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  • Suche Jemanden, Der Meinen Traum Weitertraumt

    by Nicky P. Satl
    Für Terri geht eines Tages ein langgehegter Wunsch in Erfüllung - sie fährt nach Amerika. Doch was zunächst als Urlaub bei Freunden geplant ist, nimmt eine ungeahnte Wende: durch die Liebe zu Hawk und durch ein Inserat, das Terri zur Besitzerin einer Pferderanch macht. Aber das neue Glück ist gefährdet. Nicht nur, dass sich auch Hawks Bruder in Terri verliebt, auch mit der Ranch ergeben sich ungeahnte Schwierigkeiten. Nicht nur der Tod wird Terris ständiger Begleiter.
  • River of Fire

    by Darrell Case
    Adam Wakefield loves pasturing his small church in Apple Valley Arkansas. He considers the entire valley his congregation. Friends and neighbors all respect him as a man of God. He is content to stay in here laboring for The Lord for the rest of his life. He receives a telegram inviting him to become pastor of the largest church in Chicago. At first Adam resists. Finally he surrenders believing this is God’s will. He accepts unaware he is playing into the hands of extortionists and murderers. 19... more
  • Sluagh: Demon of the Night

    by Darrell Case
    As a child, Max Furman is abused at the hands of his mother. The abuse and neglect deadens his heart. When his sister Katie is born his mother dotes on her the love he craves. His hatred for his mother peaks one afternoon when he murders his sister. Max develops into a serial killer of children. For eighteen years, he operates undetected burying their bodies where they are never found. Then Max makes a fatal mistake. He begins displaying the dead children. Now the FBI is on the trail of the one ... more
  • Out of Darkness

    by Darrell Case
    David Padgett outstanding Pastor, bestselling author, motivational speaker, or serial killer. David pastors Grace Tabernacle is one the largest churches in the world. His past is about to catch up with him. The secret David kept buried over the years as built his ministry is about to be revealed. He is implicated in the mysterious death of Ellen Ridgeway a production assistant and the murder of Linda Darby a prominent member of his church. As the investigation continues, David is arrested. Charg... more
  • Never Ending Spring

    by Darrell Case
    When his daughter and pastor son in law are murdered, Jack Johnson’s fragile peace is shattered. Raised in poverty, Jack builds his farm into one of the most prosperous in Sullivan County, Indiana. Jack is financially secure; nevertheless, his soul is in turmoil. He blames God for the accidental death of his five-year-old son, Ricky. Now with the murder of his daughter his anger burns at the God he believes hates him. Jack becomes more and more restless driving himself to forget about the loss o... more
  • Dead in the Water

    by Anthony Basinski
    This suspense thriller follows Lieutenant Mario Morales., a by the book former LAPD homicide detective, as he investigates the disappearance of a bride on her honeymoon while on board a cruise ship. He becomes embroiled in a mysterious, international plot involving a Chinese entrepreneur and a Miami trial lawyer. During the investigation, Morales himself becomes a target of the plot. But, not only does he unravel the circumstances surrounding the bride's disappearance, he also uncovers another ... more
  • RETRIBUTION (A Whitney Steel Novel - Book Two)

    by Kim Cresswell
    THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN... Once the leader of the Sur del Calle cartel, Colombia's largest drug trafficking organization, Pablo Sanchez patiently waits to exact his revenge against Blake Barnett, the FBI agent who killed his twin brother over a decade ago. After one failed attempt forces Sanchez to flee the United States, he hatches a bold new plan. This time Blake has something to lose: his fiancée, Whitney Steel. From the neon paradise of Las Vegas to the militant-infected jungles of B... more
  • Raildogs

    by Rejean Giguere
    Raildogs is a story of revenge and redemption. For some, riding the rails is just a cool adventure, for others it's a way of life. For very few, it's a living. This is a dark and disturbing look at what can go wrong when the uninitiated trespass on the underbelly of society.
  • They Call Me Crazy

