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  • The Wolf and the Rain

    by Tanya Lee
    An anarchic city. A soldier with an ugly past. The missing girl she won’t give up on. Global warming has divided the continent. In the drought-stricken South where the populace is as barren as the land, an authoritarian government promises comfort if not freedom. To the north is anarchy. Devastated again and again by hurricanes and tremors, wildfires and flooding, everything is broken and nothing is ever rebuilt. Samarra, a southern soldier, has fled to the Barrow, a northern city where th... more
  • Demon Heart 2 Never Say Die

    by David Crane
    Naoko Kitamura is unique. Her seemingly vulnerable human appearance hides a great ancient power she has inherited from a union between a female demon and a noble sixteen-century samurai. Sworn to protect Japan against human criminals,and supernatural terrorism, Naoko balances her life between being a wife and a mother and an agent of a top-secret organization called Katana. Naoko is a demon hybrid and by being an extraordinary, she can never have an ordinary life...
  • Qualia, Pierce, & the Time Ship: A Marriage in Four Parts

    by Russell Kightley
    Qualia is an elderly widow, dying alone in her bedroom. Suddenly, she’s a young housewife in a psychiatrist’s office, explaining how she’s hearing voices in the walls of her house—and how her husband, Pierce, is ignoring her. Then, she meets a friend for coffee. It all seems natural, but it’s not—there’s something wrong with her world. She’s given a slender book full of clues, and a little dog full of surprises by two complete strangers. No one wants to take her money, except her disbelieving ps... more
  • Vermin: Book One of the Stanley Cooper Chronicles

    by Scott A. Johnson
    Stanley Cooper died in an accident, but was revived. As a result, he can see ghosts. Not only ghosts, but the living energy that surrounds all things. When the city of Pittsburgh is threatened by a string of bizarre murders and robberies, it's up to Stanley, his best friend and witch Maggie, and a host of other characters to save the day.
  • Hand and Talon (World of Kyrni Book 1)

    by Melonie Purcell
    Steal the bag. Don’t get caught. Repeat. Not the most glorious existence, but Krea likes it just fine. When Sorin, a cranky old soldier, barges in and decides to take over her life, Krea is less than enthused. Sure, he saved her from a brutal death at the hands of the guards, and he did stop decrepit faerie monsters from eating her. But declaring she isn’t human and dragging her through a cursed forest to the Royal City is going too far. Now, she is eyeball deep in magic wielding nobles, s... more
  • Tower of the Arkein

    by Chase Blackwood

    2017 Royal Dragonfly E-Book Award Winner
    1st Place Beverley Hills Book Award Finalist: Fantasy
    2017 Best Book Awards Finalist: Fantasy

    Trapped as a slave, facing an impossible decision, Aeden must choose between his friends and his soul...

    The clock is ticking as the world descends into darkness.

    He's been called the Scourge of Bodig, the Bane of Verold, but most know him as the Kan Savasci. He's one of the most feared men alive. Chaos and war have followed... more

  • Tears of a Heart

    by Chase Blackwood
    Winner of John E Weaver Excellent Reads Award He's been called the Scourge of Bodig, the Bane of Verold, but most know him as the Kan Savasci. He's one of the most feared men alive. Chaos and war have followed him like an angry shadow. The one problem, as the world faces the wrath of forgotten gods, Kan Savasci is nowhere to be found. The annalist, a man trained in the ancient arts of the arkein, has been tasked to uncover the whereabouts of the Kan Savasci at any cost. In order to find... more
  • Pathogen Protocol

    by Darren D. Beyer
    Humanity’s greatest secret is uncovered. An insidious plot threatens its future. A corporate and government conspiracy led by CEO-turned-politician Gregory Andrews has succeeded in taking over Applied Interstellar Corporation (AIC), one of humanities largest companies, but they didn’t get everything. AIC’s leader, Jans Mikel escaped to a hidden base on the alien moon of Helios, where he harbors the company’s greatest secrets, the most profound of which is that humans are not alone in the gala... more
  • The Dreaming Land I: The Challenge

