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December 31, 2018
We take a look at the most-clicked stories from the past year.

In 2018, our top-five stories feature writing advice, book design tips, and a book review guide.

5. The Fans Are Out There
A look at how author Leslie Langtry found her readers.

4. Writing Tips from Barbara Kingsolver
The bestselling author shares writing advice and words of wisdom, including: "The enterprise of writing a book has to feel like walking into a cathedral."

3. Writing Advice from Laini Taylor 
The author of the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy shares her writing tips.

2. The Indie Author's Guide to Customer Reviews
How indie authors can turn that discouraging “no customer reviews yet” message into a smattering of star ratings and commentary.

1. Top Five DIY Book Layout Mistakes
Book designer and author Joel Friedlander takes a look at pitfalls self-publishers face when doing their own book formatting, and explains how to avoid these mistakes in the first place.