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Art & Photography

  • Capturing the Magic: A Photographic Journey Through the Walt Disney World Parks

    by Holly Wiencek
    A visual journey that will change the way you see the Walt Disney World Parks. The creators of Capturing the Magic take you on an artful tour through Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. With hundreds of stunning photographs of the wondrous landscapes and attractions as well as insider’s wealth of knowledge, it’s almost like being there. Capturing the Magic is a magnificent coffee table book that brings the magic of the Walt Disney World® Resort int... more
  • The Art of Reading: A Photo Essay

    by Lawrence Schwartzwald
    The Art of Reading is a collection of candid images of ordinary folks in the act of Reading, mostly in New York, but also in Paris, Florence, Miami, Boston, etc.
  • DJ Marshall's Printed Museum

    by DJ Marshall
    DJ Marshall is a world traveled, life long Artist & Poet/writer. He has been influenced by Roberts Frost, Van Gohg, & Monet, to simply only name a few. All of his work is available through limited edition print format only, as all his originals have long since been sold. This book is a compilation of 50 of his valuable Artworks, with accompanying poetry/musings/&verse. And, as title suggests, is meant to be a printed version & museum of his work, ..., as he has discovered it is quite impossible... more
  • Exotic Tillandsia

    by Sim Eng Hiang
    From the moment he saw his first Tillandsia in New Zealand, Sim Eng Hiang has worked tirelessly to cultivate, preserve, promote, and photograph these exotic treasures. Here, an esteemed member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain shares his life’s work as a naturalist and photographer for one of the plant kingdom’s finest creations, the Tillandsia. His photographs were taken throughout the year with only the natural light of the morning. To showcase the dramatic colour changes the... more
  • The Doll Project

    by Tiffany Gholar
    Is Barbie to blame for giving girls body image issues, or are there larger forces at work? The Doll Project explores the influence of visual culture and societal norms while caricaturing and satirizing unattainable standards of beauty. In a world where girls gather online to remind each other that "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" and diet ads ask "what will you gain when you lose," even Barbie is never thin enough. The Doll Project dramatizes this quest for perfection in miniature. Each pi... more
  • My Journey into the Wilds of Chicago: A Celebration of Chicagoland's Startling Natural Wonders

    by Mike MacDonald

    In our fast-paced world of technology, where populations are becoming more urbanized and life is increasingly experienced on electronic screens, people are losing their connection to nature. Yet nature is all around us, especially if you live in the Chicago area. Unfortunately, few Chicagoans know it's there. In My Journey into the Wilds of Chicago, photographer and humorist Mike MacDonald takes you on a trip to Chicago's wild side—a verdant, untamed Chicago that has been there all along, jus... more

  • Mrenh Gongveal: Chasing the Elves of the Khmer

    by Keith Kelly
    "Mrenh Gongveal: Chasing the Elves of the Khmer" is a photo essay that delves into a common, but lesser understood, belief of the Cambodians. While learning about the culture and customs of Cambodia, Keith Kelly’s adopted home of 10 years, he was especially fascinated by their folklore. One particular type of shrine dedicated to the Mrenh Gongveal, Elves of the Khmer, caught his imagination. As a personal project he started documenting the more interesting “houses” he came across during his trav... more
  • Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

    by Jeremy Enlow
    Fort Worth-based Jeremy Enlow was given exclusive access to the cowboys behind the prestigious reversed triple D brand of the Waggoner Ranch, the largest ranch in the United States under one fence. Enlow is an advertising, media and fine arts photographer based in Fort Worth. More than 36,000 of his images have been published worldwide. Enlow grew up in Granbury, Texas, where his first published photo appeared in the Hood County News when he was 10 years old. Committed to supporting local busine... more
  • Wizard

    by christine anderson
    A photobook inspired by the wizard of oz. A creative portrait of a auto repair shop tranforming tools and objects into characters using photography.
  • The Dog Book of Happiness

    by Butch McCartney
    A collection of famous quotes about dogs along with the portfolio of dog photographer Butch McCartney.
  • People Like Us: The Cult of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    by Lauren Everett
    People Like Us: The Cult of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a collection of environmental portraiture and documentary images that capture the vibrant DIY sub-culture of Rocky Horror fandom. Though there have been many titles about the film itself, this is the first and only photography series ever to focus on the remarkable story of the people behind the film's unprecedented 40 year theatrical run. The photos are augmented by a series of short essays by the cast members themselves, reflecting i... more
  • The Pop Up Art Book

    by Rosston Meyer
    The Pop Up Art Book is a collaborative project that brings together six of the most creative minds from street art, comic books, illustration, and fine art: Angry Woebots, Skinner, kozyndan, Junko Mizuno, Tara McPherson, and Jim Mahfood. One piece of original artwork from each artist has been digitally deconstructed and then reconstructed into 6 multidimensional pop-up spreads in The Pop Up Art Book. The artwork turned pop up spreads from each artist are: Aaron Woes Martin - Howling Masher Skinn... more
  • Desperate Times: The Summer of 1981

    by Maire M. Masco
    Relive the vivid pre-grunge days of 1981 Seattle. This is the full reprint of "Desperate Times" an underground music newspaper. Punk ethos at its best. Quirky, odd and full of attitude, the newspaper documentes the alternative music scene by reviewing bands, concerts, records, etc. This is a must-have book for anyone interested in punk, and Seattle rock music. Includes indexes for bands, venues and advertisers. Commentary by Maire M. Masco and Wilum Pugmire. Desperate Times: The Summer of ... more
  • Launching Your Art Career: A Practical Guide for Artists

    by Alix Sloan

    Written by a gallerist for artists, this no nonsense, easy-to-read handbook includes advice, information and encouragement to help artists successfully launch, relaunch or refocus their careers.

    Topics include: Setting goals, networking, finding & creating exhibition opportunities, selling & pricing art, working with galleries, web sites, artist statements, studio management and more.

    Also included: Online resources and additional advice from over forty working artists and art dea... more

  • Omni Eyes: The All-seeing Mandala Coloring [Sneak Peek] Book

    by Gutter Martin
    This is a special Sneak Peek of the highly anticipated “Omni Eyes: An Inky Surveillance Hunt and All-Seeing Mandala Coloring Book” - due out this summer, online and in bookstores!
  • In Search of Piétons: a photo documentary

    by Bill Bolton
    This is a photo documentary showcasing a collection of 25 uniquely different illuminated pedestrian crossing signs discovered all across France in the early 1990’s. The French word piéton means pedestrian. This book about pedestrians is anything but pedestrian. It is multifaceted in that it covers detailed photographic techniques, an interesting and distinctive collection of double exposure photographs on color film all taken at night, unique adventures and descriptive details. The tak... more