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  • The Artist Who Loved Women: The Incredible Life & Work of Patrick Nagel

    by Rob Frankel
    The first ever biography of Patrick Nagel is complete. As you may know, Nagel took the 1980s by storm only to die suddenly at age 38. He gave the 1980s its look and even though more than two million American homes enjoyed his art, few people even know his name. You know his work. Heck, you probably had some hanging on your wall. The book is titled The Artist Who Loved Women: The Incredible Life & Work of Patrick Nagel, the Most Successful & Anonymous Artist of the 1980s , (ISBN 978692685... more
  • Nelly Calderón Lawrence: La mujer yagán que se casó con el hijo de un misionero inglés

    by Luis Fuentes
    La historia de una mujer indígena que se casó con un misionero inglés en la Patagonia del siglo XIX.
  • The Lyrics of Prince Rogers Nelson/[Icon Symbol]: A Literary Look at a Creative Musical Poet, Philosopher, and Storyteller

    by C Liegh McInnis
    The Lyrics of Prince is an analysis of the lyrical themes, movements, and development of Prince. McInnis seeks to show that Prince is a lyrical talent on par with Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, and Jimi Hendrix. The book shows that Prince is a metaphysical poet attempting to reconcile his individual desires in a strict and confining society. Thus, Prince’s work is a barometer for the sensibilities of the eighties as well as provides insight to the post Civil Rights African American who is gr... more
  • Prose: Essays and Personal Letters

    by C Liegh McInnis
    Prose: Essays and Letters is a collection of essays, lectures, and personal letters by C. Liegh McInnis. Having published essays and articles in close to one hundred journals and newspapers while lecturing at universities and socio-political organizations, McInnis has a body of writings that is diversified and insightful. He uses wit and imagery to enhance the substance of his research. McInnis seeks to provide voice for those who are frustrated with the current state of things. Also, in hi... more
  • Following: The Chronicles of Formation - Volume III

    by Shannon Kuzmich

    How does a driven IT project manager transition away from adrenaline fueled workweeks to days of quiet reflection on the patio?

    Following, the third volume in The Chronicles of Formation series, tells of the ever-changing and often terrifying spiritual ebbs and flows of an armored-up woman who has decided to surrender all of her wounds, fears, and self-centeredness to God in trade for His best.

    ... more

  • Leaving: The Chronicles of Formation - Volume II

    by Shannon Kuzmich

    What prompts a successful career woman, who has it all and more, to leave her well-ordered world and wealthy lifestyle behind?

    Leaving, the second in The Chronicles of Formation series, tells the story of a woman’s efforts to break away from her professions’ demands and live from an eternal perspective. The hurdles of transition and the frustrations of downsizing her life make for... more

  • Awakening: The Chronicles of Formation - Volume I

    by Shannon Kuzmich

    What happens when you wake up and wonder if you're on the right path? And it's a path you've been paving on purpose.

    Awakening, the first volume in The Chronicles of Formation series, captures the challenges of a perfectionistic, image conscious, and controlling career woman who carries the haunting pain of a crushingly painful father relationship, and the daily awareness of God's extraordinary love ... more

  • Iraqi Americans: The War Generation

    by Weam Namou
    The War Generation, the first of the Iraqi Americans book series, is a collection of 36 articles that Weam Namou wrote over the years which paint a picture of Iraqi Americans’ political and social situation and their struggles. Namou writes, “The views that leaders, politicians and activists I interviewed had about Iraq and the United States fascinated me, especially since their views largely differed from, or were not found in, mainstream media. Given these people’s direct connection to both co... more
  • Sugartime: The Sweet and Sticky Life of Country Music Legend Charlie "Sugartime" Phillips

    by Cy Cushenberry

    Charlie "Sugartime" Phillips is the forgotten country music legend. He is increasingly recognized as a pioneer in Western Swing, Country, and Rockabilly genres of music. After the onslaught of his Gold Record winning song, "Sugartime," as popularized by the McGuire Sisters in 1958, Charlie's life would see the rise and stagnation of a fascinating 68 year musical career. His associations with Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Ray Price, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle H... more

  • Beyond the Gray Leaf: The Life and Poems of J.P. Irvine

    by Dustin Renwick
    Walt Whitman, John Burroughs, and J.P. Irvine represent a handful of the thousands of government clerks who worked in Washington, D.C., after the Civil War. But Irvine, a small-town poet from the prairies, was the one selected to address President Ulysses S. Grant and a crowd of 10,000 on Memorial Day 1873. Those words were lost, along with the legacy of the man. Until now.
  • Who Is Hunter Thompson's 'Counselor'

    by W. Chenault Smith
    This is a true account of Hunter S. Thompson, the father of GONZO journalism, the "OUTLW Journalist" who in the last few months of his life came to know Jesus Christ as his COUNSELOR, before he took his own life.
  • A Matter of Survival: The Story of Frances

    by Arleen Mercorella
    When do life's troubles become too much to handle? For Frances it wasn't when her father abandoned her at age six. Or when she spent the next ten years in an orphanage, with stern nuns who offered little in the way of comfort or consolation. And that was just the beginning of the obstacles she faced in life, after being born on 1917 to an Italian immigrant couple who seemed to resent her very existence. But as documented by her daughter in this amazing true story, Frances never sh... more
  • Scars & Make-Up

    by Shantay Williams
    To all my single mothers out there who have or are going through the struggle do not let anything deter you from what you want in life and what you have been striving for. The best is yet to come and although things have seemed too far-fetched or out of reach; as strong Black women we were destined for greatness. Always shoot for the stars and aim high in whatever endeavors you pursue and never let anything get you down regardless of your situation. Always take the good with the bad and smile wh... more
  • Real Reality or the consequential human reality

    by Nicolas Desire
    This book is not to be spoiled. Open it, have fun discovering interest or disinterest. There is no reason for me to encourage the feeling of numbness of the comfort by giving the potential readers already the full plot and meaning of my book. Discovering is finding your path through the shallow and deep waters, through storms and barbaric winds, to finally land at the shore of revelation.
  • Jesus wanted

    by Pawel Zelwan
    The book “Jesus wanted” is a personal call for the verification of common representations of the figure and identity of the Originator of Christian faith. The call is addressed primarily to believers, but only due to the same reason why the Master of Nazareth gave priority access to the benefits of the Gospel to the elect of his Father. I therefore also direct the invitation to face the thought and faith contained herein to Readers who are only loosely or even antagonistically connected t... more
  • Controversial Commentary About America

    by James W. Breedlove

    James W. Breedlove is the author of CONTROVERSIAL COMMENTARY

    ABOUT AMERICA; Doris Taylor compiled the articles in this anthlogy.

    The book is an anthology of articles written by Breedlove over a period of

    years. It deals mostly with race relations and issues.