I’ve taught at Liberty University. And of course I’ve been studying men for half a century.

Are you doing anything else to promote your book?

When opportunity presents, I will consider it, but I haven’t flown since 9/11. I’ve sent postcards to women’s organizations and review copies to journalists. I also did an audiobook and contacted The Costco Connection. But I’m not the only one focusing on this topic. Movie producers and other authors are on the scent. I’m so proud.