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  • An Advent for Religious Liberty: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel

    by Ray Keating
    KFUO radio’s “BookTalk”: Ray Keating is a “great novelist.” Advent and Christmas approach. It’s supposed to be a special season for Christians. But it’s different this time in New York City. In AN ADVENT FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL, religious liberty is under assault. The Catholic Church has been called a “hate group.” And it’s the newly elected mayor of New York City who has set off this religious and political firestorm. Some people react with prayer – others with viole... more
  • The Unfinished - 2015 Edition

    by Patrice Williams Marks
    In a future where the Unfinished (murdered) are brought back to life for only 72 hours to testify against their killers before being "put down" for eternity... an Unfinished is resurrected to what he believes is his one chance to point the finger at his accused killer. He remembers the final details of his life; his boring job as a mattress salesman, the Dame he had high hopes for and the Mug who took his life. Once brought back from the dead and taken to court, this Unfinished could nev... more
  • Root of All Evil?: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel

    by Ray Keating
    KFUO radio’s “BookTalk”: Ray Keating is a “great novelist.” Do God, politics and money mix? In ROOT OF ALL EVIL? A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL by Ray Keating, the combination can turn out quite deadly. Keating introduced readers to Stephen Grant, a former CIA operative and current parish pastor, in the fun and highly praised WARRIOR MONK: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL. Now, Grant is back in ROOT OF ALL EVIL? It’s a breathtaking thriller involving drug traffickers, politicians, the CIA and FBI, a s... more
  • Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel

    by Ray Keating
    KFUO radio’s “BookTalk”: Ray Keating is a “great novelist.” WARRIOR MONK: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL made "The top 10 self-published books to cross WORLD's desk this year." WORLD magazine (June 29, 2013, issue) looked at more than 100 titles and then came up with a "final list of 10 that display clear writing and storytelling." On WARRIOR MONK, WORLD declared, "The 'warrior monk' in question is an ex-CIA agent who settled into life as a ... Lutheran pastor, saving lives and taking care of bad ... more
  • Light Out of Darkness

    by Donna Wichelman
    A prestigious art exhibition turns into a horrific spectacle when a murder sends Art Curator Jamie Holbrooke and Professor Alessandro Marianni on a hunt for a highly coveted stolen painting. Jamie's painful past follow her to Italy when an assailant, who looks like her dead brother, presses a mysterious riddle into her hand. Soon she discovers that her long-time paragon Dr. Marianni may be linked to the enigmatic riddle. Intrigued by her questions, Alessadndro's response must wait when their ... more
  • The Battle of Jericho

    by Walter Marks
    When a disembodied foot is washed up on the beach, East Hampton Detective Jericho is ,joined by rookie cop Maria Cruz. This grotesque discovery leads them on a twisty and violent investigation, involving a possible serial killer, sex trafficking, Russian mobsters, and the conflict between rich Hamptonites and undocumented immigrants. This is the sequel of "Death Hampton", introducing Detective Jericho.
  • Americans Bombing Paris

    by Thomas Bartlett
    Americans Bombing Paris is a classic romantic thriller skewered with humour and geopolitics. An intoxicating mix of food, lust, Paris and misguided youth. For Johnny and Naya trouble was unavoidable and in truth they never tried to avoid it. Humour, war and love entangle as Paris gets bombed and four lives come together and fall apart. Paris October 2002, the Americans are going into Iraq and the French are acting all ornery. Irish Johnny and his English and American friends indulge in person... more
  • The vagabond and malign

    by Jay Spice
    Happiness is inevitably impossible, it is only temporary. Newspapers have been informing the public that a BTK killer is still on the loose. Meanwhile, word on the street is that the number of cyanide poisonings is on the rise. No one really knows or even cares what is going on behind the scenes—except for the offender and their chosen victim. Abel Allan and Lavinia Shepard have been living two separate lives killing people as they saw fit thanks to each of their illegitimate parent. Once they e... more
  • The Touch of a Shadow

    by Cheri Vause
    Just as Esther Charlemagne has discovered happiness with her partner and now husband, Aiden ‘Mac’ McManus, a grisly killer from a murder case which the couple worked five years earlier, in 1959, returns to threaten her. For their own protection, the FBI flies Esther and Mac, together with others involved in the case to a remote safe house and Esther is forced to face what happened on that fateful day, five years ago. Although it’s the last thing she wants to do, she finds herself recalling every... more
  • The Night Shadow

    by Cheri Vause
    The first four years of the 1960s have been filled with tragedy and violence for Esther Charlemagne; divorce from her abusive, alcoholic husband, the death of her thirteen year-old son, the assassination of President Kennedy, and her battle with breast cancer. None of these events, however, have prepared her for the investigation of her life, into the circumstantial death of a talented young ballet dancer, killed in a mysterious fire. Teamed with her former partner on the New York City Police, A... more
  • The Truth and Nothing but Lies

    by Cheri Vause
    Special Agent in Charge, Grantham "Grant" Greene has become disillusioned with his job and his role within the FBI, despite being promoted due to his intuitive investigative skills. Working out of the Portland office, he's charged with leading the hunt for a bomber who seems to be targeting Women's clinics in Oregon and Washington. With pressures from his boss and his ambitious father, Grant becomes even more discouraged as he works his way through the mire of evidence. His discovery of the acti... more
  • Peak Season

    by Jeff Widmer
    After shooting a fellow police officer, CW McCoy surrenders her gun, her badge and her confidence. But when a fugitive kidnaps her family, CW must decide which side of the law she’s on.
  • Castle on the Island: A Castle, Some Ghosts, Some Spies and Two Best Friends (The Castle eBooks Book 1)

    by T.D. Cochran
    Generations of kids from the small town of Stormness on a north Scottish Island knew the old castle was haunted. But best friends Léa and Tara didn’t believe in ghosts. When it was Léa's turn to spend the night in the old castle, she didn’t find ghosts, She found a nest of spies who’d been there since the Cold War. After enduring a grueling and sadistic initiation test, Léa and her friends get a major shock as they are welcomed into the The Castle by Tara. The next day begins with a welcome t... more
  • .40 Cal Sayulita

    by Marcus Schantz
    After winning a complex drug case, Chicago criminal defense attorney David Bricker is invited to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where he meets Alberto Calderon, a powerful and dangerous drug cartel leader. Impressed with David’s courtroom ability, the drug lord charms the young lawyer into laundering money for the cartel. David is later asked to handle emergency cartel business in Chicago and can’t say no. But when $6,000,000.00 in cocaine disappears, David is sent for by Calderon to explain. Faced wi... more
  • Inscrutable

    by Rob Kelley
    When two private detectives in New York City disrupt a foreign espionage ring, their life takes a decided turn for the worse. What begins as a routine investigation of internal corporate theft in Newark, New Jersey, quickly devolves into a dangerous cat and mouse game of international espionage and political intrigue. Both the FBI and the private detectives are frustrated to discover that the foreign agents, who are responsible for theft, assault, attempted murder and kidnapping, are protected b... more
  • The Stone Merchants

    by Rob Kelley
    What would you do if someone is trying to kill you and you have no idea why? A romance suspense thriller that weaves murder, romance, and intrigue into a sizzling fast-paced adventure that leads all the way to the White House. Ryan McCall, a widowed father of a five-year-old daughter and a renowned quantum computer designer from the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, is kidnaped, interrogated and left for dead while attending an out-of-town computer symposium. Jennifer Taylor, the attractive eme... more