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  • Why?: A Courtroom Drama of Self-Discovery

    by R. H. King, Jr.
    Dartmouth professor Dan Jackson did not want to murder his students. Yet, when he finds two pistols perched on top of the mid-term exams in his briefcase, he cannot resist the impulse to pull out the guns and start shooting. Now Dan struggles to find the answer to the question that haunts him: why did he kill fifteen of his students? \tDan’s search for the answer must be pursued through his defense to the criminal charges and possible death penalty. However, his grizzled, pony-tailed lawyer ... more
  • Found, Near Water

    by Katherine Hayton

    Rena Sutherland wakes from a coma into a mother’s nightmare. Her daughter’s is missing – lost for four days – but no one has noticed; no one has complained; no one has been searching.

    As the victim support officer assigned to her case, Christine Emmett puts aside her own problems as she tries to guide Rena through the maelstrom of her daughter’s disappearance.

    A task made harder by an ex-husband desperate for control; a paedophile on early-r... more

  • The Devil Walks Beside Her

    by Gus Leodas
    Deanna Layne, a Suffolk County legislator pregnant with twins, flees to Fire Island terrified of being murdered before becoming a mother. She needs to survive a killer in an environment sated with unusual alliances, lethal relationships, and solutions.
  • Discernment

    by Lacy Sereduk
    Johanna Parks is a 30-something, life-time sufferer or night terrors. This psychological thriller details a period in her life in which she attempts to hold on to 'real life' as the episodes of her disorder become increasingly terrifying, dangerous, and involved. Desperately trying to find answers to her life-long questions of what they are and why they happen, she develops a relationship with another sufferer, a 'normal' guy to date, and different mental health counselors.
  • The Wolf Hunter

    by mark giles
    In the Stanley Valley, it's Blue State vs. Red when it comes to wolves. It's Cowboy Noir as misunderstand-ings--and fate--send reasonable people into an unreason-ing spiral. Annie Mann is for renewing the wolf packs. Against them is Wilhelm Spatz. They once shared a bed; now it's just hate. She fears his hunting camps, a cover for poaching that is denuding the land. Spatz thinks her Big Money Liberals will turn the wild and free ranges into boutique grasslands. Events come to a head whe... more
  • FIND EDSELL!/ISBN: 978-1-4572-1326-6 (sc), ISBN: 978-1-4582-9 (hc), ISBN: 978-1-4582-1324-2 (c)

    by Elsa Bonstein
    June of 1988. Edsell Jones, a 17-year old disappears on the way home from his girlfriend's house on the Jersey Shore. His single mother comes home from working the night shift and finds him missing. She calls the police, then in desperation, his friends. Others join the search that leads to the nearby PIne Barrens and a secret drug rehab. In this fast-paced thriller, two teens unearth an international plot and find a fiery hell. No superheros, zombies, vampires or aliens, just real adults ... more
  • 9781494457655

    by Barry Knister
    Journalist Brenda Contay travels to a remote island in the Pacific to find out what happened to an old lover. She learns Vince Soublik's death was collateral damage in a scandal of global proportions. And since the scandal involves one of the ten richest men in America, Brenda's chance of living to tell the story is next to zero. But you never can tell about The Anything Goes Girl--she just hates to lose.
  • Leave Me Cold

    by Nicci Rae
    LEAVE ME COLD is a thriller in two parts. Part one tells the story from several different viewpoints of people getting ready to go to a concert by a famous rock band. Karen is a fourteen year old school-girl who, under the influence of her much disapproved-of friend, is sneaking out to the concert without the knowledge or permission of her parents. Robert is a young man who has bought tickets for the concert which he can ill afford in order to impress Anna who he has been dating for a few we... more
  • Smile Again, Jenny Lee

    by Carlo Caldana
    Jenny Lee is a rising, yet unpopular star in the professional tennis world. After a mysterious accident brings her career to a halt, Jenny learns that her agent ran away with her money. Penniless and forgotten by her sport, Jenny tries to restart her career. Desperate to find financial support, she searches for her father who abandoned her when she was a child. She soon tracks down a man with a shady past who left a trail of family secrets. Her search for the truth about her father eventually le... more
  • What If He Did It Before

    by A. E. Taylor

    Newly released on Amazon Ebooks for Kindle, “What If He Did It Before” by A.E. Taylor. A fictional account of the similarities between the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldberg and the death of Aaren Simpson in 1979. Who knew there was a death at Rockingham years before the crime of the century?

  • Grand Theft Death: A Salty Sister Mystery

    by Ann Philipp

    Patricia Schuster acquires both independence and furniture polish after inheriting her grandmother’s house and antique business. Her new life in the Northern California town of Lakeville is in jeopardy, however, when she is falsely arrested for stealing a rare 1950’s Cadillac and is blackmailed by Jimmy, a toothpick-wielding used-car salesman. When the real car thief ends up dead, she turns to her grandmother’s friends—four women in their golden years who play fast and loose with the law. But... more

  • The Alexandria Project: A Tale of Treachery and Technology

    by Andrew Updegrove
    "Thank you for your contribution to the Alexandria Project" is the message cyber attackers leave behind as they delete crucial data from computer networks across America. It's not long before the nation is on the verge of collapse as Wall Street, the transportation system, government agencies, and the rest of our internet-based economy all fall victim to the attacks of unknown assailants. As the public outcry builds, Frank Adversego, a brilliant but conflicted cyber security expert, finds him... more
  • The Undersea Shell Game

    by John L. Shea
    In the clandestine US Navy submarine operations of the post-Cold War era, more than a few secrets were meant to remain submerged forever. Some, however, refuse to idle in murky depths. One man will stop at nothing to release the truth into the light of day, in the name of his family and his country. The Undersea Shell Game is the enthralling debut novel by Captain John L. Shea of the US Navy that mines the underbelly of covert maneuvers to deliver a razor sharp, authentic account of submarin... more
  • The American Terrorist - Book One: Vengeance Rising

    by R. Carl Irwin
    THE AMERICAN TERRORIST Book One: Vengeance Rising The Birth of an American Terrorist Enemies of the United States have moved frightfully beyond idle threats of terror; U.S. homeland security forces are overwhelmed while citizens demand accountability and a secure nation. The family of a prominent nanotechnology company founder is targeted. What if this tech visionary dedicated his life and resources to wage war on jihad? Armed with his technology, the pioneer becomes the hunter... more
  • Blood Land

    by R.S. Guthrie
    Crime's an ugly constant in the big city. L.A. Chicago. New York. But when a savage murder brutalizes a small town and neighbor turns on neighbor, a tough-as-nails cop is essential to restoring order. Blood Land is a gritty, emotional saga set in the Wyoming badlands with both greed and vengeance at its core. When billions of dollars in natural gas rights hang in the balance and the town's top law officer's wife is slain by her own blood, a reluctant hero is forced to battle his own demons an... more
  • Code of Honor

    by V.C. Weeks

    This deeply researched and intricately woven fictional history of events leading to the 2003 invasion of Iraq is, at heart, all about character. The charismatic protagonist, Staff Sergeant Hank Siemens, steps dead center into a complex minefield where money, power politics, and family history force him to decide what he stands for as a man, as a soldier, and as a citizen. He faces mortal danger and moral peril as he struggles to find a balance between honor and duty.

    Still recovering fr... more