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5 electric bikes that are worth the price that are attractive


If you are, your reader is looking for a vehicle to facilitate your short trip. We have an electric scooter to recommend. To help make purchasing decisions and get the most suitable electric scooter Will there be any products? Let's go and see.

1. Segway Ninebot ES2 

An electric scooter with a modern design. Can do a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. It takes only 3.5 hours to charge, with front and rear shock absorbers to cushion while driving. There is an application that supports the use of smartphones. It comes with an anti-theft lock and finger control, with an LCD screen that makes controlling the operation more convenient. It also has brake lights and headlights. For convenience in use at night as well.


o    With anti-theft lock system

o    Takes a short time to charge

o    There is an app that can be connected with a smartphone.


2. MI Electric Scooter Pro


2 wheel standing electric scooter that can be driven by foot. Or driving by electric system can run as long as 45 kilometers per charge at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Material is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. There are 3 modes to choose from: Cruise control, Intelligent Battery Management (BMS) and E-ABS braking system that can display working status on the screen. LCD provides added convenience with Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. So you do not miss out on the most comfortable use.


o    Has a digital display screen

o    Can use 3 systems

o    Can connect bluetooth


3. Electric Scooter INMOTION L8F 2020


Made of high quality aluminum alloy. Aircraft manufacturing material grade this makes it lightweight, strong, durable, rust-free, and can be easily folded within 1 second, comfortable to carry thanks to its dedicated traction wheel and handle. Can run as long as 35 kilometers per charge, supporting driving on rough surfaces very well. Because it has both front and rear shock absorbers for convenience in every journey No matter how smooth or rough the surface is. Do not have to worry about the comfort and smoothness while driving


o    With electric braking system

o    With spare wheels

o    Various control systems can be easily operated.


4. HX-X7 E-Scooter Electric Scooter Kick Scooter


Super design electric scooter that can do a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Plus, it only takes 3 hours to charge, so you can use it smoothly this is an electric scooter that can be folded in one step, convenient and easy to use. It comes with an LCD screen that allows for easy control of the operating system. It also has an LED light that allows it to be used at night.


o    Takes a short time to charge

o    There is a LED screen to control the operation.

o    Easy to fold in 1 step


5. Segway Ninebot Pro Max Kick Scooter


Premium electric scooter Comes with a smart battery management system Made of durable material Made of aluminum alloy This makes it lightweight, rust-free and can be carried comfortably. The charging time is just 6 hours and can go as far as 65 km at a top speed of 25 km per hour. Large rubber wheels increase safety while driving. It can also be folded. With a very dense locking system, there is a LCD screen showing the speed Battery level and machine status


o    With LCD display

o    Easy to fold and store with locking system

o    It doesn't take long to charge.