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History & Military

  • The Jesus Book: An Essential, Mandatory Reading

    by Walter Schenck
    This is the book Amazon tried to suppress - and after legal review, relented. The life of Jesus Christ compiled and merged as one from the four Gospels. Of all the gospel versions out there, this independent reference work of Jesus' life, through the viewpoints of the four gospel writers, is the absolute best. This version renders Jesus' dialogue in red ink, Peter's dialogue in green, Satan's in gray, Mary's in blue, etc. This version can be used by all religious and biblical research groups.... more
  • Reckoned Among the Nations: Denominational Identity in the Philadelphia Baptist Association, 1688-1832

    by Jessica Madison
    Baptists who migrated from England and Wales to the Delaware Valley brought with them conflicting ideas about what it meant to be a Baptist. Doctrinal, cultural, and political differences shaped two competing interpretations of denominational identity, as envisioned by “outsiders” and “insiders.” At the associational level, the contest demanded a certain degree of consensus, and by the early nineteenth century the Philadelphia Baptist Association had committed to an assimilationist path that w... more
  • Warriors and Fools: How America's Leaders Lost the Vietnam War and Why It Still Matters

    by Harry Rothmann
    This is a book about the Vietnam War unlike most. It uses the latest primary sources from the US archives and Presidential libraries as well as from North Vietnamese released sources. It argues that the US lost the Vietnam War (did not achieve its political objectives) because US leaders mistrusted, misunderstood and disrespected one another leading to timid policies and foolish strategies resulting in defeat. American decision makers' inability to understand their enemy was also a primary fa... more
  • Where the Rivers Ran Red-The Indian Fights of George Armstrong Custer

    by Michael Donahue
    This book looks at all of Custer's four Indian fights in a detailed manner and helps to explain his decisions making at "Custer's Last Stand." The book has new information and the author has worked as a park ranger for 30 summers and this work is the result of 45 years of research. No one has ever had the access to the battlefield and the archives as has this author.

    by Cheryl Morgan
    The Sweeping History of the Anishinabe Three Fires of Southeast Michigan, Michigan, Ontario, and beyond. The Northwest Territory tribes, governments, states, and territories, connected to the Detroit Strait and Great Lakes. The great hole and puzzle of complex and difficult history hidden and scattered due to time, many name changes and boundary changes. Amazing, In-depth, solid, extraordinary groundbreaking History and Culture. A vast amount of research clarifies and reveals the inaccessibl... more
  • Combat Engineering Equipment of the Warsaw Pact

    by Russell Phillips
    The ability to advance rapidly over sometimes difficult terrain was a key part of the Warsaw Pact's strategy. The Eastern European nations which formed this historic alliance wanted to be able to move quickly and effectively, so they didn't give their enemies an advantage. The vital tools which helped the Warsaw Pact overcome the challenges it faced included a whole range of combat engineering equipment. This book is a factual reference of the equipment which was used throughout the Cold War ... more
  • The Global Crisis in Humanity: In Our Evolving Trans-Cultural World

    by Vincent L. Lombardi
    The Twentieth Century has become in retrospect a transitional interval bridging the end of the modern world and the onset of our trans-cultural world. The remarklable discoveries of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries disclose that energy, spirit, and freedom comprise the foundation of the cosmos and universe. Our plight is not primarily a crisis in humanism, but a process of dehumanization in which the will-to-justice is overwhelmed by the will-to-power. The global crisis in humanity she... more
  • Waipi'o Valley

    by Jeffrey L. Gross
    Waipi?o Valley: A Polynesian Journey from Eden to Eden recounts the remarkable migrations of the Polynesians across a third of the circumference of the earth. Their amazing journey began from Kalana i Hau?ola, the biblical ?Garden of Eden? located along the shore of the Persian Gulf, extended to the Indus River Valley of ancient Vedic India, to Egypt where some ancestors of the Polynesians were on the Israelite Exodus, through Island Southeast Asia and across the Pacific Ocean. They voyaged thou... more
  • Asperger's Children: The Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna

    by Edith Sheffer
    Hans Asperger, the pioneer of autism and Asperger syndrome in Nazi Vienna, has been celebrated for his compassionate defense of children with disabilities. But in this groundbreaking book, prize-winning historian Edith Sheffer exposes that Asperger was not only involved in the racial policies of Hitler’s Third Reich, he was complicit in the murder of children. As the Nazi regime slaughtered millions across Europe during WWII, it sorted people according to race, religion, behavior, and physic... more
  • Mississippi and the Great Depression

    by Richelle Putnam
    When the Great Depression erupted, Mississippi had not yet recovered from the boll weevil or the Flood of 1927. Its land suffered from depleted forests and soil. Plus, the state had yet to confront the racial caste systems imprisoning poor whites, African Americans and other minorities. Nevertheless, innovative Mississippians managed to keep their businesses and services open. Meanwhile, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs fostered economic stimulation within the state. Author Ri... more
  • Roman Armenia: A Study In Survival, second edition

    by Michael Boyajian
    Armenia had a 500 year history with Rome that was a struggle for survival.
  • Early Opposition to the English Novel: The Popular Reaction from 1760-1830

    by Aleks Matza
    This classic book, originally published in 1943 and reissued exclusively for Kindle, combines Dr. John Tinnon Taylor's thorough scholarship and keen observations into a critical examination of an oft-neglected period in the proliferation and dissemination of fiction in England. That the nascent English novel was disdained by the clergy and intellectuals alike was as much a reflection of the rise and education of the middle class as was the fear that such books would have a deleterious effect ... more
  • Boudica: Historical Commentaries, Poetry, and Plays

    by Aleks Matza
    What began as a military invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar in 55 BC reached its tragic apex in AD 61 when Queen Boudica of the Iceni led a formidable army against the might of Rome. Although defeated in her quest and all but forgotten by history, Boudica was rediscovered during the Renaissance and elevated to a legendary status that continues unabated to this day. Boudica: Historical Commentaries, Poetry, and Plays is the first anthology devoted exclusively to the story of her rebellion a... more
  • Master Essay Writers

    by Harlan Barren
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  • Free Agency in Pro. Football

    by Jodi J. Woodruff
    Free Agency in Pro. Football provides a concise legal history of the Free Agency movement in pro. football. Did you know the players won the right to free agency in the court system, but gave it up for benefits and wage increases at the negotiations table? Did you know the players actually decertified themselves from their union, the NFLPA, to get the right to free agency in the 1990's in the NFL. after a strike in the 80's failed? Did you know a player still doesn't have free agency today?
  • Burned Bridge: How East and West Germans Made the Iron Curtain

    by Edith Sheffer
    The building of the Berlin Wall in 1961 shocked the world. Ever since, the image of this impenetrable barrier between East and West, imposed by communism, has been a central symbol of the Cold War. Based on vast research in untapped archival, oral, and private sources, Burned Bridge reveals the hidden origins of the Iron Curtain, presenting it in a startling new light. Historian Edith Sheffer's unprecedented, in-depth account focuses on Burned Bridge-the intersection between two sister cities... more