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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Cat's Claw

    by Michael Liggett

    Rush! - Through a series of chance discoveries and unexpected altercations, Lynn Horne unknowingly takes the first steps down a chaotic path once travelled by her Grandmother, Linda Turner. When she first put on the Black Cat mask, this shy, mousy B-Movie actress turned into a crime-fighting thrillseeker on the prowl. She and the criminal element will quickly find out what happens when someone like her treats a dangerous city like her own personal playground!

    the Case of th... more

  • Electric 1937

    by Michael Liggett

    This is not your history; but these are your people...

    It's 1937 and the world has emerged from an era of chaos and hardship. It's a world that no longer runs on fossil fuels but electricity from Nikola Tesla's Wireless World Energy and Information Network. Watch Hank Lamont and his crew on "Big Jane" as they battle through hordes of fighter planes, radio-controlled drones and their own demons!

    Will they make it out of harm's way or will their luck run ou... more