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History & Military

  • Tanks and Combat Vehicles of the Warsaw Pact

    by Russell Phillips
    The Warsaw Pact was as innovative as it was prepared, and these deadly war machines had the potential to change the course of world history forever. Find out more about these combat vehicles from how they worked to what they would have been capable of if they had been used in military action against NATO.
  • Operation Nimrod: The Iranian Embassy Siege

    by Russell Phillips
    In 1980, six terrorists stormed the Iranian embassy in London and took twenty-six hostages. After six days of tension a hostage was murdered. Millions watched live on television as black-clad SAS stormed the embassy. Operation Nimrod dispels the myths and reveals the truth of those six long days.
  • A Tragic Fate: Law and Ethics in the Battle Over Nazi-Looted Art

    by Nicholas O'Donnell
    The organized theft of fine art by Nazi Germany has captivated worldwide attention in the last twenty years. As much as any other topic arising out of World War Two, stolen art has proven to be an issue that simply will not go away. Newly found works of art pit survivors and their heirs against museums, foreign nations, and even their own family members. These stories are enduring because they speak to one of the core tragedies of the Nazi era: how a nation at the pinnacle of fine art and cultur... more
  • Journals of War: Coming of Age with the 104th Infantry During World War II

    by Anne Dorre

    Journals of War is a coming of age story, a comprehensive firsthand account of pre- to post-World War II, spanning the civilian and military experiences of E. J. McCully.  Compiled from six journals, the book includes the demanding training McCully underwent in Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, his subsequent commission as an officer, and assignment to Camp Adair, Oregon.  It covers his maneuvers in the Oregon desert and the California-Arizona Maneuver Area as well as his te... more

  • Al Jihad fil Islam (The Concept of Jihad in Islam)

    by Syed Firasat Shah

    This is the English translation of a classic book on the subject of Jihad in Islam originally written and published in 1927 in the Urdu language by renowned scholar Sayyid Abul A'ala Maududi. A major part of the book deals with the comparative study of the concept of a just war in varíous theologies. This book covers various important events of World War I in great detail and provides a critical analysis of the conflict and post conflict development of international accords with re... more

  • V188: My Torpedo-Boat War Missions

    by Friedrich von Callisen
    A rare opportunity to read a German Torpedoboat commander's view of the war during 1914-1915. Lt. Callisen recounts his immediate pre and early war experiences commanding V188 to include the Heligoland Bight action, the Whitby Hartlepool bombardment, the routines and dangers of sorties leading to his account of being torpedoed by H.M. E16. Assigned to command torpedboboat V191, Calisen also describes his Baltic Sea experiences culminating in the double sinking of V191 and the cruiser Bremen to R... more

    by Alex Domenech
    I developed an Authentic, Original, and Unique methodology for the purpose of Bible Interpretation, that will engage the reader and stimulate his/her interest in Bible reading and study, and engage them into a progressive and healthy discussion about the topics included in my book.
  • Death of an Assassin: The True Story of the German Murderer Who Died Defending Robert E. Lee

    by Ann Marie Ackermann
    From the depths of German and American archives comes a story one soldier never wanted told. The first volunteer killed defending Robert E. Lee’s position in battle was really a German assassin. After fleeing to the United States to escape prosecution for murder, the assassin enlisted in a German company of the Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Mexican-American War and died defending Lee’s battery at the Siege of Veracruz in 1847. Lee wrote a letter home, praising this unnamed fallen volunteer defe... more
  • The Reverend Peter W. Clark: Sweet Preacher and Steadfast Reformer

    by Elaine Parker Adams
    The book traces the life story of the Rev. Peter W. Clark, a 19th century black Methodist minister in Louisiana. Clark served across the state, and each assignment is reviewed. He built churches and nurtured faith. He was once known as "City Missionary" in New Orleans and held the position of district superintendent in the Lake Charles.District. The book also tells of the struggles of his family to survive the ravages of tuberculosis. The final chapters describe the achievements of two of hi... more
  • Time Fulfilled 2031

    by Mark Ericson
    Time Fulfilled 2031 is about the return of Jesus Christ to rapture the Christians and judge the world including what may happen between that date and 2040. It uses astronomy (not astrology) and historic events in the Bible to determine the dates for the birth of Abraham, the Creation of Adam, the birth of Jesus and the rebirth of Jesus at His resurrection. It then uses these dates along with additional Bible references, the ancient Jewish wedding and a future astronomical event to develop the 20... more
  • The Black Presidential Nightmare: African Americans and Presidents, 1789-2016

    by Christopher Brian Booker
    The Black Presidential Nightmare is the first book to comprehensively analyze the long relationship between the presidency and African Americans. Beginning with George Washington and ending with Barack Obama, the book's 754 pages are filled with interesting accounts of this contentious relationship. Each president's personal biography, thought, and policies are discussed in a lively and readable manner creating, in effect, a black history of the American presidency.
  • Pondering Pogo's Enemy: One Op-Ed at a Time

    by Herb Van Fleet
    This book contains a series of Op-Eds written by the author. If the reader is looking for material to use in ESSAYS or REPORTS, or for REFERENCE, or even in DISCUSSION GROUPS, this book may be of help. The various "Ponderings" herein may also be used to generate NEW IDEAS or as BACKGROUND or SUPPORT in other works."

    by Erika Schelby




    As a German American explores the colorful landscape of the American Southwest, aspects of Spanish and English worldviews collide. With exquisite detail and stark honesty, Erika Schelby expertly weaves a story of culture, exploration, and belonging in this beautiful narrative. From ancient events to the modern day, from the tectonic plates below to the desert above, Schelby’s rendition of the region’s diverse histories is un... more

  • Hana: A Photographic History of Hawaii's Paradise

    by Bruce McAllister
    As an aspiring teenage photographer, Bruce McAllister documented life in Hana, Hawaii’s Paradise, in the 1950s, shooting Kodachrome photographs with his reliable Leica. In this book he has added historical photographs from local and multiple sources to compile this book. There are rare photographs of Paul Fagan, who turned Hana from a failing sugar mill into an exotic tourist destination. There are also chapters on the infamous but colorful Hana Highway, Hana’s beaches, the original Hotel Hana-M... more
  • An Introduction to War

    by Linda Seebeth
    As a Dustoff medic, John Seebeth flew aboard Army helicopter ambulances in Vietnam. The legendary Huey Dustoff choppers were unarmed and often flew into hot LZs without gunship escort. After flying missions for nine months--striving to save lives of wounded soldiers--John received a gunshot wound to his neck during a rescue mission. Linda collaborated with John to write An Introduction to War. The novel is based on historic facts derived from personal interviews, diaries, correspondence, medical... more