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  • Walker's Vale

    by John Zelenski
    James Cooper moved his family to Walker’s Vale, Pennsylvania, in search of the ideal life. What he got was just the opposite. As this small town’s eerie history is revealed and repeated, it’s clear the devil is in the details—and he’s waiting for the Cooper’s young daughter. When the FBI come knocking at his door, James quickly realizes that his ideal life may come with a steeper price than he thought. This story of faith, deception, and horror will captivate readers as one man fights for his f... more
  • Drachen: A Thriller (A Matthys Rossouw Pursuit Book 1)

    by Brendan Le Grange
    A marine archaeologist standing up for herself. A psychopath with mother issues. A hitman who hates failure. A soldier with a point to prove. And a treasure that tests every allegiance. Brett Rivera has spent three years searching for the Drachen. The day she finds it is the day her life changes: there is no sign of its legendary treasure and now a cold-blooded killer is hunting her. What does he know that she doesn’t? She is chased in Finland, double-crossed in Tallinn, abducted in Lübeck,... more
  • Renewal

    by H. Perry Horton
    Lee Dillon Ford is a 32 year-old, barely-functional alcoholic day laborer in Portland, Oregon, whose debaucherous lifestyle of cheap liquor, cheaper women, and little responsibility is abruptly interrupted when his estranged half-brother Barrett is pulled dead from the gray-brown waters of the Willamette River. The police call it suicide. But a voice mail left for Lee by the boy only minutes before his death would seem to suggest otherwise. Driven by a need to determine the truth about Barrett's... more
  • PETRA- The Wifi Mystery

    by Victor Fox
    A beloved school teacher is murdered and PK is stunned at the crime scene. Her partner in the hospital with gunshot wound, she is out to prove her skills and disappoint her critics. But the end result leaves her flabbergasted. How was that possible? She asked while.....
  • Dolce

    by Victor Fox
    Why would Vienna Detective Lukas Stein travel to Los Angeles to rescue a homeless woman? When Abrie Bachmann asked him to accompany her to meet Dante, he was eager. Perhaps it would give him a chance to question the butler about the murder of her parents. Little did he know his search for the killers would soon take a surprising turn and he would find himself helping his primary suspect instead.
  • A Poisonous Journey: The First Lady Evelyn Mystery (The Lady Evelyn Mysteries Book 1)

    by Malia Zaidi
    The year is 1925, a time that hovers between two catastrophic wars, a time of jazz and sparkle, and a time of peace and reflection. For Lady Evelyn, struggling to outrun the ghosts of her tragic past, it is a time of transformation. Left orphaned after a fire when she was only four, Lady Evelyn Carlisle was raised in London by her stern aunt and uncle. Now, twenty years later she has grown restless and is keen to escape her chaperone's grasp. A letter from her cousin, Briony, living with he... more
  • Sydewauker House

    by J. D. Wellander
    Out of a life born into innocence, raised in a peaceful loving family and community comes a discovery catapulting her into a terror filled reality and life changing resolution.
  • A Gathering Of Blackbirds

    by J. D. Wellander
    In an age of technology, of reason and certainly intelligence, one would not expect someone's life to follow the path that it does, in which unexpectedly horrific acts are perpetrated by family and others.
  • The Tomb

    by Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore

    Retired OSI special agent Maxine Decker returns in THE TOMB, her most dangerous mission to date: prevent the assassination of a Supreme Court justice.

    After capturing the world’s most wanted drug lord, Maxine comes across a photo of an object recently found in the Colorado River, an object tied to a WWII plot to send a submarine up the Colorado and destroy the Hoover Dam. Identifying the object as an earthquake machine based on the turn-of-the-century design of Nikola Tesla, Max s... more

  • Hit and Drag: A Ham Marks, MD, Medical Murder Mystery

    by William H. Simon
    Forensic orthopedic surgeon Ham Marks just wants a peaceful day at the Split Rock Golf Club. The club computer, ARNI, matches him up with three strangers for his relaxing eighteen holes, but during the course of play, one of his fellow golfers falls into the lake. Soon after, the man, Marty Rasher, is declared dead, and Ham is shocked to be a suspect.**To exonerate himself, he needs the help of his brilliant wife and fellow medical specialist, Ruth. Despite their brainpower, their scientific min... more
  • Foreclosure

    by S.D. Thames

    When the housing crash derails his shot at making partner at Southwest Florida’s most prestigious law firm, hard-nosed David Friedman rolls up his sleeves and lands the client of his dreams—Frank O'Reilly, a real estate developer embroiled in dozens of lawsuits and hell-bent on turning a profit during the recession. Little does David know that Frank's company is involved in a murderous plot to cover up years of mortgage fraud in the Sunshine State. As David prepares for a ... more

  • The Fishermen's Ball

    by J. J.. Dutra
    The citizens of Provincetown are planning a dance to celebrate their fishing heritage and raise funds for the victims of the 1938 hurricane, whilst murder and intrigue are germinating in the seaside town.
  • The Majesty - Into The Fog

    by Edward R. Laden
    The 2,500 priviliged passengers aboard the ultra luxurious cruise ship Majesty face life-threatening drama as it travels from London to New York. Once the ship encounters a mysterious green fog things take an eerie, deadly turn. The fog creates a strange hallucinating effect on most of the crew members, pitting them against thepassengers as deadly combatants. Once courageous small bands of passengers mount a counter-offensive the possibility of their survival is greatly enhanced. ... more
  • Made in China

    by Mark Reutlinger
    It seems almost everything we buy these days is labeled “Made in China.” In my novel , a radical Chinese government takes advantage of America’s dependence on China and its Asian allies for its manufactured goods by cutting off all exports to America and the West. Americans are left with nothing to buy or sell. Jack Conway and Linda Chambers inadvertently find themselves on the front line in the fight to revive American industry, thereby becoming the targets of ruthless killers who have been hir... more
  • Galya Popoff and the Dead Souls

    by Julia George
    It’s five a.m. in the little California coastal town of Santa Maria del Lobo, and Professor Galya Popoff is waiting for her poodle to finish his rest-stop by the college Campanile. In the darkness, two hundred feet over their heads, Chancellor Siegfried (“Nazi”) Nottbeck is honing his free climbing skills. Suddenly, his body plunges out of the night sky and hits the bricks a mere two feet from Galya. Detective Sergeant Lewis writes it off as a bizarre accident. But Galya insists it was murder. ... more
  • A Negro and an Ofay

    by Danny Gardner
    Life can be hard for a eager young mulatto. After killing two dirty cops in self defense, Chicago PD Detective Elliot Caprice returns home to the lawless town of Southville, Illinois and finds the family farm in foreclosure and his uncle dying in a flophouse. Desperate for money, he takes work from the son of a deadly Jewish mobster and eventually crosses paths with a powerful family from Chicago's North Shore. A big shot is dead and the key to his estate went missing with the chauffeur. It m... more