    by E.P. Clark
    All’s fair in war. But what about love? Valya is a warrior. It is her strong will that holds the steppe, the freest, wildest, most war-like of the provinces of Zem’, and it is her strong sword that defends it from raiders. But now, as a growing demand for Zemnian slaves threatens her people, a call from the Empress in Krasnograd requires Valya to leave her native land behind and take up her other duty, as unpopular heir to the Wooden Throne. In order to save her beloved Zem’ from the enem... more
  • The Soulweb

    by Steven M Nedeau

    The spell of a long dead king throws Jaron, a librarian's apprentice, into a war between kings and Jaron must trade his books for blades when Mavius, with his knights behind him, returns from beyond the grave to reclaim his throne.

  • Time Framed

    by Roger Chiocchi
    Two periods of time clash with an alternative universe in Time Framed, a story that pits family members against each other across generations as they attempt to evade the dire consequences of a menacing family curse. Dating back to the Mayflower, the curse had its origin as family patriarch, Charles Pennfield, threatened a poor servant girl, causing her to leap to her death off the Cape Cod coast. Now, her unsettled spirit ebbs and flows, surfacing every sixty to eighty years to exact justice as... more
  • Interflow of Things

    by Dave Dröge

    Interflow of Things (part 2 of the Amor Mundi series) is a highly realistic science fiction novel.

    After Julia has awakened, she finds out how the real world is currently functioning. A hyperintelligent computer entity X.yy has duplicated itself and slowly increases its power. The masterplan designed by X.yy provides a coarse segregation of homo sapiens in leaders, hard workers, creatives and relatively useless. All individuals get information on a need-to-know basis via a coloured AI f... more

  • Hunted: A Pleiades Adventure

    by Arwen Chandler

    "A blend of Dan Brown storytelling with Michael Crichton action…"


    Sometimes secrets should remain buried.

    Babylonia Steele has spent her life digging in the dirt looking for artifacts, but no dig has ever been as important as the one on Mirada. Her findings could shake the very foundation of the planet’s government. 

    A tip from a traitor in her inner circle has alerted the Militarian authority, and it seeks t... more

  • Plundered: A Pleiades Adventure (Pleiades Adventures Book 2)

    by Arwen Chandler
    If you want it, steal it... Gwyn isn't afraid to get her hands dirty or going where she doesn't belong, even if the Militarian Authority is pursuing her. Regardless, of the price on her head, nothing is off limits for a smuggler with her own starship, and reliable intelligence bought for a steep price. Gwyn leads her comrades, ex-Militarian Adrik, and childhood friend, Rodrigo, in a high-stakes treasure hunt on a forbidden planet. If successful, she will be the only smuggler in the qua... more
  • Coerced: A Pleiades Adventure (Pleiades Adventures Book 1)

    by Arwen Chandler
    Sometimes you die to get what you want... Gwyn's smuggling activity has never been secret, but she has always flown under the radar of the Militarian -- until now. Forced to smuggle or die by order of the Militarian authority, she is on the run with a steep price on her head. Smuggling may be lucrative, but it becomes clear that her dangerous activity has compromised both herself, a new life form, and her family back home. Faced with a lifetime sentence on a prison planet, she and Adrik, ... more
  • Quest: The Clans of Arcadia

    by Arwen Chandler
    Darkness has fallen on Arcadia. Yet, Karn Elohite stands strong. He leads his beloved Lilia, clansman Ian, and dragon Aslaug on a quest through Langerhorn to unleash the power of the dragon riders. Langerhorn, the ancestral home of the gods, is home of ancient dragons, faeries, and elves. Will the trio survive their quest, and save Arcadia? Or will Magnus and Fridtjof destroy everything while they are away? Quest is a story set in a world as dangerous as George R.R. Martin's Wester... more