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  • A Dragon's Ransom

    by mike smart
    The stakes in this deadly game of chance couldn’t be higher for Max and his team. Who can you trust in this fast moving story of betrayal and greed? Brutal drug lords, kidnappings and lethal violence are all cleverly interwoven within this page turning thriller.
  • Without Warning

    by mike smart
    In this story of violent revenge Max must find and stop a radical of the worst sort. No home, no family, just a lifelong desire to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible on those that had destroyed all that had mattered to him.
  • The Platinum Solution

    by mike smart
    The De Heerden brothers have some big plans for South Africa which they intend to see through to fruition, whatever the cost. South Africa’s fledgling democracy is not working in their opinion and they have a platinum edged solution. Max Thatcher is drawn in to preventing the conspiracy spiralling South Africa’s constitution back to the dark days of Apartheid. In this, a fast moving story, there can ultimately only be one winner. With none of the protagonists prepared to take a backward step the... more
  • Gatekeeper (Max Thatcher Series)

    by mike smart
    A megalomaniac, Jack Hunter, is stealing everyone's personal information by having installed, via the web, some artificial intelligence software which can elude detection by anti virus software. The software has corrupted the core systems and chaos ensues as banking, stock market, air traffic systems all begin to fail. Jack has kidnapped a reporter who was getting too close to discovering what he was up to. Her brother, our hero, Max Thatcher a former special services operative with the help ... more
  • Blu Swag

    by LIam Lachance
    Trees, near a small town, have started to turn blue. Gossip between high school students and families bring the company to admit their complicity in the chemical spill, and the company begins to sell the chemical, after noticing that the blue trees have grown to new heights. A student in the local high school takes exception to the company taking control of gossip, and starts to control the social scene of her school by controlling language, while dealing with jealous friends and a furious ex. H... more
  • Twisted

    by Kennedy Obohwemu
    A compelling, provocative, masterful thriller that will leave you spell-bound with its suspense-filled intrigue and nail-biting finishes!
  • Sea Girl

    by Oz Carter
    New York socialite Carly Hodge thinks she’s kept her infidelity secret from her husband, Preston. She’s wrong. On the pretext of celebrating her fortieth birthday, Preston takes her to the Bahamas on a sailboat. Under the night sky on the Little Bahama Bank, he serves her a romantic dinner and gives her the best sex of their nineteen-year marriage. Then he beats her, ties her to the mast of the boat, and blows the boat up while making his getaway. Carly survives the murder attempt. She allows ... more
  • Prettyboy Thugs

    by Rahiem Brooks
    When a wrongly accused man (Don Juan Jackson) gets out of prison, he focuses his attention on becoming a good example for his 6-year-old daughter who has already been terribly influenced by her mother and her many paramours. He plans to get a job and be a family man, but his plans are derailed. Get ready for action when Don Juan is drawn into a life of crime by his pal, Lex. With Lex s aid they commit several heists and with the money abundantly flowing, Don takes explosive measures to get custo... more
  • House of Cards

    by Terri Molina
    A frantic phone call from her estranged sister sends Jesse Peña rushing home to Brownsville, Texas, only to find that Alicia –seven months pregnant– has vanished. Jesse is convinced her brother-in-law, Marcus Vega, is a killer but getting the police to listen isn’t easy, especially when Marcus announces that Jesse and her sister are borderline schizophrenic. Detective Michael Cisneros is reluctant to believe Jesse's allegation. After all, Marcus Vega is a prominent citizen with a tight alibi... more
  • Patchwork Man

    by D. B. Martin
    Lawrence Juste QC finds himself tricked into taking a case defending a juvenile against a charge of manslaughter by his clever –but dead – wife. Normally he wouldn’t even have opened the folder without her around to persuade him, but she’s left something else to do that for her; a list of all the unsavoury people and events from his past. The ones he’s carefully hidden until now and didn’t even know she was aware of. Disconcertingly, the boy reminds him of himself – not only as a person but i... more
  • The Executioner's Hood (The High Country Mystery Series Book 4)

    by Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton
    An ominous black hood, a murdered judge. ..When Sheriff Jeff McQuede finds Durmont’s highly respected judge, Phil Grayson, bludgeoned to death in his study, a black executioner’s hood shoved over his head, he faces his toughest case yet. The judge has many enemies, including Darin Keefe, sentenced by Grayson and just released from prison. McQuede soon finds out that Keefe's case is linked to a city scandal that may involve Grayson. Seven years ago the judge's best friend, John Harwood, was beli... more
  • One Way Street

    by R. L. Herron

    In his debut novel, REICHOLD STREET, author R.L. Herron created a powerful coming-of-age story set in the turbulent Vietnam era that dealt with the tough issues of family dysfunction, alcoholism, suicide, madness and war. It was endorsed by Top Book Reviewers and Compulsion Reads. It received a positive review from Kirkus Reviews and became a Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner.

    In his newest novel, ONE WAY STREET, the second book in the series, Herron has constructed... more

  • One Way

    by Jeff Lane
    Barry Griffith doesn’t know it yet, but tonight is the night fate has chosen to be the night of his death… his murder. At a gas station in the middle of nowhere, late at night, his wife Jenny appears… no car… no coat and looking older than when he saw her last. That’s because this is not the woman he received a good-bye kiss from this morning. This woman has been a widow for over four years and has made an impossible journey back in time to try to stop her husband’s murder. Will they be able... more
  • This Way To Paradise

    by D. Bruce Foster
    On a horse farm in the steeplechase country of Maryland’s My Lady’s Manor, ER physician Alex Randolph and his girlfriend, Penny Murray, are recovering from injuries sustained in a hospital hostage incident that transforms them into instant but unwilling national celebrities. \tA thousand miles distant—in a parallel universe—an abused and impoverished young girl from the Everglades evolves into a stunningly beautiful sociopath of enormous wealth. \tAs a golden summer transitions to fall, dark ... more
  • Painting With Fire

    by K.B. Jensen
    Murder in the Windy City. Love without trust. Reckless justice. These are the themes in “Painting With Fire,” the story of Claudia Wilson, a woman down on her luck living with a stranger, an artist named Tom. After the two of them discover a body on the street corner, buried in a snow bank, Claudia becomes obsessed with the murder and the fact that her roommate is not telling her everything about his past. While police search for the killer in her building, she wonders if she should be searching... more
  • A FASHION TO KILL (The Manhattan Mysteries: Hard Boiled New York City Fiction Book 1)

    by Mickey Wyte
    In Mickey Wyte's gritty noir tale, Jack Centaur, an ex-combat soldier and Medal Of Honor winner and the New York City high fashion industry are worlds apart. But when his niece becomes the fourth victim of a ruthless serial killer, posing victims like models on a Vogue cover, Centaur looks for revenge and enters a world that couldn't be more alien to him.