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  • Cleansed by Fire

    by James R. Callan
    Churches are burning and a man is murdered. Father Frank DeLuca is thrust into an impossible dilemma when he learns another church will be burned. But the information comes to him via the confessional, and church law forbids him telling anyone—even the police. He doesn’t know which church, when, or by whom. Still, he can’t sit idly by, and no law prevents him looking into the matter himself. Countering this are a young widow whose mission is to make others shine, and a youth choir determi... more
  • Revenge Cafe

    by Lisa Shiroff
    Mandy Breen is a recently unemployed crime reporter with a refined palate and an addiction to therapy. After losing her job and totaling her car (again) she feels she has nothing left to lose when her old friend, Chance, offers her part-ownership of his restaurant on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She accepts the offer, intent on moving to paradise and starting a new chapter in her life. Shortly after landing on island, she finds Chance’s murdered body in the restaurant’s freezer and... more
  • The Potential

    by David Davies
    What’s the threat? What’s to ignore? With the uncanny ability to take in all and size up the situation instantaneously, Chris Morehouse provides invaluable service as a chauffeur for the CIA in Bonn. Reacting from his usual instinct tempered with exceptional judgment, he saves the life of the US ambassador to Germany during a terrorist attack and gives the CIA further reason to prepare Chris for a greater role in the security of the United States. Should Chris, a British citizen, dream so big... more
  • The Last Covenant

    by Andrea Alotta
    Take a journey to rapture in this extraordinary tale of a young man with enormous ability and monstrous challenges. Where does truth exist when the crumbling facades of an illusory existence melt away? Find the answer in this spine-tingling, heart-pounding novel that has received amazing reviews and had life-changing effects on its readers.
  • Cape Comedy

    by Marc Weingarten
    Ricky Boy is America’s most famous comedy club mogul. The annointer of America’s comedy stars, he is the one that is glorified by studio execs and network lollipops clamoring to discover the next Seinfeld. The founder of Cape Comedy, he is estimated to be worth a startling $275 million. And then, at the height of his glory, he is told he has six weeks to live. Confused and depressed, Ricky has time to shape his will to simplify the doubts he has about his life and the people in it. ... more
  • Lead Us Not

    by Youlanda Brewster
    A pregnant ex-assassin has days to recall a lifetime, retrieve two stolen chips which control the US Defense System, and save two children from termination by The Club, which trained her. Only she can’t remember The Club, and the children belong to the woman she terminated, and The Club wants them dead.
  • When Ice Ran Red

    by Roger Pepper
    Carmela DeMitri’s struggle to survive brings 1917 and the World War in the Italian Alps to life. In search of her great love, she sails to Italy from New York, but discovers that the Alpini have shanghaied him. Close to exhaustion, Carmela finds Ben sitting in the rubble of a avalanche on an icy 10,000-foot mountain. She vows never to touch another gun after killing several men, but she has to when they’re attacked by an Alpini soldier who intends to rape her and murder Ben.
  • COME TO ME/978-0-578-12740-8

    by JDAN
    A psychopath sets out to murder his mother while she remains in hiding. Being the club owner, Serena Queen, Jack's mother, observed within the compound she isn't alone there. She walks to the back of the bar and gun fires. Jack holds the rifle at his mother while she laid on broken shot glasses of now an amputated leg.
  • Sisterhood

    by Deleyna Marr
    A single gunshot shattered Dana’s perfect life. Now she’s starting over with a new life, new rules and an old flame to chase all her demons away. But Dana’s demons have other ideas. They want her—and her sisters—at any cost.
  • Progeny

    by Anita Bihovsky
    Selene Mannon learns that her dying mother isn't her biological parent. Grieving and confused, she sets out to discover the identity of her real mother, only to discover that the question isn't as simple as it seems. Curiously missing medical files kick off a mystery layered in deceit, and her determined quest puts her very life in jeopardy as she crosses paths with those who will go to any lengths to keep their secrets hidden.
  • The Brothers Cro-Magnon ISBN 9780986077609

    by Roger Pepper
    When New York reporter Corky Mason returns to her Siberian homeland to cover a story about mammoths, she unearths the frightening account of a prehistoric rape that casts a shadow over a 21st Century Woman—her. She could be the sister of four Cro-Magnon brothers, brothers who murder people that threaten their freedom.
  • The Chronicles of Jack Best

    by Rodman Goode
    Now readers can enjoy THREE Jack Best adventures in one volume. THE CHRONICLES OF JACK BEST features the non-stop action of TWO TEARS IN A BUCKET, THE MORE I LIKE FLIES, and UP JUMPED THE MONKEY—all in on e place. TWO TEARS IN A BUCKET—For Deputy Constable Jack Best, life is a bowl of cherries. But when his boss is killed while in the company of a lovely young co-ed (who happens NOT to be his wife), Jack must rekindle some old skills and do what it is that he does best…solve a murder. Petty poli... more
  • Trouble at the Red Pueblo

    by Liz Adair
    When Deputy Sheriff turned private investigator, Spider Latham, is sent to help the Red Pueblo Museum, he doesn’t suspect it will cause a rift between his wife, Laurie, and himself. Museum Director Martin Taylor is desperate, and his son, Matt, is angry. Some unknown force is bent on destroying the museum financially and is about to succeed. After Spider arrives, the violence starts, and it ends with someone’s skull bashed in with an Anasazi ax. Everyone has a mot... more
  • Black Boat Dancing

    by Gerard Cappa
    The new cold war is heating up - pump primed by oil and the race to control the pipelines. Cyber warriors mine the dark side of international finance to destabilize 'enemy' governments. Their money trail stretches from Macau and New York to Rio de Janeiro, Cyprus, Beirut and Odessa, and the finance lines of governments and gangsters criss cross through Ukraine and Crimea. When Jorginho the Black Hat hacker goes AWOL in Portugal with the secrets of America's role in the Arab Spring rebellions,... more
  • She Pulls Off the Interstate

    by Eugene Ahn
    On an evening like any other, a mysterious woman moves into room Four-One-Three of an apartment building in a new city with the firm determination to start a fresh life here. Quiet, deadly, and haunted by a violent past, she quickly finds herself pulled between the desire to connect with another human being and the desire to fall back into her darker side, even as fate begins to set in motion a series of events that will lead to a cataclysmic encounter with a familiar and vengeful figure, someon... more
  • T.E.N.-a Sci-Fi Thriller: Book 1 through Book 5 (the T.E.N. thriller series)

    by Terry Persun
    In this exciting thriller (series), Tempest Eugene Nesbit (T.E.N.) runs from the government, the same government that ordered his wife to be killed and is now hunting him down. The top secret project he worked on was shut down, but why? His bodyguard and friend may have the answers, and hands Ten a list of who made the final decision about the project and his life sentence. Also on the list are the names of six other scientists about to be eliminated. What government project could be this ... more