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  • Halo de Luna

    by J. F. Murcia
    HALO DE LUNA El enigma de las sombras en la mente En el invierno de 1988, Sandra Johns es culpada por una Corte de California de haber asesinado a su prometido cortándole la vena yugular con un cuchillo eléctrico. ¿Cómo pudo una bella y talentosa pianista de una familia poseedora de un gran viñedo, haber cometido un crimen tan atroz? Las evidencias en su contra son concluyentes. La policía implacable. La justicia firme. Pero la verdad yace tras las sombras de la mente enmarañada de Sandra, esp... more
  • Exam Room Confidential

    by Louis Siegel M.D.
    This fictional account is a revealing and shocking inside look at the underbelly of medicine and one doctor’s life and the medical and social pathology he confronts. This book will make you think hard about the trust, faith, and respect you place in your doctors and the systems in which they work. Through the use of the novel, the book explores physician aided death, end of life rights, gender issues, physician empowerment, and more. Includes a glossary, book club discussion topics, resources, a... more
  • Binds That Tie

    by Kate Moretti
    Love ties. Murder binds. Maggie never felt as though she belonged until Chris Stevens showed her what true happiness meant. Ten years into their marriage, miscarriages and infidelities have scarred them both. Despite their perfect-couple image, Maggie can’t look at Chris with anything but resentment. When a charismatic stranger offers the opportunity for a little harmless flirtation, she jumps into the game. But charm soon turns to malice, and a deadly split-second decision forces Maggie... more
  • The Annunciation

    by Ron Teachworth
    The Annunciation begins in Bucharest during the mid 1990’s. The secret, radical and conservative group, the Piagnoni, prepare their surrogate to assassinate Pope John Paul II. In Florence, Italy, a group of religious students from Detroit have joined an Art Restoration Fellowship at San Marco convent, studying and assisting in the restoration of frescos by the famous painter Fra Angelico. Two young students in the fellowship, seminarian Finn McNelis and Felician sister Olivia Gianetti, fall in ... more
  • Hamilton Troll and the Case of the Missing Home

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    Why does Hamilton Troll live next to a tree stump? Chatterton Squirrel asks this question one spring day, so Hamilton shares the story about how this whole thing began. While trying to stay warm one cold December morning a loud rumbling noise brought Hamilton out of his hole to discover his tree was gone! In order to solve the mystery of the missing tree, Hamilton and Merle Mouse go to Rachel Raccoon for help. Rachel then tells everyone about Christmas and explains why Hamilton's tree was ta... more
  • The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths

    by Harry Bingham
    A furniture store in South Wales suffers a minor payroll fraud. Detective Constable Fiona Griffiths is tasked with the investigation. She hates the assignment – no corpses – only then she finds the body of a woman who has starved to death and it becomes clear that within the first, smaller crime, a vaster one looms: the most audacious theft in history. Fiona’s bosses need a copper willing to go undercover, and they ask Fiona to play the role of a timid payroll clerk so that she can penetrate the... more

    by Jim Murray
    After fifteen dispiriting years in the force, Detective Burke suffers a catastrophe that causes him to have a heart attack and leads ultimately to a heart transplant. His police career in ruins, he invests in a restaurant, and by using his surveillance skills he gets honest feedback on the food and the service and elevates the restaurant to be the finest in Dublin. When he eavesdrops on a party of criminals he learns something that connects his recent calamity to the stirrings of his trans... more
  • The Blood of Brothers (Sycamore Moon) (Volume 2)

    by Domino Finn
    In the bucolic town of Sanctuary, a body is strung up to a tree outside the local high school. The only thing more shocking than the crime is its heinous nature: the mysterious victim has been skinned and drained of all his blood. Detective Maxim Dwyer knows the murder is a message, but who it's from is not so clear. The few clues he has point to his friends, the Seventh Sons Motorcycle Club. Diego de la Torre is part of that pack now, but brotherhood comes at a price when blood is spilled. M... more
  • Clear Glass (The Vision Chronicles Book 8)

    by Chariss K. Walker

    Clear Glass picks up where Lamp’s Light left off in this slice-of-life paranormal thriller series. It’s the final installment in The Vision Chronicles series. After relentless moments of heart-pounding suspense and devastating attacks, everything culminates in a brutal, gory conclusion. In this book, James now sees visions of the future through any clear glass surface. But, can he see what’s coming for him? Find out in the final chapter of The ... more

