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August 28, 2017
Deborah Bradseth of Tugboat Design tackles the cover redesign for Glenn Seerup's 'After and Before.'

This month, Deborah Bradseth at Tugboat Design turns her talents to reimagining the cover of the coming-of-age novel After and Before: The Story of Hatley Chambers, by indie author Glenn Seerup.

Design Note #1: The layout for the title on the original cover worked well, so I kept a similar dramatic style, adjusting it only slightly.

Design Note #2: The new image and color scheme sets a dark, moody tone, giving the reader an ominous feeling that fits with the overall story.

Design Note #3: The original cover, although it was just typography, sparked curiosity—but the redesign adds a human element that readers can relate to better.

Design Note #4: I used a soft yellow for some of the text to make it stand out. But in a way that didn’t prevent the hands from remaining the cover’s focal point.

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