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    by Archer Aston

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  • Plague Literature

    by Dustin Peone
    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many new techniques for remaining healthy have been introduced, but there is little public discussion about how to live well. "Social distancing" is good medicine for the body, but the health of the spirit depends on wisdom. We are all in strange territory, and under such conditions we can only look to the past for counsel. In this book, the philosopher Dustin Peone offers reflections on ten literary classics set during plague times. From each work, he dra... more
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    by jack hudson
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  • Younger and Wiser: Peaceful Words for a Troubled World

    by Gene S. Jones
    A unique literary masterpiece richly seasoned with wisdom, humor and inspiration. In Younger and Wiser, Gene S. Jones travels beyond traditional formats to explore the full spectrum of human emotions and experiences. Utilizing pithy vignettes anchored by clever backstories, Younger and Wiser relates the eclectic saga of the author’s fascinating personal odyssey. The result is a mind-expanding reading adventure that expresses heartfelt emotions and life lessons while demonstrating a deep appre... more
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald: Some sort of epic grandeur

    by Tiziano Brignoli
    When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote to his daughter Scottie, describing his life as "epic grandeur," he did so with the authority that belongs only to people of great and often tragic destiny. He understood how the exuberance, doubts, fears and excesses of his life was perfectly matched within the literary picture he produced, which was as much autobiographical as possible. Tiziano Brignoli, in this literary essay now translated in English, outlines a literary profile of the American writer, symbol o... more
  • Neurology for the Non-neurologist

    by Harvey Castro, MD
    This book is intended to be a fun, short read of neurology, with the goal to present the many facts of the subject in an easy and relatable manner. The idea came to me during my morning rounds as a medical student, whereby I envisioned the ability to utilize a quick reference guide for neurologic exams and differentials. The book points out some great pearls and unlikely “zebras” that we may not have heard of since medical school. It is basically cliff notes for fun and not for the diagnosis... more
  • The Wandering Investor

    by Brendan Hughes
    This book takes the reader on a unique journey around the world in a discussion about various economies, my personal adventures along the way, business outlooks and observations for each country, lists of recommended activities in each country with a focus on outdoor adventure experiences, and lessons learned in terms of both travel and business. Given my experience as an investment advisor and what I would consider to be a deep knowledge base when it comes to global adventure excursions, I beli... more
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    by Williams
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  • La Pêche au Crabe

    by Patrick Rappaz
    Dans ce livre, vous découvrirez, comment Martin Lepècheur arrive, grâce à un moral d'enfer, une bonne humeur permanente et un sens de l'humour très personnel, à faire face à de très graves problèmes de santé. Que vous soyez malade ou pas, victime d'un méchant coup de blues, ce livre est pour vous. Ce livre est tiré d'une histoire absolument authentique!
  • Third-Person Possessed

    by Mike Klaassen
    Are you writing fiction in an outdated style—or are you writing for the next generation? Most of today’s bestselling authors built their reputation during the final decades of the last century, and they wrote in a style that was the state of the art at that time. We should all adopt the attitude that writing as well as today’s bestsellers isn't good enough. We need to write better than they do, using a style appropriate for the next century. This book explains how to do that. I’ve identified a... more
  • Hello: Everyone Has A Story

    by Sheila Kovach

    Wonderful stories of life in our modern world with messages of hope, forgiveness and faith.

    During daily walks, I have gathered a lot of thoughts about my fellow walkers. Oftentimes I have thought, "What's their story?" as I have passed by them and said hello. The manner in which a person responds to a greeting is quite telling. Watching a person's mannerisms, eye contact, and general facial expressions tells a passerby a lot. These 40 short stories are a fictional ref... more

  • Green Enchantments a Catskills Guide and Essays Expanded Third Edition

    by Michael Boyajian

    The famed Catskills guide book now in its expanded third edition with new attractions and a section on the I-88 Corridor which includes Cooperstown and Howe Caverns.

  • Swim Home: Searching for the Wild Girl of Champagne

    by Kathleen McDonnell
    In September 1731, a feral child emerged from the woods in the Champagne region of France. Clothed in animal skins, with matted, unkempt hair, and wielding a small club, she ran like a hare, climbed trees like a cat, and ate leaves and raw meat. But who was Memmie LeBlanc? Where had she come from? How had she survived on her own in the wild? From the very first, mystery and controversy swirled around her and it still rages, as playwright Kathleen McDonnell discovers nearly three centuries later,... more
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  • My Own Ways Through This Life

    by Christopher Viau
    I wrote this book to share with you; that I have cerebral palsy, but it does not define me. I hope you read this book; understand my challenges and successes. I live by these words “if I don’t take the challenge and do my best, I don’t taste success.” This book has short essays on the important events in my life. The chapter with poems is based on my feelings; what happens in my life.