  • Lamp's Light (The Vision Chronicles Book 7)

    by Chariss K. Walker

    In the next installment of The Vision Chronicles, James’s ability has evolved once again. He now sees visions of the future through any lamp’s light. When it splays across the floor or table, he’s inextricably drawn towards the luminosity and powerless to resist it. Like a moth to a flame, he can’t withstand its dangerous temptation or his deep curiosity. In the light, James miraculously visits his ancestors in a far away secret realm. Can he courageously leav... more

  • Stream of Light (The Vision Chronicles Book 6)

    by Chariss K. Walker

    Stream of Light continues where Open Spaces left off in this exciting slice-of-life, paranormal thriller series. James now sees visions of the future through any stream of light, but when using this particularly powerful connection, he’s often lost in another plane and loses time. It’s a harrowing risk he's willing to take in order to protect and defend the family he loves.
    Continue his vulnerable and enlightening journey during the next eight weeks as J... more

  • Open Spaces (The Vision Chronicles Book 5)

    by Chariss K. Walker

    James Lewis now sees visions of the future through any open space, but the amazing ability has astounding side-effects. When using this remarkable gift, James feels disoriented, as if he’s in another realm. Often, he has a difficult time finding his way home. Determined to keep his family members safe, James stubbornly forges on in spite of the staggering aftermath experienced. 
    Open Spaces continues with the next eight weeks in this slice-of-life, paranormal thriller... more

  • Windows All Around (The Vision Chronicles Book 4)

    by Chariss K. Walker

    Windows All Around picks up where Window's Pane left off. Continue this awe-inspiring journey for the next eight weeks as James Lewis valiantly fights his relentless pursuers and other disastrous threats in a brave effort to protect his family and friends. James faces a new harrowing nightmare at every turn, but he steadfastly beats back each menacing danger in this courageous, slice-of-life, paranormal thriller series. If you love breathtaking suspense with a dash of my... more

  • Window's Pane (The Vision Chronicles Book 3)

    by Chariss K. Walker

    The illuminating visions quickly evolve as James Lewis accepts his amazing ability as a gift, but this breathtaking change has pitfalls: James struggles to keep up. Now, he sees images of the future through any window pane, but each time his ability masterfully changes, there are remarkable consequences, dangers, and side-effects. With staggering threats on every side, can James protect his new family from those who are still after him?
    Window’s Pane, picks up where Spyglass left o... more

  • Spyglass (The Vision Chronicles Book 2)

    by Chariss K. Walker

    Mike Lewis escapes New York and ‘goes underground.’ More precisely, he turns up in Juarez, Mexico where his brave saga continues in Spyglass. As his remarkable ability grows, he now sees eye-opening visions of the future through a spyglass. However, the visions have taken on a more intimate and surprising nature. Mike emerges as James Lewis and continues his awe-inspiring chronicles as he creates a new life there. Is he safe from those who relentlessly pursued him in New ... more

  • Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles Book 1)

    by Chariss K. Walker

    Mike Lewis boldly narrates his fantastical story and confesses his secret: He sees horrifying visions of disturbing future events through a kaleidoscope each time he closes his eyes. He'd like to live a normal life, but an elusive threat prohibits him from doing that. Someone wants to study his mystical ability and they’ll do whatever it takes to further their strange, covert agenda.
    The Vision Chronicles eight-book thriller series is a slice-of-life metaphysical/visionary stor... more