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History & Military

  • An Introduction to War

    by Linda Seebeth
    As a Dustoff medic, John Seebeth flew aboard Army helicopter ambulances in Vietnam. The legendary Huey Dustoff choppers were unarmed and often flew into hot LZs without gunship escort. After flying missions for nine months--striving to save lives of wounded soldiers--John received a gunshot wound to his neck during a rescue mission. Linda collaborated with John to write An Introduction to War. The novel is based on historic facts derived from personal interviews, diaries, correspondence, medical... more
  • The Improbable Community: Camp Woodland and the American Democratic Ideal

    by Bill Horne
    The Improbable Community: Camp Woodland and the American Ideal tells the story of a summer camp founded in 1939 in upstate New York that brought together city kids of varying ethnicities to share in the music, folklore and traditions of one another… well before the Civil Rights Movement took hold.
  • On A Burning Deck. The Road to Akron.

    by Tom Jones

    Based on dozens of hours of unpublished oral histories and a wealth of rare photos, On A Burning Deck, The Road to Akron, offers the only complete portrait of one family's origins in rural Kentucky, migration to Akron, Ohio, in 1917 and work in the rubber factories.

  • Pitchforks and Negro Babies

    by Dale Marcelle
  • Eleanor's Odyssey, Journal of the Captain's Wife on the East Indiaman Friendship, 1799-1801

    by Joan Druett
    It was 1799, and French privateers lurked in the Atlantic and the Bay of Bengal. Yet Eleanor Reid, newly married and just twenty-one years old, made up her mind to sail with her husband, and share the colorful existence of a commander in the East Indies trade. Throughout her incident-packed voyage, with long spells ashore in penal New South Wales and exotic Calcutta, Eleanor kept a vivacious journal. Joan Druett embellishes this remarkable young woman's lively prose with a commentary that illu... more
  • Pens, Plows, & Gunpowder: The Collected Works of J.P. Irvine

    by Dustin Renwick
    An average government clerk presented a poem to President Ulysses S. Grant and a crowd of 10,000 people. Then J.P. Irvine and his words faded into history. Dustin Renwick sifted through more than 20,000 pages of microfilm to uncover this forgotten Civil War poet's work that illuminates a changing country. From the construction of the transcontinental railroad to the streets of the nation's capital, Irvine offers an eye-witness view of America in the late 1800s told through rhyme and sharp commen... more
  • Interview with a Terrorist

    by James Rosone and Miranda Watson

    …A lightbulb hung from a cord in the center of the room…

    A disheveled looking man wearing a yellow jumpsuit is pointed to a chair by the guards…

    …The interrogator looks at the man…and the interrogation begins.

    Have you ever wondered what really goes on in those interrogation rooms overseas?

    Prepare yourself to travel down a dark path into a world few know of…and even fewer have... more

  • Mein Name Ist Peter Dietrich: Deatrick/Dedrick Family Heritage

    by Ronald J. Deatrick & Claudia Barnard Coffey
    The Story of One Family's Journey From the Palatinate to America A reference book on theDeatrick/Dedrick Family Heritage in America, and so much more. We are all the children of immigrants. This is a story of just one of the many paths that shaped today's United States of America. After many close calls with death, this family - as did many of our immigrants- thrived due to hard work and faith. Stories include: •Saying goodbye to the family in Germany to face a long and hazardous journe... more
  • Tillie Lewis: The Tomato Queen

    by Kyle Elizabeth Wood
    From grinding poverty of Brooklyn's tenements to penthouses around the world, Tillie Lewis created her own opportunities turning misfortune into great fortune. Born with a liberated mind in 1896, nothing stopped Tillie from trading her reputation for an education in high-finance on Wall Street then into owning her own Agricultural Empire providing good jobs and feeding the world through the Great Depression and beyond. Arrested & applauded, loathed & loved, TILLIE LEWIS is the WILL DO role mod... more
  • Milo Yiannopoulos & All This Mess

    by NeoPopRealism Press
    This book is obviously a book that the globalists do not want to see on their shelves. And not because it is about the current events and relationships between people with different political views, but because it analyzes not in their favor why and how free speech is important to human progress. It also explores some Milo Yiannopoulos' speeches during his "Dangerous Faggot" tour and his interviews when he touches different hot topics. This book focuses on the Milo Yiannopoulos' quite often succ... more
  • The Sociological Theory of the Skin-color-syndrome Together With Explaining the Origin of White Racism in the American South

    by Gerald Norde
    This book exposes and explains a U.S. endemic and ever evolving national affliction: the skin-color-syndrome. The skin-color-syndrome is characterized by the all-encompassing sensing (5 human senses), the recognition, the actions, and reactions to one's and the other's skin color. In addition, this book also explains the origin of White American racism in the American South during the U.S. domestic slave era, 1807-65. lastly, this book provides a theory explaining the origin of the love-hate ... more
  • The Jews of Key West: Smugglers, Cigar Makers, and Revolutionaries (1823-1969)

    by Arlo Haskell

    The dramatic story of South Florida’s oldest Jewish community and a major addition to the history of this unique island city.

    Long before Miami was on the map, Key West had Florida’s largest economy and an influential Jewish community. Jews who settled here as peddlers in the nineteenth century joined a bilingual and progressive city that became the launching pad for the revolution that toppled the Spanish Empire in Cuba. As dozens of local Jews collaborated... more

  • Subs, Guns, Honor;: Lt. W.H. Jaques of Little Boar's Head, NH

    by Thomas Clarie
    On the surface, this book floats along as the fascinating biography of W.H. Jaques, 1867 graduate of Annapolis. He heads to sea, teaches on a school ship, advises a president on weaponry, then goes to study big-gun-making in England, France, and Russia. When Congress asks him to tell them how great our ships are, he says, “Not good at all.” Jaques barely loses a tough fight with Teddy Roosevelt to win the position of Assistant Secretary of the Navy, becoming instead close friend of Navy Secre... more
  • Russia Under Three Tsars

    by Irene Vartanoff
    Rediscovered eyewitness history: Opening with an intimate, dramatic account of the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881, this long-lost history describes the personalities and actions of the last tsars during the years leading up to the Russian Revolution. Glittering royals, politicians, military officers, scoundrels, and anarchists all walk across these pages as they did in life during the last years of the tsars. This eyewitness history is based on exclusive access to the original ma... more
  • LETTERS lost then found

    by Amy Johnson
    You are about to eavesdrop on conversations between two brothers, ages 19 and 30, during World War II. Prepare to journey within their family life and experience their frustration, happiness, and sadness. These two brothers have a story to tell. "LETTERS lost then found" was designed to engage you in a number of different ways. The letters themselves can be read sequentially from cover to cover, but there are also brief excerpts next to each letter that form a sort of poetic series when read one... more
  • Lost Skills of the 19th Century: A Practical Guide to a Variety of Useful Arts No Longer Widely Known or Practiced

    by Eric Smith
    Lost Skills of the 19th Century is a wide-ranging collection of (mostly) useful arts no longer widely known or practiced, discovered in the pages of long-forgotten classics of Americana like The Practical Distiller, American Artillerist’s Companion, The Farmer’s Cabinet, The Orphan’s Friend and Housekeeper’s Assistant, The Ball-room Bijou, A Manual for Attendants in Hospitals for the Insane, The Prairie Traveler, Wilson’s Book of Recitations, Practical Hints for Furniture Men, How to Make a Shoe... more