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History & Military

  • Clan Ewen: Some Records of its History

    by John Thor Ewing
    Originally published in 1904 from articles written for 'Celtic Monthly', R. S. T. MacEwen's clan history controversially conflated the histories of several families of the Scottish surnames MacEwan, McEwan, MacEwen, McEwen, Ewan, Ewans, Ewen and Ewing. The wealth of information contained in the book was all too often misinterpreted or used in support of false assertions. Now with the addition of notes by John Thor Ewing, Commander of Clan Ewing, it's possible at last to get back to the real hist... more
  • Gods and Worshippers: In the Viking and Germanic World

    by Thor Ewing
    What was paganism really like? Who were the gods and how were they worshipped? These are the questions Thor Ewing addresses in this fresh perspective on the pagan beliefs and rituals of the Viking and the Germanic world, a world which encompasses not only Scandanavia and Germany, but also Anglo-Saxon England. Gods and Worshippers explores ancient cult sites and religious gatherings, as well as burial customs and the rites of the dead, and it reveals the intimate links between religious and sec... more
  • Viking Clothing

    by Thor Ewing
    The Vikings had a surprising reputation for neatness, and their fashions were copied far beyond the realms of Scandinavia. Those who could displayed a love of fine clothes made from silks, from lightweight worsteds in subtly woven twills, and from the finest of linens. They wore short hair, and their beards were carefully trimmed. This accessible new book is the first to tackle the question of what the Vikings wore, drawing on evidence from art and archaeology, literature and linguistics to ar... more
  • The Incredible History Of ABC-TV/60 Years Of Fascinating Facts

    by Man From Yesterday
    In early 1953, ABC-TV was an also-ran. Its two top shows were Sunday religious-based programs. Its founder was running out of money and couldn't get loans. In came Leonard Goldenson and United Paramount Theaters and a cash infusion. Goldenson gave ABC-TV a respectable 1953-1954 program schedule that helped knock-off rival Dumont - but its journey was just beginning. ABC-TV began with little ratings, few TV stations, no stars, no sports and nary a news presence. Goldenson and his team (s) beg... more
  • Aviation: From Curiosity To Reality

    by Mary Buckingham Lipsey
    Aviation: From Curiosity To Reality traces the development of early aviators. Starting with the daVinci designs, the book traces how Samuel Langley, the Wright Brothers, and William Christmas (the third American to fly) contributed to aviation and the science of flying. Readers are also introduced to the thrills and tragedies associated with flying. One can also learn about the development of aviation as it moved from a scientific experiment to entertainment, military and commercial uses.
  • Patrol Area 14

    by Dave Lotz
    As the war in the Pacific progressed, the role of the US submarines evolved to meet the challenges confronting the United States Navy in the Western Pacific. This story is vividly portrayed in Patrol Area 14 and details the exploits of the US submarines in one specific patrol area of the Pacific Ocean, the waters of the Mariana Islands, whose control became essential to victory in the Pacific for the United States and defeat for Japan. Patrol Area 14 describes the submarine patrols from solitary... more
  • Steve's Story

    by Jackie Van Dyke
    A young woman and a young man left their villages in Poland in 1907 and joined the throng of immigrants pouring into the Untied States at that time. They met in Philadelphia and married soon after. Within fifteen years, hard times and a houseful of seven children led to a family breakdown, bootlegging, and arrests, which culminated with the children being placed in an orphanage. This is the story of how one of those children, Steve, longed to find his family and home, as he imagined it could be.... more
  • Operation Wappen

    by Robert Maddock
    This is a short story spanning two years from 1956 to 1958. It includes the author?s Marine Corps service as a Second Lieutenant artillery forward observer attached to Third Battalion Sixth Marine Regiment led by Colonel Austin C. ?Shifty? Shofner (one of only nine men ever to escape a Japanese prisoner of war camp). It describes the maturation of Phase III warfare?the landing by helicopter of an intact infantry battalion ready to fight behind enemy lines (Operation Deep Water) and the beginning... more
  • Simply Seagrove

    by Robert O. Reynolds
    Simply Seagrove tells the story of one family’s discovery of a very special beach community and how Seagrove Beach became their second home. This informative but fun volume explores every facet of the Seagrove experience, reviewing the background of the area, the history that made it what it is today, and the things that make it unique. From the ancient ancestors, to the people who developed the community, to the generations of attractions, to the hurricanes, to the amazing natural environment, ... more
  • The Nightstalker of Shelby County

    by Don W. Boehner
    In this exciting fictional account, the villain Heinrich Von Braun appears as the monster hired for the profitable duty of disposing of the dead and dying infants and children on behalf of The Orphanage in Memphis, Tennessee. As the Captain of Patrol for the Shelby County Sheriff's Department, Jonathan Griffith has taken on the task to bring this monster and his corrupt employer and henchmen to justice in 1947 Tennessee. Adapted from the real-life terror of the TN Children's Home Society and ... more
  • The History of Armenian Masonry: The Return of the Lodge

    by Michael Boyajian

    A history of Armenian Freemasonry in the context of worldwide masonry.  Goes back to the legendary origins of Noah on to the operative stone masons to the speculative masons to the masonry of the 1800s, its destruction during the genocide and revival in 1991.

  • WWI Crusaders

    by Jeffrey B. Miller
    During WWI (1914-1918), the American-led Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB) initiated, organized, and supervised the largest food relief program the world had ever seen. The CRB and its Belgian counterpart, the Comite National (CN), fed for four years nearly 10 million Belgians and northern French trapped behind German lines. Young, idealistic Americans volunteered to go into German-occupied Belgium to guarantee the relief food would not be taken by the Germans. These humanitarian crusaders... more
  • The DAD of Conspiracy Theories

    by Amlan Bhattacharya
    ...That World War-I was planned by the Christian nations to control the rise of Muslims in the form of the Ottomans, or the idea that the entire Congress Party was a British plot in India - are unheard of. More unheard are concepts like Netaji Subhash Bose secretly aimed to become a dictator in independent India and also something like Manmohan Singh and Narasimha Rao, not the 'Gandhis', were the true makers of the modern-day India. More like such ideas, commonly known in intellectual circ... more
  • 978-0-595-18443-9

    by Marty Feess

    Theodore Roosevelt became a war hero by leading his "Rough Riders" up San Juan Hill to glory during the Spanish-American War. His fame propelled him into the White House three years later. This is the story of the intereaction between Roosevelt and the former Rough Riders in Arizona, and how these former Rough Riders and Roosevelt infliuenced Arizona poltics at the dawn of the twentieth century. Many of the characters are colorful, and the stories are rich in hope, humor, and humani... more

  • The Wizard of Sacramento: Governor Jerry Brown

    by William Smithers

    An independent assessment of the politics, policies and governmental methods of California Governor Jerry Brown.

  • Silent Spring: Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War

    by Patrick Hogan
    SILENT SPRING – DEADLY AUTUMN OF THE VIETNAM WAR - Synopsis Shortly after I had returned home from the Vietnam War, my father urged me to file a disability claim with the DVA for medical problems I had been experiencing. I began the process without much enthusiasm and quickly abandoned the effort. Little did I know that I wouldn’t re-visit my disability claims until over forty years later, when I watched President Barack Obama give a speech on the horrors of the Vietnam War and resolved to condu... more