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Dominic Schunker

Editing, Business, Art & Design, Production, Distribution, Promotion & PR, Publishing

Calle Almudaina 17,
Javea, 03730
P: 00447990573343

I am a Suspense, Thriller and Sci-Fi novelist, Ghostwriter, Blogger and Developmental Editor.

I was a self-published author as well. I went through this many times and I'm here to help you achieve your goals.

You might just want something that is truly yours, a flag in the sand, just something you can say, "I did that."

Or you might want to sell it far and wide, see what everyone says about it, see how many people buy it and love it.

What do you get from an Edit..............

I specialise in concept evaluation, ghostwriting and developmental editing. I have worked with some super writers and helped them fine-tune their work and get it out there. 

A Developmental Edit is your key step to having a finished work, something you're proud of, something that will have a well-deserved place as a published work.

My edit will provide you with proof of concept (basically pointing out any flaws in plot or initial concept). It will tell you how the book reads.

  • Does it get sticky or slow?
  • Would people keep going or put it down?
  • Would they look forward to coming back to it?

I will suggest ways all this can happen and the edit will provide all you need to create a fully market-ready publication.

If that's your goal, there's no better feeling than those 5-Star reviews. (Well, almost).

Other things I can help you with.................

And with that in mind, there are many things the folks at Offworld (my publishers) can help with once you have your finished work, including:

  • Making the eBook and Printed books (Covers and Designs and all the other stuff that needs to be in them)
  • Global Distribution to Amazon, Google Play, iBooks, Barnes and Noble and loads more
  • Publicity. Press Releases, Social Media
  • A free spot on the Offworld site (for genre-appropriate works)
  • Review Generation. This is the currency of modern book sales.
  • Marketing. Maps your budget to your market universe.
  • All sorts of other things folk tend not to think about like copyrighting, database registrations, to protect your rights.

So, come and say hello at Offworld and find out how close you are to getting an accomplished publication out there.

All the best,