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Health, Diet, Parenting, Home, Crafts & Gardening

  • The Ebola Survial Kit: Cleanse, Detoxify, Decalcify, Purify,and Protect your body from all forms of Virus, Bacteria, Toxin,Disea

    by C.L. Carmen
    Ebola Survival Kit is a jumpstart guide to optimal health. It is a layperson approach to natural and homeopathic healing.
  • No Pasta? Are You Kidding Me?!? A True Beginner's Guide to Healthy Cooking With Less Wheat, Sugar & Junk

    by Diana Marshall

    "No Pasta?!?" is one woman's journey through the often confusing and intimidating world of healthy cooking and diet advice. It is not an ordinary diet book - rather it tells a story in a lighthearted, personal memoir style. But it also contains suggestions, recommendations and simple recipes that the author created herself to lose weight and recover from various health ailments. The book is an encouraging and easy to understand read for anyone thinking a... more

  • Letting Go of Self-Destructive Behaviors: A Workbook of Hope and Healing

    by Lisa Ferentz, LCSW-C
    Letting Go of Self-Destructive Behaviors offers inspiring, hopeful, creative resources for the millions of male and female adolescents and adults who struggle with eating disorders, addictions, any form of self-mutilation. It is also a workbook for the clinicians who treat them. Using journaling exercises, drawing and collaging prompts, guided imagery, visualizations, and other behavioral techniques, readers will learn how to understand, compassionately work with, and heal from their behaviors r... more
  • Clairvoyant Psychotherapy

    by Susan Feinbloom
    Clairvoyant Psychology, a non-fiction book, describes in depth the process I use to weave clairvoyance into the psychotherapeutic session. The first section details a meditation process that helps my clients focus inward. I teach a three part meditation pattern. Grounding, learning to release, let go, open to new energy. Connecting to Earth Energy – infusing the nurturance and brilliance of nature. Connecting to the Cosmos – tuning into our spiritual nature, guidance and divinity. We come to ... more
  • Surviving Cancer: Our Voices and Choices

    by Marion Behr
    Compiled by author from contributions from Drs, health professionals and survivors. It answers the questions asked by those just diagnosed with cancer "what now" 268 pgs. 35 illustrations of author's sculptures fom radiation cradles. Great Review from Library Journal Sep 1 2014.
  • New Jump Swing Healthy Aging & Athletic Nutrition Program

    by Donald "Spiderman" Thomas

    New Jump Swing Healthy Aging And Athletic Nutrition is a world record sports nutrition program focusing on plant based nutrition and herbs for athletic performance and healthy aging.

    Let Donald 'Spiderman" Thomas show you how through this program he was able to achieve three Guinness World Records in public speaking.

    His topics included:

    The history of herbs in maintaining physical fitness and vegetarian athletic nutrition.

    In these pages you will learn how to... more

  • A Small Guide to Losing Big - From the Nutritionist for NBC's The Biggest Loser

    by Cheryl Forberg RD

    After 15 seasons as nutritionist for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Cheryl Forberg has uncovered startling facts about typical eating and lifestyle habits that cause millions of Americans to gain untold pounds each year. But more importantly, she also knows how to use that information and turn it around to promote weight loss. We’ve all seen the weight loss success of the hundreds of people Cheryl has helped in her years “behind the scenes” at NBC's The Bigg... more

  • Getting Ready for Baby: The Practical Parent's Organizer

    by Hélène Tragos Stelian

    With tips on everything from finding the perfect obstetrician to choosing the right baby gear, Getting Ready for Baby will ease first-time mothers from pregnancy to birth and beyond. An information guide, organizer, and record book all in one, everything a mother-to-be needs is stashed in this handy and portable planner.

    Building on the success of the original Getting Ready for Baby, this brand new edition offers even more:

    • Completely updated charts and checklists
    &bul... more

  • Work. Pump. Repeat.

    by Jessica Shortall

    Going back to work while trying to breastfeed is stressful and confusing. And in a world overflowing with more parenting books than you can shake a positive pregnancy stick at, these resources gloss over how hard working and breastfeeding is.

    This book is for the million women a year - in America alone - who go back to work while breastfeeding. It offers the modern mama a straight-to-the-point resource on how to survive working and breastfeeding, based on the experiences of hundreds of ... more

  • What You Can Learn From Your Teenager: Lessons in Parenting and Personal Growth

    by Jean-Pierre Kallanian M.Ed.
    This innovative book provides a teenage inspired framework for developing your own, individualized approach toward a stronger relationship with your son or daughter. Within eight lessons are tips, dialogues, stories, analogies, and charts to help you better understand the particular dynamics and interactions between you and your child. Each lesson is capped-off with an explanation of what you can learn from your teenager and a summary of key takeaways. By combining psychology, philosophy, and pr... more
  • Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation

    by Patricia Damery
    A psychological and spiritual reckoning, Farming Soul, by practicing Jungian analyst and Demeter certified biodynamic organic farmer Patricia Damery, questions theories and assumptions dating back to the early 1900's and the days of Freud, assumptions which have too often separated spirituality from psychology. Suffering the trials of her own individuation process, Patricia Damery finds answers through a series of unconventional teachers and her relationship to the psyche and to the land – answe... more
  • Structurally Sound: Renovating the Middle-Aged Body

    by Jonathan Paull
    Structurally Sound - Renovating the Middle-Aged Body is written from the perspective of a Medical Exercise Specialist with more than 10 years of clinical experience in a physiotherapy and sports injuries clinic. The global population is aging, and as that happens, health concerns are increasing for middle-aged people, both men and women. Attempts to rectify health issues have created an epidemic of biomechanical injuries. More than 80% of the population have experienced or will experience some k... more
  • Diet and Weight Loss Lies

    by Michelle Baumgartner
    When it comes to weight loss and your health, you have been lied to, misinformed and cheated! Unfortunately there is a lot of misleading information about weight loss. If you have ever been on a diet you already know that it is one thing to lose weight and another to keep it off. In fact 95% of people gain back their weight and then some! In this breakthrough program, motivational speaker, author, former international athlete, Nutritionist, and mother of three, Michelle Baumgartner reveals th... more
  • Raising Supaman

    by Nathaniel Turner

    Although many years have passed since Nathaniel A. Turner began writing letters to his then two-year-old son, Raising Supaman remains as prophetic as ever. Turner's aim in writing his son was to witness during his lifetime the outward manifestation of his deepest hopes and most profound dreams, namely that his child would be a better man than him.

    In Raising Supaman, Turner explores the most critical issues in the lives of males of all ages. From academic success and profession... more

  • Crystal Healing Scientific Evidence

    by Walter Parks
    I found the scientific mechanism that allows our body’s energy field to receive transmissions from radiating crystals. Crystal Healing is not the quackery I had been lead to believe. The ancient Third Eye of our ancestors had been designed to receive external vibrations. It has evolved down through the ages to become our pineal gland. It now secretes a hormone that controls our daily lives. It can help us receive external vibrations such as the soothing frequencies of certain crystals. ... more
  • Make Social Learning Stick!: How to Guide and Nurture Social Competence Through Everyday Routines and Activities

    by Elizabeth A. Sautter, MA CCC-SLP
    This book offers a “social learning diet” of concepts and actions that can be used in everyday life to increase verbal and nonverbal language, listening skills, understanding of hidden rules, perspective taking,executive functioning, and more. The activities are recipes for social and emotional learning for which parents, teachers, and therapists typically already have the ingredients. With close to 200 fun and easy activities, including contributions from leading experts, this book offers numer... more