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January 9, 2017
The Intelligent Editorial Analysis Report compares manuscripts to bestsellers across hundreds of literary metrics.

BookLife has partnered with to offer its members the tech company’s new Intelligent Editorial Analysis Report for a discounted introductory price.

The IEA Report is powered by machine learning and compares manuscripts to bestsellers across hundreds of literary metrics, including syntax, story arc, accessibility, and diction.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this launch and proud to introduce it to our members,” said Carl Pritzkat, president of BookLife. “Writers today are smart, savvy, and want to find the tools to help them help themselves. This report is a great way of doing that.”

In the report’s beta testing, one writer who praised the new service called the report “the best quantitative manuscript analysis I have ever seen.” The report retails for $99, but is available to BookLife members for just $49.

“Writers nowdays have to be so adaptive to technology,” said Monica Landers, CEO and co-founder. “It influences everything from how they share their creativity to whether they are discovered and able to achieve the reach they want. Now that publishers have the ability to use technology to analyze books and scripts, writers are curious to know what a machine sees in their work.”