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  • The Word

    by Hubert Crouch

    Lovers of legal thrillers will rejoice in this gripping, timely page-turner about religious fanaticism, freedom of speech, courtroom intrigue, and high-stakes mystery. 

    Ezekiel Shaw and his fanatical followers preach a gospel of hate, picketing the funerals of fallen soldiers, and praising God for sending America’s soldiers back in body bags. But when they disrupt the funeral of Second Lieutenant Lauren Hanson, a West Point graduate killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, h... more

  • Spectre Rising

    by C.W. Lemoine
    After a combat incident in Iraq, Cal “Spectre” Martin was grounded and told he would never fly an F-16 again. Years later, he started a new civilian life with his F-16 pilot fiancée while being haunted by the nightmares of his last deployment. But when she goes missing on a routine training mission off the South Florida coast, Spectre unwillingly finds himself thrust back onto the front lines of the war on terror - this time, not in the skies over Iraq, but on the streets of Miami. While s... more
  • Death of a Diva: From Berlin to Broadway

    by Brigitte Goldstein
    A veteran actress’s brutal murder at a Broadway theater in 1941 sets off a police investigation that reaches back to pre-WWI Vienna and 1920s Berlin in Brigitte Goldstein’s densely plotted noir mystery novel, Death of a Diva.

    In 1941 New York, the murder on Broadway of Stella Berger, famed star of screen and stage of Weimar Germany and outspoken critic of the Nazi regime which had forced her into exile, sends shock waves through the American public.

    The police act quickly, and the pr... more

  • 9781481896801

    by Rick DeStefanis
    The Vietnam War, often called the CIA's war, tested the morals of men from the highest offices of our nation to those from the smallest boroughs of rural America. Brady Nash was one of those men. When his friend Duff Cowan is killed in Vietnam, Brady recognizes the mysterious circumstances and is compelled to search for the truth. With an extraordinary ability to shoot and a hardnosed determination, Brady must face life and death through the scope of a rifle when he gets involved with a clandest... more
  • The Crash of the Rising Sun

    by Austin Ross
    The Crash of The Rising Sun Author. Austin Ross Austin Ross combines Politics Power and money in this thrilling new novel. Author Austin Ross shares his life experiences with a collaboration of people from around the world, experiences he incurred when he was an Executive Manager and part owner of a Swiss private bank in Geneva in the early nineties. In the world of shady Swiss Banking, one of the biggest scams of the eighties is unfolded and reveals a ruthless conspiracy who's members partici... more
  • The North Country Confessional

    by Craig C. Charles

    Family roots, teachings, and tradition permeate DARBY WEEK'S existence despite a two decades old decision to walk away from a life of privilege. They have given him the courage to survive under impossible conditions, but the most challenging of them all comes from an unexpected place: his return home. As heinous crimes peppered with riddles begin to plague the North Country, Darby's reappearance back home sparks an old rivalry between two families, releasing an evil to wreck vengeance... more

  • Grant of Immunity

    by Garret Holms
    It’s 1976, Los Angeles. Sarah Collins, a young mother of two, is brutally raped and murdered at the Hollywood Reservoir. For nineteen years, the murder remains unsolved and the case goes cold. In 1995, the streets of Los Angeles are being terrorized by Jake Babbage, a traffic cop who uses his position of power to rape and murder innocent women. On his way to court one day, Babbage sees Judge Daniel Hart. The two recognize each other, and the terrifying night of nineteen years ago comes back to h... more
  • Walking Among Us

    by JH Cové
    Walking Among Us Sometimes the truth lies far beyond your safe little world. Dillen Lomans can’t live without rhythm. When he’s stressed he drums paradiddles on his thighs until he’s able to think straight again. When he wants to gain insights, he drums his head clear to make space for them. He drums himself “into the zone,” a skipping of dimensions in which anything is possible. With his Dutch band, Manic Mola, Dillen tries his luck in America. On the eve of their first U.S. album rel... more
  • Bartender Wanted

    by Maureen Anne Jennings
    Rose Leary tends bar in 1980s New York City to subsidize her writing career. Someone keeps killing women at her job, and Rose suspects she's next. Despite official warnings to leave sleuthing to the pros, she struggles to find the murderer in a desperate race to save herself and her work. Smart and stubborn Rose brings her sharp wit to the search, defying her fear with dark humor. And cocktails.
  • One Too Many: A Rose Leary Mystery

    by Maureen Anne Jennings
    Rose Leary writes murder mysteries, but she never wants to see another real corpse. She tends bar to buy time to write in 1980s New York City, until her gruesome discovery of a murdered colleague derails those careful plans. As threats escalate, Rose fears for her next novel, her safety, and even her trust in Detective Frank Butler. Danger edges closer. She won’t survive unless she can outwit the murderer and find the weapon she needs to save everything that matters most. Written with wit, intel... more
  • Darkness Descends on Princeton: A 1930's Murder Mystery

    by Jeff Jacobs
    A professor murdered. A young couple on the run. Peter Lorre, Edna May Oliver, Charles Coburn, and dozens of other classic Hollywood actors living and working in a small college town. Nazis, The New York World's Fair, and Albert Einstein. It's 1939 and something strange is happening in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Detective Lessons

    by Bill Larkin
    When a wealthy real estate developer convinces Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Schmidt to search for his missing son, Schmitty senses trouble. It’s not the fact that it’s a prohibited side job, it’s the fact that he has to team up with Megan McCann, an attractive private investigator with her own set of rules. Finding a body in the trunk of a BMW sends Schmitty and Megan on an adrenalized trail through Southern California unraveling a sophisticated real estate scam. A run-in with the LAP... more
  • On the Road to Where the Bells Toll

    by M. J. Williams
    Emily and Stan pack up the RV and head to Boston for some R & R with the grandkids and a chance to immerse themselves in colonial history. But their Fourth of July celebration comes to an abrupt halt when they stumble over a body on the Boston Esplanade and then another hanging in the steeple of the Old North Church. Now the couple must unravel a tangle of forged clues and flush out the perpetrator before their own untimely epitaphs are written onto the historical landscape.
  • Purgatorium: Volume 1

    by Connor Hinds
    Los Angeles, 1946. The second world war had ended but the war on the streets was only just starting, Italian gangsters like Jack Dragna had muscled their way into LA and were paving the way for drugs, extortion, prostitution and all out gang warfare. In amongst the crime families and chaos, hotshot Adrian Hollis of the L.A.P.D is sent to investigate the savage murder of a young street girl in Downtown. He's a war veteran, a man with an incorruptible mind in a Police department full of dirt... more
  • Protector of Children: Assassin's Dreams

    by David V Mammina
    C.A.S.T., the Covert Alliance of Selective Termination, is a secret government society dedicated to exterminating the most dangerous criminals in the United States. For decades, this clandestine band of legal assassins, organized and governed as a classic chivalric society, has "silenced" thousands of dangerous persons, ranging from serial killers to terrorists. But what if one of those killers takes revenge? As C.A.S.T. member Vincent Putnam pursues his calling to rid the world of evil, he mus... more
  • Breaking Free

    by Rob Lubitz
    Ryan Butler’s once promising baseball career came to a crashing end twenty years ago. Now, he’s an unhappy lawyer in an unhappy marriage. His life is going nowhere …until an old friend of Ryan’s is found comatose on a park bench. This old friend, Steve, vanished from work earlier that day with a quarter of a million dollars. The money is mysteriously missing and the police have no clues. Dazzled by Steve’s gorgeous young wife, who may or may not be as innocent as she seems, Ryan risks every... more