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  • Islam in the Workplace: Moslems in the Workplace

    by James E. Horn
    Many companies have lost huge sums of money because they did not handle demands from Moslem employees well. This guideline is a counter to the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR)' biased, one-sided so-called guideline telling employers how to bow down in supplication to demands of islamist/Moslem workers. This guideline fairly, and with balance addresses those anti-employer efforts at intimidation. Islam in the Workplace points out fallacies and erroneous Islamist claims. This guidel... more
  • Product Launch - A real story from the trenches of corporate America

    by David Jablonski
    Business and love are just two sides of the same emotionally raw coin. My company, like so many others, nearly tore itself apart launching a new product recently. I’m not talking about a bad quarter or lower bonuses, but an existential threat to the entire business and the careers of a huge team that sacrificed thousands of hours with their families. If you want to keep the same disaster from striking your own team, then skip the overpaid motivational speakers and chuck your Six Sigma certific... more
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Obvious: How Obviousness Can Ensure Prosperity For You and Your Organization

    by Dr. Dennis A. White
    In my book you'll learn how a short story written in a popular magazine more than 100 years ago can benefit you and your organization today. You'll learn the difference between innovation and creativity - and why one is the key to organizational success. You 'll learn why failure to identify and execute certain tasks may be dooming your organization. Finally, you'll learn the leadership failure that is the Achilles' heel of most organizations, and why simple solutions are the best approach to so... more
  • SPEAKING Like a Leader

    by Peter Jeff
    It’s not what you say that counts. It’s what they hear. And believe. Earning credibility on the podium and beyond is the thrust behind the third book in The Leadership Mints Series: SPEAKING Like a Leader. The 270 page book will be released on September 25, 2018. Stop talking. Anyone can give a talk. No listeners required. But speech making demands the audience be fully engaged in the process, especially disgruntled employees, disengaged team members and carping customers, note... more
  • Hike A Thosand Miles

    by mark stevens
    To lead people in business or elsewhere, you must first inspire them. This requires taking real or metaphorical hikes to find breakthrough thinking that prompts others to want to join you in achieving moon shots. This book serves as your compass.
  • When A Customer Wins, Nobody Loses!: A winning formula for building lasting customer relationships

    by Gerry Brown
    Bad customer service affects us all every day and it can cost companies millions in lost revenue and ruined reputations. Most companies tell us how important we are and that “Customers are at the heart of everything they do.” Unfortunately for many of us that remains a slick, meaningless, marketing slogan, that is rarely delivered and the outcome is a very different mantra ; “They win, we lose.” But a customer winning? How does that work? Gerry Brown takes us on a journey featuring sto... more
  • A Brand Strategist's Note: Brand and communication concepts easily explained with drawings

    by Sophia Ahn
    A Brand Strategist's Note is an easy-read book of 70 things explained with the casual illustrations for brand strategists and brand marketers. Branding is tricky and complex in many ways and requires lots of theoretical works and deep thinkings. The author intends to provide only short propositions and leave the readers with questions so that they can research more on the interested topics and further develop their own thinkings. . / . "As a brand strategist and marketer, I face tricky chall... more
  • The Money Deception - What Banks & Governments Don't Want You to Know

    This book unveils over 20 secret methods used by banks, governments and cooperations to legally steal 90% of your income. Brilliantly written and astoundingly easy to understand, this book is an eye-popping exposure of the most sophisticated fraud in the history of mankind.
  • The Unleashed Entrepreneur

    by Mitche Graf
    “The Unleashed Entrepreneur- A Kick-Ass Guide To Harnessing Your Inner Ninja, Working Less, and Creating The Perfect Lifestyle” is jam-packed with simple tools and inspiration to ignite your hidden passions, re-activate your creative juices, while taking back control of your valuable time to pursue the things in life that are most important to you. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a new start up business, this quick but motivational read will give you a methodical blueprint for success. Mitche... more
  • What I Need to Know about Marketing

    by David A. Stone
    How do you go about marketing and selling an expensive something that no one can see, touch, taste or smell? Trained as an architect, over a 40-year career David A. Stone has guided architects, engineers and other professionals in business development, sales and client service strategies that have shown consistent, measurable results. He shares his success stories here.
  • Outsourcing Tips and Tricks: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

    by Dmytro Zaporozhtsev

    Outsourcing Tips and Tricks:

    Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck


    Every business has 'hidden' parts, secrets from the bottom line.
    Freelance business is also trying to keep secrets from the clients.

    Do you want to see what outsourcing marketplace is hiding from you?
    If so, all secrets you didn't know ... more

  • 365 Bright Ideas to Market Your Indie Books

    by Patti Jefferson
    365 Bright Ideas to Market Your Indie Books a simple guide for independent authors to do at least one task every day that promotes themselves as authors and their books to readers. 4 ways to choose your daily task: -based on time availability -based on financial availability -start at the beginning and work to the end -randomly Each task features: --time and cost estimates per task ---step-by-step instructions including checklists and Q&A --results tracking (do more of what works, ... more
  • Problem-Solving Master

    by Pearl Zhu

    We all develop reputations for being problem creators, problem definers, or problem solvers. Fundamentally, every work is to deal with problems large or small both from long-term perspectives and on the daily basis. The business or societal progress is made via a healthy cycle of problem framing and problem-solving continuum. There are macro-problems and micro-problems; strategic problems and tactical problems. If every problem is like a jigsaw puzzle, can you envision the big picture and dia... more

  • Walking on the Glass Floor: Seven Essential Qualities of Women Who Lead

    by Judy Hoberman
    Walking on the Glass Floor: Seven Essential Qualities of Women Who Lead by Judy Hoberman (author, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker) is an engaging, indispensable guide for women in leadership. Whether you are a seasoned professional who has crashed through the glass ceiling and are now walking on the glass floor or you are an emerging leader who wants to establish strong footing, this book is for you. Personal stories, humor, and highly actionable steps illuminate and bring to life the seven essential... more
  • The Tao of Audience Development for the Arts: Philosophies about Audience Development Five Years in the Making

    by Shoshana Danoff Fanizza
    Philosophies about audience development, five years in the making. This book is a compilation of blog posts since 2009 from the Audience Development Specialists blog. Filled with information and thoughts on audience development, arts management, and arts marketing, this book will help you as an arts leader form a new perspective on building audiences and more enthusiasm for the philosophies and practices of audience development in general.
  • The How of Audience Development for the Arts: Learn the Basics, Create Your Plan

    by Shoshana Danoff Fanizza
    Do you want to learn how to build a better audience? This book will teach you the basics about audience development so you can create your very own plan. The definition of audience development, description of the 4 C's, and examples for planning are all included. Grab your cup of coffee and settle in with Shoshana Fanizza, who lives and breathes audience development, to discover the magic of audience development for audience building. A happy and loyal audience is just around the bend.