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Because I taught high school English and drama I am uncomfortable with the word "developmental. Instead I offer “big picture” responses:

  • I tell you what I love because I believe all writers work better when they are given honest encouragement.
  • I tell you what trips me up and why.
  • I tell you WHAT I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT. This often opens doors for writers. I plant seeds, you nurture them, and your writing blossoms.

I offer additional services including line editing and help for ESL people. Learn mofe at 

I've written You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers (Tate Publishing) and Talent (Eternal Press). My work has appeared in Voices of Caregivers; Hip Mama; Small Press Review; Dramatics Magazine; The Sun; Good, Inspire Me Today, Caregiver Village, Purple and elsewhere. I am finalizing a memoir about getting married for the first time at 62.