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  • Stoop To Conquer

    by John Michael Bolger
    Stoop to Conquer (A Tenth Ave Trip) by John Michael Bolger Francis Doonan is a “Hell’s Kitchen kid” who grew up fast on the unforgiving streets of New York, forced to abandon his childhood altogether following a series of tumultuous events in the Summer of 1980. Anything but a stereotypical “tough guy,” Francis ran with his best friends, Howie and Clayton, and the rest of their “crew,” who held court on his building’s stoop on Tenth Avenue. Pulled from all sides by the roiling turf wars of We... more
  • #ThisIsHowWeLive: Exposing how Generation Y feels, loves and creates.

    by Maddalena Alecce
    A collection of non-fiction essays that seek to expose how Generation Y feels, thinks and creates. Based on true stories, each essay takes an intimate look in the life of twentysomethings today, exploring different subject matters. Maddalena assembled essays that not only reveal how twentysomethings live, but also dispute common notions often associated with Millennials. Watch the book trailer here:
  • be me - a collection of greentexts

    by Aapo Nikkanen
    Did you ever stab yourself to avoid going to jail or got your girlfriend back by kidnapping her dog? Did you ever permanently scar a family with a prank call or reveal that your best friends conception was a porno gone wrong? Or perhaps pulled out a tapeworm out of your girlfriends ass while having sex? After collecting anonymous stories from the website for several years, Aapo Nikkanen presents a book that recounts those absurd, once in a life time moments that we can all relate t... more
  • Universal Monsters: Epic Monsters in Black and White

    by E.S. Dempsey
    Anybody who loves scary movies will love this tribute to horror in film. From Phantom of the Opera in 1925 to the 1950s creature features, Hollywood's Universal Studios delivered fantastic films with timeless icons known worldwide: Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolf Man, the Invisible Man, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. This book looks at the performances of the stars who breathed life into the monsters -- Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr, Claude Rain... more
  • Winning Schnapsen

    by Martin Tompa

    Winning Schnapsen introduces readers to the play and winning strategy of Schnapsen, the most fascinating two-player card game. No one has ever written a book about the intriguing strategy of Schnapsen, despite the game's 300+ year history and despite certain similarities to the card game Bridge, about which hundreds of books have been written. Winning Schnapsen is the definitive book on the game.

    Schnapsen and its variants are popular throughout continental Europe.... more

  • Some Kind of Lonely Clown

    by Joel Samberg
    “This book brings back so many lovely and amusing memories of a sadly missed friend. She was unique and irreplaceable in so many ways. Joel has been thorough in his research, and his love and respect for Karen shine through. Love and thanks for the fun and the magic of her musical soul.” —Petula Clark “An insightful look at the life of Karen Carpenter, a singing hero of mine. I had the pleasure of opening for the Carpenters in 1975, but it was more exciting that they recorded several of... more
  • The Matchless Gene Rayburn

    by Adam Nedeff

    First ever biography of the Match Game host.

  • Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star.

    by Jacqueline T. Lynch
    The first book on the career of actress Ann Blyth. Multitalented and remarkably versatile, Blyth began on radio as a child, appeared on Broadway at the age of twelve in Lillian Hellman's WATCH ON THE RHINE, and enjoyed a long and diverse career in films, theatre, television, and concerts. A sensitive dramatic actress, the youngest at the time to be nominated for her role in MILDRED PIERCE (1945), she also displayed a gift for comedy, and was especially endeared to fans for her expressive and exq... more
  • Boston's 100 Greatest Games

    by Rob Sneddon
    Boston's 100 Greatest Games is a ranking of the 100 most significant games in Boston history, across all eras and all sports. By combining meticulous research and a countdown format, the book serves as both a conversation-starter and argument-ender for Boston’s notoriously opinionated fan base. Was “Havlicek stole the ball!” in 1965 a bigger moment than the “Flying Orr” goal in 1970? Was the Patriots “Deflategate” Super Bowl victory in 2015 more important than the Red Sox’ curse-busting victory ... more
  • A Field Guide to the F Word

    by Ben Parker
    Never embarrass yourself again by using the F word inappropriately. A Field Guide to the F Word explores its history from the fifteenth century, its blossoming in World War II, and its evolution into contemporary acceptance. Its linguistic and syntactic peculiarities are explained, alternative words evaluated, its etiquette and misuse clearly defined, and its nuances exposed—without The Word appearing in print. Charming, thought-provoking, playful, subtle, and all in good clean fun. A Field Gui... more
  • A Season in the Abyss: Sports Gambling vs. the NFL's Integrity

    by Brian Tuohy
    Football and gambling. The two activities are inseparable. Yet the National Football League states it does not want fans to bet on its games. The league even fought against the state of New Jersey to keep sports gambling illegal. If wagering threatens the league’s integrity as it claims, then why does the NFL openly embrace the gambling taking place in fantasy football, and why does it allow teams to license their logos to state lotteries? Is the league clandestinely working with legal and illeg... more
  • Office Avenger: Creative Revenge for the Injustices of Your Job or Job Loss!

    by April Zion

    This book is a humorous collection of true-life office stories from the worker's point of view, with Office Avenger providing the action most workers wish they could take, if they weren't afraid of getting fired!

  • A Curious Fetish: Mandalas of a Secretive Mind

    by Raju Peddada

    A Curious Fetish by the artist-author, Raju Peddada, is about scores of hand drawn ciphered, highly personal and contrasting images, as a visual catharsis for the “itches” he couldn't scratch. These itches were also capricious or calculated mental flashes, on issues ranging from American politics to Assyrian monuments being destroyed, or from Stendhal, to skateboarding and sex. But, For the most part, the images are a celebration of womanhood: their indispensable sexuality, a... more

  • Safari Savvy Word Search Puzzles & Guidebook

    by M.E. CHIDIAC
    After years of carrying around endless travel guides and puzzle books on safari, savvy M.E. Chidiac decided to combine both important information and recreational fun in her creation of The Savvy Puzzle series, the first of which is about her favourite subject – Africa. In Safari Savvy, M.E. puts two decades of African game experience to use in her 2-in-1 guidebook that incorporates useful advice about planning and going on safari with beautiful wildlife photographs, and an exciting new style... more
  • Let's Go to Hell: Scattered Memories of the Butthole Surfers

    by James Burns
    The Butthole Surfers remain one of the most misunderstood and enigmatic bands in the history of rock music. Their records contain no pictures of the band; no recording information, and often with the suggestion that one play the record at 69 RPM. They lived like nomads through most of the 1980’s, with any home they had on paper merely used as a storage shed for the vast amount of equipment they amassed to create their often awe-inspiring live performances. In a time when the PMRC, the Rea... more
  • Saratoga Stories: Magic and Loss

    by Thomas Dimopoulos
    Fifteen stories, dozens of images and an exclusive timeline of Saratoga Springs and the Saratoga Performing Arts Center are woven together to tell the story of an extraordinary American city in New York.