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  • Critical Mass: A Spiritual Adventure to Save the Planet

    by E. Bruce Bushong

    Ever since the horrors of 9/11, Brian had been lost.

    His quest for purpose led him to France in the spring of 2003. There, everything changed when he joined with fellow seekers—Katrina, a German physicist; Hadji, an Indian engineer; Alia, a Brazilian pilot; and Qui Jen, a Japanese ninja—as part of the Holistic Group dedicated to the transformation of the planet through the creation of Critical Mass.

    As foretold in ancient texts, Critical Mass is both ... more

  • In Your Sights (Sydney Triptych Book 1)

    by Elizabeth Krall
    Caroline Bready is being watched. Someone has posted a photograph of her on a mysterious website. Still struggling to rebuild her life after the unsolved death of her husband, Caroline tells herself that the photo is unimportant. She drifts into an affair with a colleague; the relationship begins casually, but quickly becomes intense and disturbing. After Caroline discovers the first victim of a serial rapist who has begun to attack women in Sydney, another photograph appears. Are the onl... more
  • On an Exciting Cocktail Night: A Dark Fantasy Tale

    by Lathish Shankar
    Alex Samuel's wife Stella was found dead in his room. No one actually knows the real cause of this death. Stella's younger sister, Salina, along with her boyfriend Collins, investigates into this death. Stella turns out to be a vampire who is visible only to Collins. The story is all about Stella's revenge on the person who is responsible for her death. She helps Collins to find out the real murderer, and Collins reveals this unknown mystery, to her husband and sister. The novel swings between r... more
  • The Secret People, 978-0-9838201-1-6

    by B R Fleming
    Inspired by the works of Carlos Castaneda, "The Secret People" follows Dr. Lesley Whitney as she enters the realm of Native American Spiritualism and encounters the Inorganic Beings searching for her missing father. When Lesley receives the call from Sheriff Branshee that her famous father, archaeologist Arthur Whitney, is missing while exploring Native American sites in the Four Corners, Lesley inadvertently becomes involved in finding clues to his disappearance. Her search for the truth forces... more
  • Winston's Will

    by L Bailey Bastian
    Mira Catlett is on death row for the murder of her wealthy father, Winston Catlett. No one believes her story that her father’s death was an accident and the only person that holds the truth is her uncle, Howard Catlett. But he allows Mira to be convicted leaving him with full control of his brother’s company along with custody of Mira’s son, Ayden. Years pass and with Mira’s execution days away, she learns of a codicil; an amendment to her father’s will that shatters her dreams of her only... more
  • The Anvil of the Craftsman (Jon's Trilogy Book 1)

    by Dale Amidei
    A doctoral candidate in Theological Studies is recruited by an acquaintance in the U.S. State Department for outreach to the most troublesome province in Iraq. The many challenges of nation building expand the mission from diplomacy into a survival situation, as local and international interests position themselves to oppose the initiative. Terrorism and counter-terror operations threaten to keep the team from leaving the relative safety of Baghdad, until a former USAF Special Tactics operati... more
  • Pharaoh's Star

    by Vera Jane Cook
    Sometimes, the ambiguity of a man is better left ambiguous.

    Nick and Jenna Dowling buy a second home in Upstate New York but this dream of a lifetime turns out to be anything but relaxing when a strange and mystical experience on a dark, forgotten back road leads Nick on a frantic search for answers about the reality of his identity. Frantic to explain his mysterious amnesia, Jenna Dowling calls upon a therapist for her husband, while Nick befriends an alien abduction expert. Each despera... more

  • Copperhead Cove

    by Ron Parham
    The stillness of the warm, Kentucky afternoon on Copperhead Cove is shattered by the echo of a high-powered rifle, sending the birds flying and two famous college basketball coaches to a watery grave. Their fishing guide, Bo Paxton, becomes collateral damage, thrashing through the murky waters of Quail Hollow Lake, fighting for his life while a mob enforcer hunts him down, beginning a life and death manhunt for Bo and a marked member of the Chicago mob.

    Bo's brother, Ethan Paxton, and his ... more

  • The Hester Street Kids

    by Armando Minutoli
    The story incorporates contemporary pleasures: a love story, spice, family secrets, and crime investigation. But its underlying message is one of moral choices. It also gives a historic glimpse of the 50s. Readers will find themselves on a nostalgic journey back to the postwar time of economic growth. This work does not glorify the mob like so many others have done. It is a saga that talks to the plight of Italian American immigrants striving for a living in the new world under the thu... more
  • Double Cover: A Warren Kingsley Mystery

    by Sherban Young
    Corporate tycoon Thomas Redding is dead, murdered by way of antique golf club during his firm’s company retreat. His bodyguard, Warren Kingsley, is certain the killer is gunning for him now. With a list of suspects as long as a corporate tax return, and a small town sheriff well over his head in the investigation, Warren knows he has only one option to keep from ending up like his late client: hire his own bodyguard.
  • Fleeting Chance: An Enescu Fleet Mystery

    by Sherban Young
    Fleet is back, this time for some cards, cruising and criminal investigation. In his fourth adventure, he encounters treachery on and off the high seas. Along the way, he raises the stakes with a little hidden treasure, and goes all in on a mystery that will plumb the depths of his past. Does the best in the game have what it takes—or could he end up a sunken Fleet?
  • Ring of Fire

    by Gabriel Sennet

    MONTECRISTO GOES TO HOLLYWOOD. Alan Dehaney had to wait 15 years to have his 15 minutes of fame. He tried to be an actor and an architect -- to no avail. Then, a book that drew heavily on his past made him a star writer in New York City. A wild success, he drops his wife and kid and starts living on a fast lane. But his whole world collapses when he's mixed in the murder of a stunning Swedish model, 4,000 miles away from home. The police, at first, let him go, but the same media that call... more

  • Collision Course (A Josh Williams Novel)

    by Joe Broadmeadow
    Ambition, Politics. Murder Elements in the tragic collision of two lives. Anthony 'JoJo' Machado decorated Marine combat veteran and Detective Sergeant Josh Williams, East Providence, Rhode Island Police Department Two men inextricably linked by circumstances beyond their control. One will die. One will face the loss of everything he holds dear. Collision Course is the riveting story of blind political ambition trampling truth. US Attorney Robert Collucci, candidate for the US Senate, will... more
  • It Happened in Boston?

    by Russell H. Greenan

    A cult classic first published in 1968, this story enchants authors from Jonathan Lethem to Anne Tyler who wrote: "Apart from its originality and complexity, it has that most exhilarating of qualities: the power to reawaken our sense of life’s possibilities."

  • Rhodesland

    by Salafis
    A run-in with a secretive fraternity during the Malayan Emergency forces Wildan Caspian, a news photographer, to go underground. Chaos reigns when he stumbles upon a trail that leads him to a conspiracy-strewn world of neocolonialists, tribesmen, godmen and imperialist oddballs—all racing to find a lost sceptre. Wildan joins the race with a bumbling friend, a local rascal and an effervescent bandit.
  • A Terrorist at bay

    by Drake Casanova
    Amelia Deese, a high school teacher, is abducted from her Victorian home. Her abductor is none other then the very person she's been having an affair with. As she searches for answers her revolving past come back to haunt her in the most devastating ways. Beaten and defeated, she finds a woman who could help her stay alive. The two women work together to fight their way to freedom. Detective Drake Davenport, a local homicide detective is working a case when he discovers that his wife and fou... more