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Art & Photography

  • Oh, Contraire Volume One

    by Sara Mikula
    Features In depth conversations with local artists about their work, inspirations, how they think, their failures and their triumphs.
  • In Search of Piétons

    by Bill Bolton
    This is a photo documentary showcasing a collection of 25 uniquely different illuminated pedestrian crossing signs discovered all across France in the early 1990’s. The French word piéton means pedestrian. This book about pedestrians is anything but pedestrian. It is multifaceted in that it covers detailed photographic techniques, an interesting and distinctive collection of double exposure photographs on color film all taken at night, unique adventures and descriptive details. The tak... more
  • Points of Inspiration: An Artist's Journey with Painting and Photography

    by LeeAnn Brook
    A book about the creative process and how one medium has inspired another, with glimpses into the author’s studio, her insights and personal vision.
  • Out of the Dark: Contemporary Gothic Art

    by Hazel Butler
    Containing over two hundred images, and contributions from thirty-two artists from around the world, Out of the Dark is a veritable cornucopia of Gothic delight. Fifteen chapters packed with vibrant images and pithy descriptions showcase some of Gothic Art’s favourite themes, from Death to Lovers, Hauntings to Winter, and Lolitas to Lost Boys. Many images are accompanied by commentaries from the artists, detailing their inspirations and methods, and why certain pieces mean so much to them. The c... more
  • A Season of Miracles: Artful & Poetic Devotions

    by Aliza McCracken

    In this delightful vignette of inspiring poems and illustrations, Aliza McCracken shares her faith in the creative process; her love for one another, and her positive spirit.  McCracken's gracious and enlightening prose celebrates the everyday miracles that life can truly offer us.  Enjoy the journey, and stay connected!

    Thank you very much for your faithful support.  A portion of proceeds will benefit fine arts, educational, and humanitarian ... more

  • The Art of Persian Dance

    by Shahrzad Khorsandi
    The Art of Persian Dance is the first book to establish a formalized pedagogy which encompasses the foundational principals of Persian dance technique. It provides the structure and vocabulary for teaching a style of dance that has been part of Persian culture for millennia, and yet has never been codified into an established set of movements like other classical dance forms such as Ballet . The book details body positions, rules for achieving correct body line, and descriptions and illustrati... more
  • One Year on Kythera

    by Kristina Williamson

     In her first monograph publication, Kristina Williamson explores the intersection of art, ethnography, and globalization in her close study of the Greek island of Kythera. In intimate photographs that cut across genres—landscapes, portraits, interiors—Williamson explores themes of memory and tradition in the faces of those who stay and the absences of those who leave. These images—shot in gorgeous 35mm film—eschew nostalgia and often probe dee... more

  • The Art and Life of Jean Varda

    by elizabeth stroman

    Jean Varda was a legendary iconoclast in the 20th century art world. Acclaimed first in Europe for his “Byzantine-Cubist mosaics,” fashioned from broken glass, mirrors, and crockery, and later, after he moved to the United States, for his colorful collages, he was equally acknowledged as a teacher, a raconteur, and a man of infinite charm and wit. Yet by the time of his death in 1971, Varda was known primarily as an outlandish character who surrounded himself with very y... more

  • DETOUR: Hollywood - How To Direct a Microbudget Film (or any film, for that matter)

    by William Dickerson

    In “DETOUR: Hollywood,” Dickerson puts the making of his “Underground Hit,” Detour, on display for all to see. He will teach you what you really need to know about making a microbudget film, or a film of any budget for that matter, from the nuts and bolts of directing, to getting your movie made and out into the world, including:

    • The Director as the sole defense for the story
    • Understanding the two main ingredients of filmmaking: Subtext and Point of ... more
  • Lina's Love: Postcards and Poems from Hugo

    by Naomi M Rosenthal
    When I was a little girl, my grandmother Lina showed me an album filled with hundreds of postcards that my grandfather had sent her before they were married. I fell in love with these beautiful treasures from another time. Now, all the colorful pictures, as well as Hugo’s German poems with their English translations, are in this book, a testament to my grandparents’ love.
  • Wynwood

    by David Bethune
    David Bethune’s homage to the incredible murals of Miami’s Wynwood district, the largest collection of street art in the United States, is a unique exploration in multiple exposure photography. Bethune uses the camera to combine two images into the same frame on site, a technique he’s been developing since 2008. His painterly compositions engage the eye and invite us to examine graffiti with a fresh perspective, while the accompanying bilingual text in English and Spanish reveals the artist’s vi... more
  • Les Toilettes d' Alcatraz

    by Mark Rapacz
    Alcatraz is an insane prison. Being an artist can be even more insane. Bring the insanity of this sick penitentiary into contact with the sickness of a manic artist and we’re talking full-blown epidemic of spiraling psychosis that may lead to eternal and blissful enlightenment. Buy this book and BURNT IT in a hellfire of extrapersonal rage if you fear the pure quest of a creative-type who has self-published numerous books and has won a number of awards to much-lauded acclaim on more than one blo... more
  • Chicagoland

    by Steve Gubin
    Chicagoland, Illusions of the Literal, is a black and white photographic dialogue with the people, places, and culture of contemporary Chicago. Steve Gubin spent six years (2008 to 2014) photographing the candid, ephemeral juxtapositions of people and places that occur daily on the streets of this major American city. Through his photographs, he isolates unique slices of time in which an untold story, a puzzling ambiguity, or a hidden significance may be revealed or pondered over. Chicagoland is... more
  • Anne Frank 80 Years

    by Ronald Wilfred Jansen
  • Image vs Artifact in Contemporary Art

    by Michael Dyer
    Ever wondered why some works of contemporary art (that look like any toddler could have produced them) can command millions of dollars? This book explains why such phenomena occur in Art (but not in Music). Throughout this book Dyer contrasts Art with Music and argues that both the Art novice and connoisseur often confuse the aesthetic quality of an image with the monetary value of the artifact on which that image appears.  He discusses how the dimensions for judging artifacts differ from thos... more
  • In Search of the Dark Watchers: Landscapes and Lore of Big Sur

    by Benjamin Brode
    In this lovely book, Thomas Steinbeck tells a tale that has been part of the Big Sur lore since the early days of the Esalen Indians. His stories inspired Benjamin Brode to venture forth on his own personal journey to paint the mystery and majesty of this wild California coastline. The result is a charming and beautifully crafted book made up of fifteen sketches, twenty-five oil paintings, and a glimpse into the remarkable friendship of two highly creative men.