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  • The World Turned Upside Down. The Second Low-Carbohydrate Revolution

    by Richard David Feinman
    The World Turned Upside Down is the story of nutrition, biochemistry and metabolism — how you process the food that you eat —as well as the practical application of science to daily life. Written from the perspective of a distinguished biochemist, The World Turned Upside Down challenges the fear-mongers: Chapter 8 Sugar, fructose and fructophobia explains that sugar is a food, not a poison, but it is a carbohydrate. Chapter 9 gives a perspective on Saturated fat. On your plate or in your 0blood... more
  • The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of Your Life with Cancer

    by Jack C. Westman
    The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of Your Life with Cancer offers a usable handbook for cancer for both patients and health care professionals. Dr. Westman's personal experience with cancer led him to extensively research the current state of cancer care. He found strategies and techniques outside of the mainstream cancer field that have shown promising results. His book empowers patients to take control of their life with cancer and to advocate for improving cancer research and treatment.
  • Receive You Healing

    by Gabriel Agbo
    This book is about how to receive divine healing. Can God still heal? Yes! Can we live in good and perfect health today? Yes! Our God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Expect your healing as you read. Here, you will read some incredible testimonies that will instantly increase your faith in God and His unlimited ability and wiliness to intervene even in worst situations. For example, God still cures incurable and terminal diseases. He still raises the dead. Have you read about a ma... more
  • Forbidden Food: How Science Says You Can Eat What you Like and Like What you Eat

    by Dr. John Sloan, MD
    Everyone seems to believe that diet influence health: trans-fat plugs your arteries, we are threatened by an epidemic of obesity and diabetes caused by too much junk food, salt is a silent killer, raw, coarse grains cleanse the bowels and prevent cancer. But where did such ideas come from? The average person likely believes that these ideas – which are widely held and often repeated by medical experts, media pundits and popular culture – have been proven by medical science. Not so fast.... more
  • Know When to Hold 'em: A Guide for Spouses of Problem Gamblers

    by Damon Dye
    Unrecognized and devastating – gambling addiction affects two million Americans but even more hidden are the loved ones that become innocent victims. “Know When to Hold ‘Em: A guide for spouses of problem gamblers” is a resource specifically written with the spouse in mind and is focused on healing techniques for loved ones and the couple. Problem gambling is a treatable but traumatic addiction that has a significant impact beyond the gambler. The deception, loss of security, and perceived ho... more

    by Kevin Haselhorst
    Veteran emergency physician Kevin Haselhorst advocates for dying with dignity through personal empowerment and spiritual awareness in his thought-provoking book of wishes that inspires and guides advance care planning.
  • When Poor Was Healthy: How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Prevent and Reverse Chronic Diseases

    by Getty Israel, MPH
    When Poor Was Healthy challenges the conventional belief that drug medications and invasive therapies are necessary to treat chronic diseases that often can be prevented and reversed through simple but effective healthy lifestyle changes. It contends that individuals of all socioeconomic levels can make modest behavioral changes to improve their health. Then it guides the reader through the process.
  • Gut Guide 101: Three Weeks to Better Digestion and Increased Energy

    by Mari J. Hahn
    Finally a book about gut health that doesn’t make you give up your favorite foods: Gut Guide 101: Three Weeks to Better Digestion & Increased Energy. Don’t mistake Gut Guide 101 for a diet or weightloss program. This 21 day program will help to heal your gut and make you feel better than you have in years. You may already know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut. With Gut Guide 101, you’ll learn about the gut’s crucial role in keeping you healthy – from boosting immunity and absorb... more
  • Barbies in the Horse Bin

    by Lisa Bates

    Barbies in the Horse Bin ~ Living Better with Organized Children

    The single biggest mistake that parents make when teaching their children organizational skills is this: It is EASIER to do things yourself! You know this, I know this yet we cannot seem to stop doing it. You as the adult, do things faster, more efficiently, better and with less mess. Additionally, if you do it yourself, you do not have to listen to complaining, backtalk, sighing,... more

  • Poop Flies at 35 M.P.H.: The Expectant Dude's Participation Guide

    by Christopher A. Michaels
    Having a baby is a true undertaking. You can’t just survive it, you have to be a part of it - especially if you’re married or plan on being an active father. If you try to skate by and let momma make the decisions, or care for the kiddo, you’re already on her shit-list. Being an active father starts by being involved in the decision making process every step of the way. Poop Flies at 35 m.p.h. isn't another "survival guide;" but a participation guide for how dads can be involved in every step of... more
  • Crazy Stuff That Can Happen

    by Shipra Prakash
    Life is good - except when crazy stuff get to us. Here are 45 of them - which are based on truth, and have actually happened. For example - how forgetting your ID, like a driver's license, can lead to your arrest. Or how that sandwich you bought can have an insect in it. Ugh.
  • All I Ever Wanted Was To Be Called Mum

    by Steve Petrou
    A woman's epic journey and quest for salvation on the road to motherhood. The journey of trying to fall pregnant, then the various IVF tries accompanied with the scares and heartaches of pregnancy and giving birth. Mother and baby fighting for their lives in different hospitals. It is a story of pain , despair and hope.
  • Panic: One Man's Struggle with Anxiety

    by Harry Floyd
    In 'Panic,' author Harry Floyd shares his own struggle with anxiety in an effort to guide others who suffer with this often debilitating condition. Among other topics, 'Panic' discusses anticipation and its role in anxiety, how to react when anxiety strikes, understanding the life cycle of a panic attack, trying new habits to combat the condition, trusting oneself, and how openness can make a difference.
  • 101+ Secrets from Nutrition School | That You Need to Know

    by Lynne Dorner
    101+ Secrets from Nutrition School is an enlightening experience in which the author and health coach Lynne Dorner shares the most essential lessons she learned along her educational journey at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Struck by the fact that only about one-fifth of medical schools teach nutrition or lifestyle changes as a way to prevent or cure disease, Lynne became inspired to share her secrets with others looking to make positive life changes. The lessons, which are accompanie... more
  • Brain Health for Life: Beyond Pills, Politics, and Popular Diets

    by Karen Unger, M.S.W., Ed.D.
    In 2014 approximately 5.2 million people in the U.S. suffered from Alzheimer’s, a number that is expected to triple by 2050. There is growing evidence that diet and lifestyle can affect the brain and impact cognitive aging. Learn what to eat, what to avoid, and how to change your lifestyle today to promote your brain health into the future. Brain Health for Life: Beyond Pills, Politics, and Popular Diets will tell you: • How the current food supply and environment is making you sick • How misin... more