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  • Retribution

    by Phillip Peaoock
    Manfred is framed. He asked his friend Jeremy to help him. Together they find out the true extend of the conspiracy
  • A Witch's Lament

    by Cathy Walker
    When Skye Temple buys a historic house in Salem, Massachusetts, the witch capital of the world, she ignites events that began centuries ago during the witch trials. Salem's bloody history unfolds with her discovery of ancestral diaries and the murders of local girls. During all this, she also struggles with her attraction to Jerome Phips, a local police officer bent on uncovering the truth of his mother's disappearance during a ritual gone wrong 30 years earlier.
  • Perceived Threat

    by Elisa Koopmans
    Author and speaker Annalisa Vermeer has a radical message for her listeners with potentially far-reaching effects. As she advocates for fewer laws, no lobbyists or political parties, and respect for constituents’ opinions, she attracts the attention of powerful enemies in DC . . . some who would prefer to see her dead. Amid a mounting string of verbal and possible physical attacks, Annalisa fears for her safety, but refuses to back down from her advocacy. Her continuing push for her cause pu... more
  • Catharsis

    by Noor ilhuda
    Dark tale of a tough-as-nails detective, a curious old man and a persistent district attorney - all trying to catch a pedophile. Fear is relative. What would you do to be free? Contemporary psychological thriller 'Catharsis' is not a happy read. It has no happy people. It is dark, depressing and short. It has the best and worst of human nature. Readers and reviewers are requested not to reveal any spoilers.
  • Red Days and Grey Nights

    by Brandon Collier
    Ten years after being a sex slave, Pepper Phillips now has the means and opportunity to punish those responsible and to find her daughter. Pepper was a young woman abducted during a vacation and for years she was controlled by Don Bolivar, who took away her child for future use in his human trafficking business. Pepper managed to escape his control with the help of a wealthy businessman. As she prepares to seek vengeance, she realizes the local authorities are unwilling to help. That is when Pep... more
  • Flower Girl: A Burton Family Mystery

    by David Marshall Hunt
    Synopsis: What happens when a scientist with top secret clearance and a rogue CIA agent join forces, and he happens to be her father? As a kidnapped orphan she is hired out as a flower girl on Cheju-do Island, Korea the honeymoon capital of Asia. At 12 she is rescued from being sold as a child bride. Her rescuer is a rogue CIA Agent, who happens to be her father, who returns her to the USA to get an education. At 26 she is a scientist and linguist with a top secret clearance working for a g... more
  • Corridor One

    by Rafael H Derchansky
    Dina, a tenacious art forgery expert, is suddenly dragged back into her past life when an extraordinary package is left at her apartment by a mysterious man who seems to know the most personal and intimate details about her past. Why now? Can he be trusted? With new revelations, her life quickly spirals into a maelstrom of confusion and Dina is torn between her innocent desire to believe the stranger and her professional instincts telling her that everything is not as it seems. As she struggles ... more
  • Blue Water Bedlam

    by B.G. Preston
    Four guys who know nothing about boating. An adventure in the Puget Sound. A new yacht. A boatload of trouble. Charlie just wanted to have some fun with his new boat, and share that fun with his friends. Little did seasick prone, lotto winner Charlie know that he had bought into a whole lot of trouble. Four retired guys set forth on a boating adventure north from the beautiful Puget Sound. Knowing nothing about what it takes to handle a yacht, and the news of a recent murder on board, do... more
  • For Renata

    by B. Robert Sharry
    A rocky love affair described in his uncle's journal sets a young man on the road to discovering the truth about the disappearance of his uncle and bring that truth to the woman he loved. What it leads to is a discovery that will change everyone's life forever.
  • Identity Crisis

    by vicki lee zell (vlz)
    Identical twins Doreen and Darlene Ward discover early on in their lives they were adopted. Who was the mother who discarded them so easily so many years ago is the key mystery in finding the truth to who murdered Dr. Jameson. The twins come to find themselves in a web of lies, deceit, and murder when Darlene Ward is thrown to the wolves as prime suspect in the murder case. That is until identical twin sister, Doreen, shows up on the scene, throwing the entire proceedings into question. The twin... more
  • Her bite will Kill

    by James Punt
    It was early morning in a New York coffee shop. A well dressed woman was sitting in a corner booth, sipping her morning coffee. The man at the counter orders another coffee in a Russian accent. A stranger walked in and sat down in the booth opposite. She noticed that both men had gang tattoos on their hands. Alarm bells suddenly start ringing, she knows something is not quite right. She calls over the manager, as he pours her another coffee, she slips him a note asking for him to leave straigh... more
  • Grace and Disgrace

    by Kayne Milhomme

    In their college days, three friends created the Sleuthhound Club to solve local mysteries and crimes, but only one of the friends turned that early hobby into a profession. Inspector Tuohay of the Royal Irish Constabulary has seen a lot of action in his line of business, including the infamous crime that shattered his career—the amazing theft of the Templar Diamond. 

    Now six years after the theft in 1902, new evidence surfaces as key players (including Tuohay) receive m... more


    by Michael G. West
    ROOFS - A Year-round Place To Die, is the story of a security consultant for a vacationing U.S. Senator who's running for President of the United States. The story is set against the backdrop of islanders – and illegal immigrants -- struggling to find a decent place to live. The island, beautiful as it is, does not present an easy way of life for those who settle and work there. Real estate is expensive, and after all, it is an island, so there is only so much of it. Summer rents are too attrac... more
  • Misfit Blues

    by Michael G. West
    A love-and-crime novella, Misfit Blues is Goodbye Columbus meets The Friends of Eddie Coyle. It’s both an ill-fated love story (she's already engaged, he's not quite in her class) and a crime story set on Martha’s Vineyard in the summer of 1990. Housepainter Tommy Shakespear, a Golden Gloves boxer and Dartmouth B-school dropout, has to locate and persuade a terrified witness to return to Boston from the Vineyard, where she's been in hiding. She’s the only one who can testify to the innocence of ... more

    by Michael G. West
    Set in the scenic natural beauty of Martha's Vineyard and BUZZD tells the story of corporate greed, mercenary killing and a new agricultural chemical that endangers the island ecosystem. Afghan war vet and special ops marine, Sam Hill uncovers the truth about the death of an EPA official, swarmed by killer bees. Sam finds a single loose thread and pulls on it until he unravels a national conspiracy that could threaten the entire planet.
  • XOC

    by Michael G. West
    Sam, a young marine returning from service in Afghanistan, is looking for some R&R on Martha’s Vineyard, but instead walks into a storm of protest surrounding the annual monster shark tournament and the mob-infested gambling ring that lurks in the background. As one reviewer commented: "Jaws was a simple, primal conflict: man vs. shark. In Xoc, also set on Martha's Vineyard, Michael West serves up a shark tournament, eco-protesters, a shark gambling ring, corrupt officials, mobsters and, for a... more