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  • Dead Money Run (Lou Malloy Crime Series Book 1)

    by J. Frank James

    Dead Money Run is the first book in the Lou Malloy Crime Series.

    Lou Malloy learns of his sister's death right before he is released from prison, having served 15 years for the theft of $15 million from an Indian casino. He wants two things: to keep the $15 million, which no one has been able to find, and to track down and punish whoever killed his sister.

    Lou Malloy teams up with Hilary Kelly, a private investigator. In no time, Lou has found the hid... more

  • Bedeviled Sea

    by Jerry Earl Brown

    Salvage diver Kyle Dawton has a paranormal knack for finding lost shipwrecks. But his erratic visions of the remote past and near future provide no clues as to how they should be interpreted or dealt with. They in fact threaten his grip on ordinary reality. And they ill-prepare him for the diverse calamities that arise to give Dawton and his fellow treasure hunters more than they'd wished for in "The Devil's Sea."

  • Voodoo Love Song

    by Richard Daybell
    Boy meets duck, boy loses duck, boy finds girl. At Disney World, Paul is picked up by a five-foot duck named Huey. Duckness proves to be skin deep, however, for Huey the Duck is really Huey the Girl, an attractive young woman who leads Paul astray and to Key West, where during a sailing adventure, they are marooned on a tropical island. Idyllic, except for the pirates, pythons and panthers, voodoo, men who have passed through the earth twice, and things that go bump in the Caribbean night.
  • Acts of Violence

    by Ross Harrison
    My name’s Jack Mason. I made a mistake. Took home the wrong girl. Now she’s dead. Cut up. And they’re telling me I did it. It’s the same cop that tried to take me down ten years ago. Now he’s coming at me hard. And he’s not the only one. Cole Webster, the city’s crime lord, thinks I stole from him. Broke me out of custody just to ask me about it. Then I killed his son. Now he really wants me. Add to this equation a government agent, and I’m a real popular guy right now. Pretty much every... more
  • Nine Feet Under

    by Morgan C. Talbot

    2014 Nominee, Big Al's Books and Pals Readers' Choice Award for Mystery

    Margarita and Bindi have big plans for the Fourth of July, involving borrowed bicycles, a geocaching power trail, live podcasts, and plenty of fun. But their day quickly goes awry when they stumble upon what looks like a murder in progress.

    Strange rivalries and secret alliances test Margarita's puzzle-solving skills, and Bindi suffers a rather painful setback when she comes face to face with someo... more

  • Death Will Attend

    by Morgan C. Talbot

    Three months after catching a killer, Margarita escapes to a historic hotel with Drew and Bindi for a Valentine’s weekend of geocaching. But during the love-themed costume ball, the CEO of a satellite navigation company keels over—and then his body vanishes.

    As the weekend progresses, Margarita discovers threatening messages in the logbooks of local geocaches. Her attempts to unmask the blackmailer are thwarted by the last person she would have expected.

    With a stubbor... more

  • First to Find (Caching Out Series Book 1)

    by Morgan C. Talbot

    Death is the hardest puzzle to solve.

    Margarita Williams escaped death at a young age, but its shadow has followed her all her life. Now, amidst the chaos of a new Australian roommate and mysterious, menacing neighbors, Death has set the puzzlemaker a puzzle of her own. Someone is killing her fellow geocachers, one by one.

    Supersmeller Bindi Ryan left Australia to marry a man who abandoned her the minute her plane landed in Oregon. When thieves steal a local sculpture and a teenag... more

  • Confessions of an Assassin

    by Linda Heavner Gerald
    Confessions of an Assassin Confessions of an Assassin is the story of Catherine Carnegie. Although she was born to a wealthy, prestigious family from New York, her dream was all things southern. “Cat” finally obtained everything that she dreamed of since childhood. Once established in the loveliest home in Eufaula, Alabama, she meets a vaguely familiar man from her college days who changes her life. What begins as a fun diversion attending state dinners in Washington, soon immerses her in ... more
  • Murder at Beechwood

    by Alyssa Maxwell
    For Newport, Rhode Island’s high society, the summer of 1896 brings lawn parties, sailboat races…and murder. Having turned down the proposal of Derrick Andrews, Emma Cross has no imminent plans for matrimony—let alone motherhood. But when she discovers an infant left on her doorstep, she naturally takes the child into her care. Using her influence as a cousin to the Vanderbilts and a society page reporter for the Newport Observer, Emma launches a discreet search for the baby’s mother. One ... more
  • In the Bones

    by Renee Miller
    Welcome to Albertsville: Population 397…and falling. When Ryan Cassidy claims a house left to him by his estranged grandparents, he becomes tangled in the mystery of a town crushed by a deadly secret spanning generations. The town's power core, which includes the reeve, his council members, and the local police, smother opposition with deceit, brutality and fear. They will stop at nothing to keep the horror they've committed buried. A severe winter storm leaves Albertsville sno... more
  • Plague of Equals: A science thriller of international disease, politics and drug discovery.

    by D. R. Oestreicher
    A science thriller of international disease, politics and drug discovery. In cities and villages world-wide, drug companies must defend their clinical trials against anti-science activists. Eleanor Powell is convinced the drug companies have done their due diligence, but the global population is shrinking and politicians are looking for a scapegoat. Eleanor is finding herself suddenly in the middle of a cultural battle over science and statistics. Meanwhile, in a remote village in Vietnam... more
  • A Smoking Gun

    by Patrick Freeman
    When private investigator Jacob Franks was falsely accused and convicted of murder it left him a little disillusioned about the ‘legal system’ in America. Among other things he learned that the Constitutional guarantee that the accused shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty doesn’t exist anymore – if it ever really did. Did the experience leave him bitter and angry? Maybe a little. Cynical and sarcastic? Absolutely. Stanley Morrison is a thirty-year-old autistic man who has been accused ... more
  • Linear Shift

    by Paul B. Kohler
    No one said time travel would be easy. Peter Cooper, a widowed father of two whose life is crumbling around him—until a bizarre encounter with a desperate Army general launches him on a risky mission: to go back to 1942 and change a moment in time. The repercussions will almost certainly alter the conclusion of World War II. But will the ripple effects stop there? And what kind of life will Peter return to? Unknown Consequences: A successful mission may not have the success he had in... more
  • Pineapple Lies

    by Amy Vansant
    Growing up in one of Florida’s fifty-five plus communities, Charlotte never expected life to be wild. Golf cart racing with her surrogate mothers Mariska and Darla was about as nutty as life got...until she found the hot pawnbroker’s mom buried in her backyard. Talk about making a lousy first impression. Armed with nothing but her wits, Pineapple Port’s questionable cast of characters and a growing\tcrush, Charlotte is determined to solve the mystery of Declan’s mother’s murder. Hey, at le... more
  • Day Zero: The Book of Patrick

    by BJ Hyman
    There is a time for everything...including a time to die. Patrick Eldridge has just hit the last day of his countdown. If he can live through this one day, it is just the beginning of his problems.
  • Into the Roaring Fork

    by Jeff Howe
    They set out for Aspen in 1985. A one year post-graduation detour to play in the Rockies prior to entering the "real world." That was the plan. They wouldn't need much. Just ordinary jobs with a ski pass attached, a one-bedroom apartment, and each other. But tempted by the decadent side of this iconic resort town, Alex Cavanaugh enters into an illicit agreement with a new acquaintance and finds himself on a remote forest trail, where the crime he is committing pales in comparison to the one his ... more