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    by Kate Mulcahy
    Hundreds evacuate the Senate Office Buildings, as Washington, D.C. is shutdown. The Capitol, zippered in a balloon of fear of collective fear, holds its breath. As FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Steiner and her partner investigate the terrorist attack, they discover more than they anticipated. They follow a trail leading them from Washington, D.C. to the Upper Northwest Territories. Nothing is what it seems as the body counts adds up. Assistant Federal Prosecutor Erin Dushanbe implements ... more
  • Blood Ties: The Bonds Are Permanent (The Magnolia Series Book 1)

    by Ashley Fontainne
    Blood Ties LiAnn Tuck and her daughter, Karina Summers, are settling into their new life, enjoying the small farming community of Sheridan, Arkansas. The slower pace, compared to the craziness of Los Angeles, is a welcome distraction for them both. Taking care of her aging parents and their small farm is just what LiAnn needs to forget her twenty-five-year career as a detective. And Karina's new love interest brings back the smile she lost from years of undercover work and her cheating ex-bo... more
  • The Oracle of Baal: A Mick Chandra Mystery (Mick Chandra Mysteries Book 4)

    by Rebecca Yount
    Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Mick Chandra is faced with his most challenging case: how to break up a cult preying on middle-aged wealthy people by promising them that "death is the ultimate goal" to a happy new life. Specifically, Mick is challenged to solve the suicide of Rosalinda Evelyn, a beautiful, successful 46-year-old actress who unaccountably committed suicide. Her daughter suspects a "self help group" her mother had recently joined, that preaches death as a solution to all pain.... more
  • Island Bluffs

    by Alan A. Winter
    Having exhausted all of NYC's top fertility experts, Carly Mason and her husband Gabe Berk learn of an eccentric scientist who runs an exclusive clinic near the Jersey Shore. The doctor explains the only way he will help: Carly must agree to carry twins, one biologically hers and another that is not, along with two caveats: she must move near the doctor's clinic in her last trimester and give the surrogate baby up to the doctor at birth. Island Bluffs is a present day town blinded by a pact m... more
  • Warrior

    by Terry Irving

    April 25, 1973
     "A machine gun round tore past. Rick Putnam felt the hair on the top of his head suddenly rise up, and in the split-second before he heard the whining thwup of the bullet, he'd already begun his dive to the ground."
    Every night, motorcycle courier Rick Putnam battles the phantom gunfire that is the price of his service in Vietnam but this is definitely not a dream. Rick and his girlfriend, Eve Buffalo Calf, have s... more

  • Courier

    by Terry Irving
    Rick Putnam is running for his life. A Vietnam Veteran riding a motorcycle for a national news network, he's picked up something too hot to handle. So hot that a reporter and a camera crew has already been killed and a rogue CIA kill squad is on his tail. Stick with this charismatic character as he fights his way all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in his battle for the truth.
  • Ocean City Lowdown: A Jamie August Novel

    by Kim Kash
    Ocean City Lowdown introduces Eastern Shore Maryland reporter Jamie August, who has a talent for unearthing more than her editor wants and a weakness for Ravens jerseys and sparkly underwear. She is assigned to cover the grand opening of a big new housing development in Ocean City, Maryland. But instead of writing about wrap-around porches and rattan furnishings, she uncovers kickbacks and payoffs, blackmail and murder. Jamie's tenacity, smarts, and sheer recklessness—plus some smokin’ stripteas... more
  • Dubious Justice (Justice Series Book 11)

    by M A Comley
    Things are never as they seem. What cruel secrets lie hidden? It's up to Lorne Warner to uncover the truth behind the criminals' charade in this nail-biting, emotional thriller. DS Lorne Warner and DI Katy Foster are called to the scene of an electrician's suspected suicide but quickly discover that they're dealing with a murder case instead. Katy's family emergency forces her back home to be by her parent's side in Manchester, leaving Lorne as detective inspector, working alongside a n... more
  • Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

    by Linda S. Prather
    Jenna is a kick-butt Assistant DA caught up with a corrupt family headed up by of all people a former judge. Jenna gets entangled in a messy family web of deceit in which an innocent member of the family has been imprisoned for twenty-five years. When a member of the young man's family is killed in an accident, he is released from prison into Jenna's custody to attend the funeral, and that's where this fast-paced, non-stop thriller really begins.
  • Echoes of Apollo

    by George Thompson
    China’s bold attempt to land a scientific space probe on the far side of the moon ends in spectacular failure…or does it? While the CIA struggles to answer this question, the US Air Force stuns the world with an unprecedented shuttle launch to deploy a national security payload to Earth orbit. But when the retrofitted Atlantis fails high above Kennedy Space Center, Commander Jack Harden’s future is quickly derailed. As military satellites fall from the sky and America’s electronic infrastruc... more
  • Survival Tactics

    by Erica R. Stinson
    Follow the journey of a young woman running from a world filled with abuse and violence, as she struggles to find herself, changing everything that she's ever known.
  • Chef Maurice and a Spot of Truffle

    by J.A. Lang
    It’s autumn in the Cotswolds, and Chef Maurice is facing a problem of mushrooming proportion. Not only has his wild herb and mushroom supplier, Ollie Meadows, missed his weekly delivery—he’s missing vital signs too, when he turns up dead in the woods near Beakley village. Soon, Chef Maurice is up to his nose in some seriously rotten business—complete with threatening notes, a pignapping, and an extremely well-catered stake-out. Can he solve Ollie’s murder before his home-made investigat... more
  • Darryl's Reunion

    by John B. Wren

    Darryl's Reunion is the story of a young boy, killed in his first year of high school. His murder goes unsolved for nineteen years. The interest of the town's newest detective is drawn because it is an unsolved murder and peaked when he finds out the victim's intended graduating class from the local high school is holding it's fifteenth year reunion. Detective Ian McLarry meets with the reunion committee and begins asking questions. "We know who did it," claim the co... more

  • The Traveling Man (The Travelers Book 1)

    by Michael P. King
    Married con artists, using the aliases Tom and Patty Brown, arrive in the small city of Seanboro with their partner, Buddy Ray, masquerading as land speculators. Their plan is to falsify the environmental reports on a contaminated tract of lakefront property and sell the land to a local gangster who is involved in real estate development. But as their plan progresses, and the double-crosses pile up, they find themselves pursued by their now ex-partner Buddy, seeking revenge, and by an old enemy ... more
  • Ten Percent: Hollywood Can Be Murder

    by D. L. Bruin
    What Price Dreams? After decades of toiling in the “C” Leagues, talent agent Shelly Monroe has finally hit the big time, when she discovers and signs actor Cody Clifton, who is on the fast track to be TV’s newest superstar. It’s a Hollywood truth that getting to the top is one thing but staying there is something else. Shelly Monroe is finally living her dreams, and she’s not about to let it slip through her fingers. Veteran LAPD detective Maxine Calderas finds herself in hot pursuit of a seria... more
  • Lou Malloy: The Run Begins (A Lou Malloy Crime Series)

    by J. Frank James

    The Run Begins is the prequel to the Lou Malloy Crime Series.

    Lou Malloy is 18 years old and ready for the world... but is the world ready for him? His brother Sam has left and his sister wants to move to Florida with the family. Malloy is having none of it and on a wild moment decides to hop on a rail car, unsure of where he is going. The important thing is that he will no longer be in Kansas, but the problem is that he doesn't have any mo... more