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  • 978-1683900719

    by Scott M. Madden

    Walt Disney made the magic, but it was his brother Roy who did the rest—from finding money for Walt's latest wild dream, to balancing the books, it was Roy who kept the Disney ship afloat. His story is seldom told, but without it, there would be no Disney story to tell. In this extensively researched biography of Roy O. Disney, the first since Bob Thomas' acclaimed Building a Company, Scott Madden traces the influence of Walt's big brother on the company they founded togethe... more

  • المياه من السماء Water from heaven: An American woman's life as an Arab wife

    by Anne Schreiber Thomas
    Richly detailed and full of hope, this is the story of Cindy Lou Davis from Mocksville, North Carolina who meets and marries warm and funny Mohammed Ali from the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. The year is 1982, and 20-year-old Cindy leaves home and family after wedding Mohammed with no idea what awaits her. Living with his family, immersed in a traditional Arab culture with an incomprehensible language while her new husband is away working on a military base during the week, Cindy’s future with... more
  • My Life with Death: The Firsthand Account of an Undertaker’s Journey

    by David J. VanBuskirk
    The eternal darkness of death comes to every human. Whether it is the miscarriage of an imperfect, fertile egg, or the grim reaper coming to harvest our soul, we all enter into another world in an instant. It can happen at any time, from the moment of conception until well past the century mark. We all have our very own time to die. "My Life With Death" is a fast paced, firsthand account of one man's journey as an undertaker. From David VanBuskirk's accidental beginning as an ambulance driver, t... more
  • Overqualified: (Or a Smartass Without a Job)

    by Krasimir Karamfilov
    People's identity is often tied to their jobs. Without employment and money, life becomes difficult and challenging. When this happens, stress, anxiety, fear, and desperation, among many other negative emotions, occupy the mind. The essays in this book reveal author Krasimir Karamfilov's internal and external struggles during 13 months of unemployment. In other words, this is what a smartass without a job went through.
  • Jay Gatsby: A Black Man in Whiteface

    by Janet Savage
    This book expounds upon the thesis that Jay Gatsby, the much beloved hero of The Great Gatsby, is a man of mixed black and white parentage who pretends and appears to be a white man. A close review of the novel, Fitzgerald's life and letters and the racially charged climate of the Jazz Age, shows how America's troubled conscience about race laces through the novel and supports its central theme: the doomed pursuit of the American Dream. Fitzgerald himself said that even the most enthusiastic rev... more
  • Simply Tolstoy

    by Donna Tussing Orwin

    Generally recognized as one of the greatest writers of all time, Leo Tolstoy led a life that was largely uneventful outwardly, while inwardly it was marked by deep emotions and a constant quest for meaning. This ferment was reflected not only in his journey from a privileged member of the nobility to a pacifist and ascetic, but also in his writing, which includes two of the world’s best-known novels. In Simply Tolstoy, Professor Donn... more

  • The Iron Fist

    by Richard Nordin
    In 1889, a teenage seminary student in the Basque Country of France receives a letter from his powerful uncle in California to come join him and quickly agrees. His uncle, a man referred to as The King of Calabasas for his control of thousands of acres, needs an heir. Unfortunately for the young Jean Baptiste Leonis, his uncle is killed shortly after his nephew?s arrival. The young man was left without any benefit of his uncle?s estate and must start again in a land of strangers. Fifteen years l... more
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    by Watson Watson
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  • Finding Our Compass: Reflections on a World in Crisis

    by Chris Wright

    "There's a time when the operation of the Machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part, you can't even passively take part." So said Mario Savio in 1964; so say millions of the disenfranchised now. As the apparatus of elite institutions grinds on, pushing society to the brink, protesters across the world are putting their bodies upon its gears and its wheels, to open up space for freedom and creativity unconstrained by ins... more

  • Notes of an Underground Humanist

    by Chris Wright

    This book touches on most of the important questions that arise in life. Somewhat in the manner of Nietzsche, it presents provocative perspectives on topics ranging from morality to politics, from art to religion, from capitalism to socialism. What is the "meaning of life"? (What does that question even mean?) What does it mean to act morally? What are the sources of modern unhappiness and social ills? How has Western society evolved to its present state, and what is its future? Wha... more

  • Mercedes Sosa - The Voice of Hope

    by Anette Christensen

    Mercedes Sosa, The Voice of Hope charts the world-famed Argentine folk legend Mercedes Sosa’s remarkable life and career and offers a psychological profile of the singer that reveals the secret behind Sosa's enormous impact. Besides being a personal profile of the artist and a chronicle of Latin American music, history, and politics, the author shares how her encounter with Mercedes Sosa has changed her life. Exploring the scientific underpinnings of how connecting with Sosa and Sos... more

  • Between the Pages: Where Trials Become Triumph!

    by Thais Sherell
    Throughout many civilizations, women have endured much in silence. They dare not utter a word about their hardship, discomfort, or even abuse. After all, many would argue that women have no voice as they are inferior beings. Therefore, with lips pressed tight, many women scream within and breathe when told. They stifle tears in the darkness - prisoners by memories they dare not share, until now...
  • The Stories We Tell: Classic True Tales by America's Greatest Women Journalists

    by Patsy Sims

    The Stories We Tell celebrates the work of twenty women who have made major contributions to the canon of great American magazine writing. While each has her own style, the women in these pages share the attributes of all good writers: meticulous research and reporting, attention to detail, a talent for choosing the perfect word. Above all, they are astute observers and sticklers for accuracy. Over the years, they have been both prolific and versatile, writing about a wide range of topics, in... more

  • The Fall and Rise of Tyler Johnson: Based on the Journals and Actual Events of a Young Man Turned Fugitive

    by Patrice Johnson
    Tyler Johnson has a bright future ahead of him. Major scientific journals have published his research in quantum physics and in artificial intelligence, and he has recently graduated from Caltech. He has a position in a doctoral program at the University of New Mexico waiting for him, but before he can arrive at the school, everything changes.  Tyler and his friend Danny Blair plan to affix bumper stickers in protest of gas guzzling vehicles at SUV dealerships in California. The evening of... more
  • Appraisals: Kiriti Sengupta

    by Dustin Pickering
    Appraisals: Kiriti Sengupta highlights the commentary written about the Indian author Kiriti Sengupta. Sengupta is a radical traditionalist with a keen eye for cosmopolitan detail. This collection will introduce you to who he is as a person and author, the sacrifices he has made to become the spiritual guide his works reveal, and his own reflections through the writings of collegues, academics, thinkers, teachers, and publishers. Appraisals is an awakening to the presence of divine energy flowin... more
  • List of 10: The True Story of Serial Killer Joseph Naso

    by C.L. Swinney

    "Gritty. True. Compulsively readable. This is his best book."-- Gregg Olsen, NY Times Best Selling Author

    A narcissistic professional photographer lived a dangerous double life as a serial killer. He'd focus his rage on prostitutes mostly. It wasn't uncommon for him to bring them home then try to explain why they were there to his wife.

    Sexual urges met, the killer would strangle his victims and dump their bodies in places he knew the police would eventually find... more