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History & Military

  • Mickey - America's Journey Before, During & After WWII: Pacific Theater

    by Merlin Madsen
    This book follows a chronology from the late 1920’s and 1930’s when Americans suffered through the depression, unemployment (hitting historic highs of 25% in 1933), and the dust bowl cycling for six years in the 1930’s affecting almost 80% of America. We follow Germany’s rise to power and Japan’s rise to power with the eventual bombing of Pearl Harbor which led to America’s triggering matters of incarceration and rationing at home. Shown are America's ingenuity, technological advances, manuf... more
  • Julfa and New Julfa Armenians: Depopulation Exodus Destruction Sanctuary

    by Michael Boyajian

    From the depopulation of Julfa to the birth of New Julfa these Armenians experience destruction, exodus and sanctuary..  Shah Abass force marches the Armenians into Persia and after much suffering he builds New Julfa for them where they find peace and great prosperity but then oppression returns....

  • World Leadership: How Societies Become Leaders and What Future Leading Societies Will Look Like

    by Neil Hamblin
    World Leadership is the story of our world and how societies rise into leadership positions. Societal leadership throughout history has been driven by only a handful of innovations. Societies that have embraced those innovations have moved along a progression of increasing leadership power. Now new innovations are appearing that will have a major impact on the world order, possibly resulting in leadership change. Such a shift could be dangerous without a better understanding of how societie... more
  • Nuke Them Till Eternity

    by Giora Ram

    "Personal and international events are interlaced in an
    exciting and breathtaking journey throughout the
    unusual life of the author."

    The novel is constructed from three threads:
    A chronological factual personal resume,
    actual historical events, some well known and documented,
    others never published, and international analytical insights,
    partly supported by original declassified
    CIA and MI6 secret documents.

    There were very f... more

  • presentation

    by jesse compo
  • A Tribute To The Motherland

    by D Pasupuleti

    A Tribute To The motherland" is about India's thousands of years of culture and traditions as a way of life which has forgotten by the Millennial with overindulgence of western materialism especially by the first and second generations of Indians in USA and abroad. They have lost in touch with their Indian roots and at the same time they lack the clarity of their heritage of vast cultural wisdom which was looked up on by famous people like Einstein, Mark Twain, Oppenheimer, Martin Luther King... more

  • Phantoms of the Hotel Meurice: A Guide to the Holocaust in Paris

    by Jeremy R. Mack
    First and foremost, this book is a guide to the Holocaust in Paris. It shows, through photographs and maps, the persons who were actors in the events of the time and where important things happened. These places are marked and their sites a corresponding index identifying the nearby subway stops. In addition to showing these physical markers of the history, the book aims to help the reader to understand what happened. The author reviews the history of the German occupation in Paris and France... more
  • Arkansas History: A Journey through Time

    by Arlen Jones
    Arkansas History: A Journey through Time?The Growth of the Twenty-Fifth State of the Union from 1833 to 1957 places in the hands of students and teachers a curated compilation of excerpts from original sources that tell the story of Arkansas from the founding efforts of the first advocates for the state?s formation in 1833 through the confrontation at the Little Rock Central High School in 1957 that brought international attention to the American civil rights movement. The author, Arlen Jones... more
  • Voices from the Twelfth-Century Steppe

    by Bryn Hammond

    Bryn Hammond has written some astonishingly good historical novels. Her Amgalant series brings to life the twelfth-century Steppe as no scholarly history could hope to do. Yet Hammond has immersed herself in her sources; her books are born of painstaking research and breathe a discipline of imagination rarely encountered in historical fiction.

    In this scholarly meditation, a digression from her usual writing, Hammond reflects upon the relationship of her own craft to that of th... more

  • The Armenians in Paris: The Joy after the Sorrow, revised

    by Michael Boyajian


    The story of the Armenians who survived the genocide and escaped to Paris where their intellectuals joined in what Hemingway called the Moveable Feast of expatriate artists and writers in the 1920s.  Paris didn't just save a handful of writers who survived the genocide it restored an entire people called the Armenians.  With photography


  • Voices and Visions: The Evolution of the Black Experience at Northwestern University

    by Dr. Jeffrey Sterling
    This first-ever accounting of the 140-year history of Blacks at Northwestern University shares the experiences of African American students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni who studied, worked, struggled and triumphed from the late 19th century to the present. Through over fifty first person accounts, the stories of individuals and groups critical to the progression of the Black experience at Northwestern are used to reveal that evolution.
  • presentation

    by jesse compo
  • Taghi Erani, a Polymath in Interwar Berlin: Fundamental Science, Psychology, Orientalism, and Political Philosophy (2019)

    by Younes Jalali
    We follow the footsteps of a young man from Qajar Persia and his discovery of the bewildering life in 1920s Berlin, Weimar era & its descent into the abyss during the Third Reich, which parallels the story unfolding in his home country; the constitutional order sprouting in Qajar gets sabotaged by a military man that takes hold of the country, founding the Pahlavi dynasty. In the process, we see his brush with great names in science (Nernst, Planck, Einstein), German orientalism (Mittwoch, Beck... more
  • The Armenians of India: Merchants of Empires from the Age of Vishnu and Home Again

    by Michael Boyajian

    The Armenians of India: Merchants of Empires from the Age of Vishnu and Home Again tells the story of the 2000 year relationship between India and its Armenians.  The diaspora of Armenian merchants in India were at the center of a global trading network and at the center of their lives were their churches which remain as monuments to the diaspora in India.

  • The Erracht Feud: Internal divisions in Clan Cameron 1567-77

    by John Thor Ewing
    Bloodfeud was built into the structure of society in sixteenth-century Scotland, and feuding was governed by its own rules. This book examines a turbulent period in Clan Cameron’s history, spanning the last years of the chiefship of Donald Dow McConnell (1553-69) and the early years of Allan McConnell Dow (1569-1647). As rival factions vied for power, it was unclear who would lead the clan into the next century. Usually misunderstood as a blatant attempt by the Camerons of Erracht to seize powe... more
  • Clan Ewen: Some Records of its History

    by John Thor Ewing
    Originally published in 1904 from articles written for 'Celtic Monthly', R. S. T. MacEwen's clan history controversially conflated the histories of several families of the Scottish surnames MacEwan, McEwan, MacEwen, McEwen, Ewan, Ewans, Ewen and Ewing. The wealth of information contained in the book was all too often misinterpreted or used in support of false assertions. Now with the addition of notes by John Thor Ewing, Commander of Clan Ewing, it's possible at last to get back to the real hist... more