    by Kelly Stone Gamble
    Cass Adams is crazy, and everyone in Deacon, Kansas knows it. But when her good-for-nothing husband, Roland, goes missing, no one suspects that Cass buried him in their unfinished koi pond. Too bad he doesn't stay there for long. Everyone in Cass's life thinks they know her. But after years of separate silences, no one knows the whole truth. Except Roland. And he's not talking.
  • Silent Suspect

    by Tony Hawthorne
    Olivia St. Clair, a 72 year old sculptress living on Cape Cod, is charged with the murder (and cover-up arson) of her lover, in South Carolina thirty two years earlier--in 1959. She hires a local lawyer, John Bartlemas, virtually unschooled in criminal law, as her attorney., for what they both believe will be just enough time to plead her guilty for which she will be sentenced to probation. Their plans are soon subject to a rude awakening: the local D.A. Makes them go to trial in which he seeks ... more
  • Varied Traits

    by Patrick Brown

    After breaking up with his girlfriend and losing his father, Salem Reid leaves college after his freshman year at Georgia Southern and joins the Army. He does two tours of duty in Iraq, and then stays in the troubled region to provide security to corporate figures and dignitaries involved in the rebuilding. He returns to his hometown of Atlanta after a decade, a decorated and seasoned war veteran. All is quiet for a while as he starts his security/limo service in Buckhead. But an old high sch... more

  • Fallon's Orphans

    by Bill Kroger
    Fallon MacEwan wants revenge. His lover has just been killed by Islamic terrorists, and their mortal enemy, an Orthodox Christian sect dating to the time of Constantine the Great, offers him the chance to get even. He enlists the help of his orphan friends, ordinary people with no experience in warfare and covert operations. But this small team heads boldly into harm’s way, taking the battle to India, Cairo, Istanbul, Europe and the mountains around Lake Tahoe, Nevada. On their side, the “or... more
  • Angels Three Five

    by Don Candy
    Sam McKensie, a boy whose father was killed while attacking a surface to air missile base in Viet Nam, becomes a Naval Aviator in the footsteps of his uncle Bo Jameson. He eventually joins an elite and unknown SEAL team to assist in developing a HAHO/HALO system with capabilities far beyond the then current state of the art. He and his Uncle Bo lead elements of a multi-force Special Operations Team to plan and execute a mission to eliminate one of the largest threats the United States has ever ... more
  • Eye of the Storm: Eilida's Tragedy

    by Elle Klass

    It’s a normal day for Sunshine as she takes the seat at her desk as receptionist at the Lyden Times until the tragedy of a young nameless woman floods the newsroom. Her head and body covered in bloody gashes and fresh bruises. Sunshine forms an immediate interest and digs into her life.  After learning her identity, Eilida, she pokes around her hometown where she is mistaken for Eilida. Soon Sunshine’s world crashes. Everything she loved begins to fade. She trades in her skir... more

  • URBAN WARFARE (Pyramider Trilogy/Spymance Series)

    by Eric Vinc3nt
    IN PHILADELPHIA, EVEN YOUR TELEVISION IS A JUNGLE. On a clear Saturday night in downtown Philadelphia, a spectacular mafia assassination is captured by a TV news chopper, and the footage becomes a worldwide viral sensation. This lurid publicity stunt is the work of Julian Breton, a professional “culture-hacker” who honed his dark arts running psychological warfare operations for the US military. But Breton appears to have killed the wrong man in a case of mistaken identity. His intended targe... more
  • THE SATELLITE AGENT (Pyramider Trilogy/Spymance Series)

    by Eric Vinc3nt
    THEY THREW HER IN WITH THE SHARKS, AND SHE SWAM BACK WITH A VENGEANCE. In her capacity as a world-traveled musician and composer, Victoria Penrose functions as a “satellite agent” for a New York literary firm, and in May 2010 she receives a memoir proposal from a retired intelligence operative called Galileo. But Victoria’s email is being intercepted by the CIA, due to her proximity to an unsolved political assassination five years prior. Victoria’s correspondence with the former spy wakes a ... more