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  • Three Proofs That God Exists

    by Walt Runkis

    Rating: 6.25

    Idea/Concept: At the basis of this thought-provoking presentation are Buddhism and Hinduism, popular philosophical and spiritual journeys for people who have rejected traditional Judeo-Christian ideology, a stance apparent throughout this book. Experiences and revelations intertwine with deep enlightenment on a spiritual plane of existence.

    Prose: Steeped in heady verbiage that lulls the reader, perhaps intentionally, the stylistic mode is suitable for open-minded individuals seeking an alternative window to the soul, and ultimately, a higher power. A touching look at human vulnerability clarifies the experience.

    Originality: Books that search for an inner purpose, or God, from a borderline scientific standpoint, have increased in popularity as the interest in faith-driven doctrine dwindles, quite evident in this intriguing self-help memoir. Buddhist ideology, however, is nothing new to the publishing industry, as innumerable titles grace the market.

    Execution: This word-heavy cross between a memoir and a theological exploration preaches as much as it educates. Addressing serious health concerns, along with a dire need to resolve a common unanswered question—does God exist?—every chapter zig-zags through a maze of celestial discussions, leading to a transcendental conclusion.

    Blurb: Discover evidence that God may exist in this illuminating journey to the heart of humanity.

  • Why Jesus: A 50 Day Holy Spirit Experience

    by Alisa Hope Wagner

    Rating: 6.00

    Idea/Concept: The concept behind this Bible study workbook is solid. While there is a degree of repetition within the content, the author provides provocative questions for devout readers to consider, allowing them to further contemplate their personal relationship with God and scripture.

    Prose: Wagner writes in a straightforward manner with emphasis on succinct lessons over narrative texture. The daily affirmations, observations, and prompts are clearly presented and plainly delineated.

    Originality: While Wagner's offering is not entirely original in concept or execution, the author delivers a solid guidebook for faithful readers seeking to further enrich their lives.

    Execution: The author provides a targeted, tightly organized study of the Bible for daily reading.