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Are you ready to put your name or your business on the map?

Are you, your employees, or your brand ready to take the world by storm? Are you a frustrated author who is seeking to garner more attention for your work?

Media training with Driver’s Seat Media is the missing key that helps YOU take your business and career to the next level!


With media training you learn to harness the power of influence. With thousands of methods of communication offered today… being media trained, honing communication skills, and being prepared to be up-front and center is more important than ever!


For the past 15 years, Barbara Terry has made over 2000 media appearances. She has also trained and facilitated top professional athletes, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriters, NASCAR drivers, business professionals, authors, SWAT and police officers, military personnel, and spokespeople in reaching their target audiences on television, radio, in print through newspapers and magazines, and on hundreds of online outlets.

Driver’s Seat Media offers:

Media Training –  live interviewing skills, effective communication, body language, and messaging


Spokesperson Training – hone your branding skills, messaging, and interviewing skills.

Branding – learn how to bring your brand into the forefront through media training to effectively

communicate and gain exposure.

Social Media Training.

Speaker Training.

Reach-out to us today to start putting you and your company on the map!

PR offered to certain clients.

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