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  • Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star.

    by Jacqueline T. Lynch
    The first book on the career of actress Ann Blyth. Multitalented and remarkably versatile, Blyth began on radio as a child, appeared on Broadway at the age of twelve in Lillian Hellman's WATCH ON THE RHINE, and enjoyed a long and diverse career in films, theatre, television, and concerts. A sensitive dramatic actress, the youngest at the time to be nominated for her role in MILDRED PIERCE (1945), she also displayed a gift for comedy, and was especially endeared to fans for her expressive and exq... more
  • Boston's 100 Greatest Games

    by Rob Sneddon
    Boston's 100 Greatest Games is a ranking of the 100 most significant games in Boston history, across all eras and all sports. By combining meticulous research and a countdown format, the book serves as both a conversation-starter and argument-ender for Boston’s notoriously opinionated fan base. Was “Havlicek stole the ball!” in 1965 a bigger moment than the “Flying Orr” goal in 1970? Was the Patriots “Deflategate” Super Bowl victory in 2015 more important than the Red Sox’ curse-busting victory ... more
  • A Field Guide to the F Word

    by Ben Parker
    Never embarrass yourself again by using the F word inappropriately. A Field Guide to the F Word explores its history from the fifteenth century, its blossoming in World War II, and its evolution into contemporary acceptance. Its linguistic and syntactic peculiarities are explained, alternative words evaluated, its etiquette and misuse clearly defined, and its nuances exposed—without The Word appearing in print. Charming, thought-provoking, playful, subtle, and all in good clean fun. A Field Gui... more
  • A Season in the Abyss: Sports Gambling vs. the NFL's Integrity

    by Brian Tuohy
    Football and gambling. The two activities are inseparable. Yet the National Football League states it does not want fans to bet on its games. The league even fought against the state of New Jersey to keep sports gambling illegal. If wagering threatens the league’s integrity as it claims, then why does the NFL openly embrace the gambling taking place in fantasy football, and why does it allow teams to license their logos to state lotteries? Is the league clandestinely working with legal and illeg... more
  • Office Avenger: Creative Revenge for the Injustices of Your Job or Job Loss!

    by April Zion

    This book is a humorous collection of true-life office stories from the worker's point of view, with Office Avenger providing the action most workers wish they could take, if they weren't afraid of getting fired!

  • A Curious Fetish: Mandalas of a Secretive Mind

    by Raju Peddada

    A Curious Fetish by the artist-author, Raju Peddada, is about scores of hand drawn ciphered, highly personal and contrasting images, as a visual catharsis for the “itches” he couldn't scratch. These itches were also capricious or calculated mental flashes, on issues ranging from American politics to Assyrian monuments being destroyed, or from Stendhal, to skateboarding and sex. But, For the most part, the images are a celebration of womanhood: their indispensable sexuality, a... more

  • Safari Savvy Word Search Puzzles & Guidebook

    by M.E. CHIDIAC
    After years of carrying around endless travel guides and puzzle books on safari, savvy M.E. Chidiac decided to combine both important information and recreational fun in her creation of The Savvy Puzzle series, the first of which is about her favourite subject – Africa. In Safari Savvy, M.E. puts two decades of African game experience to use in her 2-in-1 guidebook that incorporates useful advice about planning and going on safari with beautiful wildlife photographs, and an exciting new style... more
  • Let's Go to Hell: Scattered Memories of the Butthole Surfers

    by James Burns
    The Butthole Surfers remain one of the most misunderstood and enigmatic bands in the history of rock music. Their records contain no pictures of the band; no recording information, and often with the suggestion that one play the record at 69 RPM. They lived like nomads through most of the 1980’s, with any home they had on paper merely used as a storage shed for the vast amount of equipment they amassed to create their often awe-inspiring live performances. In a time when the PMRC, the Rea... more
  • Saratoga Stories: Magic and Loss

    by Thomas Dimopoulos
    Fifteen stories, dozens of images and an exclusive timeline of Saratoga Springs and the Saratoga Performing Arts Center are woven together to tell the story of an extraordinary American city in New York.
  • Playing Fast and Loose: Match Wits with the Author and Guess the Origin of Common Idioms

    by Michael K. Smith
    What is the origin of the idiom "playing fast and loose"? a juggling trick using ropes performed in Roman times; a Medieval cheating game involving sticks and belts; or the sordid sale of indulgences in the Catholic Church. Playing Fast and Loose invites the reader to guess the correct origin of common idioms. For each of the fifty idioms, three scenarios have been constructed. One scenario contains a short description of the likely origin of the phrase with some selected historical contex... more
  • The Day Alternative Music Died

    by Adam Caress
    At once a groundbreaking cultural history of rock music and an impassioned defense of the unique value of art, The Day Alternative Music Died is a timely and essential addition to the cultural discourse. Featuring a meticulously researched and eminently readable narrative that will appeal to both casual and diehard music fans, The Day Alternative Music Died tells the fascinating story of the tensions between artistic and commercial aspirations throughout the history of rock music. Author Adam Ca... more
  • Emergency Laughter: Stories of Humor Inside Ambulances and Operating Rooms

    by Mike Cyra
    Mike Cyra takes us on another hilarious grand tour of the strange medical humor in the real-life world of emergency medicine and surgery. Whether he's assisting trauma surgeons who are singing “Take me out to the ballgame” while removing a well-placed iconic symbol of America’s greatest past time, learning how fast he can run after being shot at by an angry couple who called for an ambulance, working with a prankster-loving urologist who demonstrates how bladder problems were diagnosed before ... more
  • Hollywood War Stories: How to Survive in the Trenches

    by Rick Friedberg
    Hollywood War Stories: How to Survive in the Trenches is an often funny, always enlightening, insider's view on how to navigate the shark-infested waters of “The Biz.” Filled with anecdotal "war stories," working with Academy-award winning talent, each short chapter explains a rule to follow like "Good Ideas Don't Just Fall Off a Turnip Truck," Humility is a Highly Over-rated Virtue" and many more. This is a candid tale for anyone who would relish a compatriot-in-arms’ joy and pain, whil... more
  • Emergency Laughter: It Wasn't Funny When It Happened, But it is Now!

    by Mike Cyra

    Real life medical drama is OK… but true stories of emergency medicine that make you laugh out loud are better!

    Mike Cyra's comedic storytelling style of writing is hilarious. Experience what it's like to drive an Emergency Vehicle through traffic. Learn how not to deliver a baby; how to fake unconsciousness; fun ways to chop your fingers off and why controlling your imagination is so crucial, when you find yourself alone in a morgue refrigerator, and the lights go out. St... more

  • Hollywood from Below the Line: A Prop Master's Perspective

    by Steven M. Levine

    Steven M. Levine, a 39 year veteran Hollywood prop master, takes the reader behind the scenes of the mystique and glamor of Hollywood to reveal the ‘in-the-trenches' role of the on-set life of a crew member. His unique, rarely written about perspective is told through informative, entertaining, poignant and humorous recollections. HOLLYWOOD From Below the Line begins with a description of the job of a prop master with an interesting story of his father’s caree... more

  • Time Flies

    by Alexander Kaufman
    Why buy this book? I haven't got the faintest idea, when you can buy any book around, written by known and famous authors. What's this book about? - The wisdom and folly of man probably. But before you shell out your money, it's not about sex, it's got no murder in it, no car chases and nobody finds a horse's head in his bed in the morning. This is merely a collection of stories, telling of a few little adventures that befell me while traipsing through this planet. It's a pretty good planet ac... more