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  • What Tennis Pros Don't Teach (WTPDT)

    by Manuel S. Cervantes
    What Tennis Pros Don't Teach encompasses a World of information threading Tennis and life at work. It talks about the forces of Tennis under all different scenarios. This book is based on the love of Tennis as the foundation to tackle philosophy, mental toughness, discipline, strategy, the meaning of momentum, technique, player development, politics in sports, etc… What Tennis Pros Don't Teach also shows us how to make Tennis a special friend and use it to help forge our lives and destiny. What ... more
  • A Woman's Guide to the Sailing Lifestyle

    by Debra Picchi; Thomas Desrosiers
    A chance sailing trip with a friend from work led me to wonder if I could learn to sail. After all, I’m a woman, and the sailing world seems to favor men. I am not athletic; I didn’t grow up in a family where we learned about boating; I would be starting late, since I was in my thirties; and I suffer from seasickness. What I discovered over the next twenty-five years is that I could indeed learn to be a competent sailor. But I didn’t expect to be an expert overnight. Instead, as a novice, I laye... more
  • Seriously? (Life Without a Field Guide Book 3)

    by Lill Hawkins
    I've lived in Maine for almost 30 years, almost as long as I've been married to the geek. I love Maine, really I do, even if I do hate it. Maine has given me so much to complain, er, write about. The ME in HUMOR ME is the two letter abbreviation for my adopted state. The HUMOR is what I use to survive the brutal winters, sticky mud seasons, the perils of hunting season and the vampiric Black Fly seasons. As I did in my first book, I mostly write about family and homeschooling in this book an... more
  • Humor Me (Life Without a Field Guide Book 2)

    by Lill Hawkins
    As I did in my first two books, I mostly write about family and homeschooling in this book and continue to try to be a writer who uses humor in a positive way even when the wheels fall off almost every wagon I climb aboard. Like Erma Bombeck, I mention a few times that my family is driving me crazy. But I go on to say that I know that I drive them crazy too. I don't mind telling my readers that I love my family and friends and think they're awesome. I'm not big on f-bombs in my writing or re... more
  • Funny You Should Ask (Life Without a Field Guide Book 1)

    by Lill Hawkins
    Being secular homeschoolers in a small town in Maine isn't easy. Drifts of doom. Frost heaves from Hades. Maine isn't for the fainthearted, but it can be hilarious, almost hysterical at times. Luckily, Lill, Geekdaddy, Son, and Daughter are usually able to overcome almost anything - even lovesick porcupines and hunters that shoot at anything with four legs, including lawn furniture - without losing their senses of humor.
  • Eyes Wide Open 2015: The Year's Best (and Worst) Movies

    by Chris Barsanti
    Who has the time to waste on a bad movie? Hundreds of new movies opened in 2015. Nobody has time to see them all. To help you maximize your movie-going opportunities, critic Chris Barsanti runs down the best movies of 2015 that you should make sure to see--and those you shouldn't bother with. In this year's edition of Eyes Wide Open, you'll find answers to these questions: Was Star Wars: The Force Awakens worth the wait? Does The Big Short tell the truth about what caused the Great Rec... more
  • Long Legs and Tall Tales: A Showgirl's Wacky, Sexy Journey to the Playboy Mansion and the Radio City Rockettes

    by Kristi Lynn Davis
    Long Legs and Tall Tales is a comic memoir about a naïve, goodie two-shoes, Midwesterner who tosses aside her conservative business suit and college education, leaves the safety of suburbia behind, and hesitantly sets off to become an international, sexy showgirl supreme. Follow her into her dressing rooms around the globe, as she learns to survive and then thrive (in stilettos, no less) in the wild and wonderful world of entertainment. With a virtual VIP All-Access Backstage Pass, readers get a... more
  • Sister Girl Blog

    by Katrina Gilder
    After a messy divorce and time on her hands, Ashley Parsons came up with an idea to create a blog on Empowering Women. With the help of three close friends the blog becomes a hit until one article written goes wrong. Different backgrounds, different beliefs and a blur vision will send this blog heading in the wrong direction. While trying to make a difference in other people lives these ladies realize they have to save themselves first
  • A Complete Guide to Ventriloquism: Principles, Practice and Performance

    by Naveen Sridhar
    This book shows you the perfect way to become a ventriloquist. It covers all aspects of the art of ventriloquism for beginners and professionals alike. Through many examples and exercise, you can not only learn and lead your ventriloquism skills to perfection, but you also get everything at hand you need for the perfect stage performance your audience surely will never forget.
  • Stoop To Conquer

    by John Michael Bolger
    Stoop to Conquer (A Tenth Ave Trip) by John Michael Bolger Francis Doonan is a “Hell’s Kitchen kid” who grew up fast on the unforgiving streets of New York, forced to abandon his childhood altogether following a series of tumultuous events in the Summer of 1980. Anything but a stereotypical “tough guy,” Francis ran with his best friends, Howie and Clayton, and the rest of their “crew,” who held court on his building’s stoop on Tenth Avenue. Pulled from all sides by the roiling turf wars of We... more
  • #ThisIsHowWeLive: Exposing how Generation Y feels, loves and creates.

    by Maddalena Alecce
    A collection of non-fiction essays that seek to expose how Generation Y feels, thinks and creates. Based on true stories, each essay takes an intimate look in the life of twentysomethings today, exploring different subject matters. Maddalena assembled essays that not only reveal how twentysomethings live, but also dispute common notions often associated with Millennials. Watch the book trailer here:
  • be me - a collection of greentexts

    by Aapo Nikkanen
    Did you ever stab yourself to avoid going to jail or got your girlfriend back by kidnapping her dog? Did you ever permanently scar a family with a prank call or reveal that your best friends conception was a porno gone wrong? Or perhaps pulled out a tapeworm out of your girlfriends ass while having sex? After collecting anonymous stories from the website for several years, Aapo Nikkanen presents a book that recounts those absurd, once in a life time moments that we can all relate t... more
  • Universal Monsters: Epic Monsters in Black and White

    by E.S. Dempsey
    Anybody who loves scary movies will love this tribute to horror in film. From Phantom of the Opera in 1925 to the 1950s creature features, Hollywood's Universal Studios delivered fantastic films with timeless icons known worldwide: Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolf Man, the Invisible Man, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. This book looks at the performances of the stars who breathed life into the monsters -- Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr, Claude Rain... more
  • Winning Schnapsen

    by Martin Tompa

    Winning Schnapsen introduces readers to the play and winning strategy of Schnapsen, the most fascinating two-player card game. No one has ever written a book about the intriguing strategy of Schnapsen, despite the game's 300+ year history and despite certain similarities to the card game Bridge, about which hundreds of books have been written. Winning Schnapsen is the definitive book on the game.

    Schnapsen and its variants are popular throughout continental Europe.... more

  • Some Kind of Lonely Clown

    by Joel Samberg
    “This book brings back so many lovely and amusing memories of a sadly missed friend. She was unique and irreplaceable in so many ways. Joel has been thorough in his research, and his love and respect for Karen shine through. Love and thanks for the fun and the magic of her musical soul.” —Petula Clark “An insightful look at the life of Karen Carpenter, a singing hero of mine. I had the pleasure of opening for the Carpenters in 1975, but it was more exciting that they recorded several of... more
  • The Matchless Gene Rayburn

    by Adam Nedeff

    First ever biography of the Match Game host.