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  • Unicorns on Bad Trips: A Coloring Book

    by Esmerelda Q. Jones

    "A magical tour de force!" -- Satisfied Customer

    • Join millions of adults all around the world who are rediscovering the simple relaxation and joy of coloring!
    • This adult coloring book has over 30 trippy patterns, featuring unicorns on all kinds of bad trips.
    • Trips vary in severity from kinda nice to maybe a little bit scary.
    • Provides hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and fun, creative expression.
    • Pages are single-side... more
  • SURVIVING POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS, POLITICIANS, AND POLITICS Laugh, Smile, Learn, Curse Politics is too funny to be taken seriously.

    by Robert A. Nowlan, Ph.D.
    There are issues in National Politics that to be explored in every presidential campaign. However, candidates have become less and less forthcoming with what they can bring to the most difficult job in the world. They fear being clear about where they stand on issues may annoy some segment of the electorate and cost them votes. Instead, they resort to mudslinging, character assassination and attack ads. Learn, laugh or, at least, smile at debates on the issues by humorous quotations, storie... more
  • Number One with an Axe!: A Look at the Guitar's Role in America's #1 Hits

    by Michael Rays
    Michael Rays takes you on a guitar-oriented tour through the history of Billboard's American Number One hits, starting in 1955 with "Rock Around the Clock" and proceeding through Frankie Avalon's "Why"--the final #1 song of 1959. Rays writes brief commentaries on each song. Lots of nostalgia, lots of fun!
  • Get Your Story Straight

    by Diane Drake

    In this step-by-step guide, writers learn:

    - Essential elements and principles of screenwriting with examples from popular films

    - Keys to creating a hero your audience will really care about

    - How to structure your story into three compelling acts

    - The secret to making your scenes and story build as they progress

    - Insider tips on the business of showbiz and how best to try to break in

    - How to keep going when the muse is fickle, and much more

  • Somebody Else's Business

    by Charlton James
    Through happenstance, Kelly; the wife of another relationship finds a letter while walking her dog. Enthralled by the expressive content, she takes the letter home with the intent of using it as a tool to rekindle the spontaneity in her marriage; from there the story unfolds into a series of destructive episodes. The words and expressions intended for one relationship are read and conveyed in another. As consequence of becoming involved in Somebody Else's Business, the trust and fidelity in K... more
  • Making Michael: Inside the Career of Michael Jackson

    by Mike Smallcombe

    Making Michael delves deep inside the career of one of the most successful, enigmatic and controversial entertainers of all time: Michael Jackson.

    Side-stepping sensationalism, journalist Mike Smallcombe paints a vivid portrait of a man few people truly knew, the Michael Jackson who made making music his life’s work rather than the one portrayed on the front pages of the tabloids.

    Interviewing over sixty of Jackson's associates ... more

  • 9780692662045

    by Lauren Fertitta

    Lessons learned while riding a bike in New York City are words to live by. This is Wheel Life: Thoughts on Bikes is a wry collection of hard-earned bike lessons that are also excellent life lessons. Includes insights such as “Having the right of way is not the same as not getting hit by a car,”  “Don’t ride a bike you know is broken” and “Sometimes what looks like a deep pothole from a distance is actually just a shadow.” This pocket-sized b... more

  • How to Avoid the Cutting Room Floor: An Editor's Advice for On-Camera Actors

    by Jordan Goldman, ACE
    Go inside the cutting room with Emmy-winning editor Jordan Goldman, A.C.E. (Homeland, 24: Live Another Day, Masters of Sex, The Shield) as he explains the key things professional actors should — and shouldn't do – to ensure their performance makes it to the screen. He’ll show you how and why directors, showrunners, and editors decide whether your performance stays in the show – or gets cut out. Acting for the camera can be challenging. Arm yourself with the best tips and advice you can get, fr... more
  • 12 Weeks on Tinsmith: Behind the Scenes of Edward Scissorhands

    by Kathy Lockwood

    Kathy Lockwood spent the summer of 1990 dressed in polyester and living in the pastel-colored world of the enchanting film Edward Scissorhands. As one of the neighborhood hair ladies, she recounts an honest and amusing story of her work on the film.

  • Strangers Have the Best Candy

    by Margaret Meps Schulte
    2015 Winner of the Bookseller Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year. Researchers have proven that talking to strangers is good for us. But how do you get people to talk to strangers? Strangers Have the Best Candy is the book that answers that question. Margaret Meps Schulte shares her own stories of chance encounters with strangers, illustrating how such encounters lead to adventure, friendship, and serendipity. Most readers say that when they finish the book, they have an uncanny urge ... more
  • What Tennis Pros Don't Teach (WTPDT)

    by Manuel S. Cervantes
    What Tennis Pros Don't Teach encompasses a World of information threading Tennis and life at work. It talks about the forces of Tennis under all different scenarios. This book is based on the love of Tennis as the foundation to tackle philosophy, mental toughness, discipline, strategy, the meaning of momentum, technique, player development, politics in sports, etc… What Tennis Pros Don't Teach also shows us how to make Tennis a special friend and use it to help forge our lives and destiny. What ... more
  • A Woman's Guide to the Sailing Lifestyle

    by Debra Picchi; Thomas Desrosiers
    A chance sailing trip with a friend from work led me to wonder if I could learn to sail. After all, I’m a woman, and the sailing world seems to favor men. I am not athletic; I didn’t grow up in a family where we learned about boating; I would be starting late, since I was in my thirties; and I suffer from seasickness. What I discovered over the next twenty-five years is that I could indeed learn to be a competent sailor. But I didn’t expect to be an expert overnight. Instead, as a novice, I laye... more
  • Seriously? (Life Without a Field Guide Book 3)

    by Lill Hawkins
    I've lived in Maine for almost 30 years, almost as long as I've been married to the geek. I love Maine, really I do, even if I do hate it. Maine has given me so much to complain, er, write about. The ME in HUMOR ME is the two letter abbreviation for my adopted state. The HUMOR is what I use to survive the brutal winters, sticky mud seasons, the perils of hunting season and the vampiric Black Fly seasons. As I did in my first book, I mostly write about family and homeschooling in this book an... more
  • Humor Me (Life Without a Field Guide Book 2)

    by Lill Hawkins
    As I did in my first two books, I mostly write about family and homeschooling in this book and continue to try to be a writer who uses humor in a positive way even when the wheels fall off almost every wagon I climb aboard. Like Erma Bombeck, I mention a few times that my family is driving me crazy. But I go on to say that I know that I drive them crazy too. I don't mind telling my readers that I love my family and friends and think they're awesome. I'm not big on f-bombs in my writing or re... more
  • Funny You Should Ask (Life Without a Field Guide Book 1)

    by Lill Hawkins
    Being secular homeschoolers in a small town in Maine isn't easy. Drifts of doom. Frost heaves from Hades. Maine isn't for the fainthearted, but it can be hilarious, almost hysterical at times. Luckily, Lill, Geekdaddy, Son, and Daughter are usually able to overcome almost anything - even lovesick porcupines and hunters that shoot at anything with four legs, including lawn furniture - without losing their senses of humor.
  • Eyes Wide Open 2015: The Year's Best (and Worst) Movies

    by Chris Barsanti
    Who has the time to waste on a bad movie? Hundreds of new movies opened in 2015. Nobody has time to see them all. To help you maximize your movie-going opportunities, critic Chris Barsanti runs down the best movies of 2015 that you should make sure to see--and those you shouldn't bother with. In this year's edition of Eyes Wide Open, you'll find answers to these questions: Was Star Wars: The Force Awakens worth the wait? Does The Big Short tell the truth about what caused the Great Rec... more