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Literary Essays, Critiques & Biographies

  • Christianity: A Successful Failure, Finding Light in an Age of Darkness

    by Tim Spiess
    Quite simply, this book is the ultimate expose on the world’s largest and most popular religion from an 'insider' who participated in Christianity for many years. This book provides a compelling and insightful narrative and analysis of why Christianity is a ‘successful failure’, meaning it is successful according to one standard, and a failure according to another. The standard that considers it a success would be normal world/societal measures like wealth/resource possession and control, an... more
  • With Gratitude

    by Robert B. Brack
    Robert B. Brack knew from an early age that his grandfather and father hoped he would join Barker Steel Co., the business started by his grandfather in 1920. After graduating from college in 1960 with a degree in civil engineering, he went to work at the family business. But after a few years, he left to pursue his dream of teaching math and science. He’d return to a more challenging role at the company about a year later. At the time, the firm had one location and was barely profitable wi... more
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities: What You Should Know

    by Alphonso W. Knight Sr.
    The book provides a helpful and comprehensive guide for both white and black Americans to locate historically black universities and colleges all across the United States.
  • Road to Vietnam Before and After, My Story

    by John Calabro
    John was born October 23,1946 in the Hollow of Bridgeport , Ct. John loved to sing and have fun like the other Italian Americans there. When John turned twelve they moved to the North End of Bridgeport along with his brother and two sisters. Then along came two more brothers born in the North End. Being the second oldest of six children hindered his singing career as money was tight. After high school John joined the Navy as that was the best direction for him at that time. John sp... more
  • Fear of the Tide: The Untold Story of a Cuban Rebel

    by Analise M Oliver
    A true story of a Cuban rebel that joined covert operations in attempts to stop the Castro Regime from taking over Cuba and ended up fearing for his life.
  • The Once and Future Queen: Guinevere in Arthurian Legend

    by Nicole Evelina
    Guinevere’s journey from literary sinner to feminist icon took over one thousand years…and it’s not over yet. Literature tells us painfully little about Guinevere, mostly focusing on her sin and betrayal of Arthur and Camelot. As a result, she is often seen as a one-dimensional character. But there is more to her story. By examining popular works of more than 20 authors over the last one thousand years, The Once and Future Queen shows how Guinevere reflects attitudes toward women during the... more
  • A Path Through

    by Janna Olsen Spratt
    This story is a tribute to the faithfulness of God. The God thread weaves through everything from the car accident that we walked away from which totaled the car to the last chapter of finding purpose in the pain of being alone. He promised that as we passed through the rivers of uncertainty, the valley of weeping and the fiery trials, He would be with us. He promised that all things would work out for our good. This is a story of overcoming childhood poverty, early marriage, divorce and findi... more
  • The Forgotten War

    by Joseph F. Maraglino
    While in the process of writing this book, a catastrophic event occurred in US firefighting history. An elite force of firefighters, nineteen in number (eighteen men and one woman), died while fighting a forest fire in Arizona. A wind shift placed this raging inferno head-on into this force. One TV announcer claimed the winds were gushing up to fifty miles per hour. Television programs showed viewers what these firefighters had to protect themselves. They lay flat on the ground and put this tent... more
  • Classical Considerations: Musings Prompted by the Late John H. Finley, Jr. (Soul*Sparks)

    by Steven McFadden
    Life’s foundational questions come elegantly to the fore in this skillfully crafted nonfiction story about the late John H. Finley, Jr. For 51 years Finley was the celebrated and erudite Eliot Professor of the Classics at Harvard. Luminous and compellingly relevant, his story leads readers directly into engagement with the fundamental wisdom questions of any worthwhile life. Classical Considerations offers a compact (44 pages) but brilliantly lyrical array of intellectual sparks that will ki... more
  • Organized Crime Queens, The Secret World of Female Gangsters

    by Jerry Bader
    From the bizarre world of female Japanese motorcycle gangs to the historic rise and fall of London’s Forty Elephants, the history of female organized crime is both fascinating and strange. These are the stories, both true and legendary of the female crime bosses that broke the mould of feminine gentility. This is The Secret World of Female Gangsters. Most of society thinks of women as the gentler sex, the sex with more compassion and empathy, not prone to violence. The truth is history, and c... more
  • Beating the System

    by Jerry Bader

    It’s been said that gambling is a tax on the dumb; that may be overly harsh, but the fact is, most gambling venues are designed to guarantee you lose. It doesn’t matter if it’s horseracing, lotteries, casinos, or the annual state fair. As soon as you plunk down your dollar you’re a loser. Those milk bottles at the bottom of the pyramid you’re trying to knock down are filled with lead, and that basketball net that looks so close you can’t miss, is actually o... more

  • 978-1683900719

    by Scott M. Madden

    Walt Disney made the magic, but it was his brother Roy who did the rest—from finding money for Walt's latest wild dream, to balancing the books, it was Roy who kept the Disney ship afloat. His story is seldom told, but without it, there would be no Disney story to tell. In this extensively researched biography of Roy O. Disney, the first since Bob Thomas' acclaimed Building a Company, Scott Madden traces the influence of Walt's big brother on the company they founded togethe... more

  • المياه من السماء Water from heaven: An American woman's life as an Arab wife

    by Anne Schreiber Thomas
    Richly detailed and full of hope, this is the story of Cindy Lou Davis from Mocksville, North Carolina who meets and marries warm and funny Mohammed Ali from the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. The year is 1982, and 20-year-old Cindy leaves home and family after wedding Mohammed with no idea what awaits her. Living with his family, immersed in a traditional Arab culture with an incomprehensible language while her new husband is away working on a military base during the week, Cindy’s future with... more
  • My Life with Death: The Firsthand Account of an Undertaker’s Journey

    by David J. VanBuskirk
    The eternal darkness of death comes to every human. Whether it is the miscarriage of an imperfect, fertile egg, or the grim reaper coming to harvest our soul, we all enter into another world in an instant. It can happen at any time, from the moment of conception until well past the century mark. We all have our very own time to die. "My Life With Death" is a fast paced, firsthand account of one man's journey as an undertaker. From David VanBuskirk's accidental beginning as an ambulance driver, t... more
  • Overqualified: (Or a Smartass Without a Job)

    by Krasimir Karamfilov
    People's identity is often tied to their jobs. Without employment and money, life becomes difficult and challenging. When this happens, stress, anxiety, fear, and desperation, among many other negative emotions, occupy the mind. The essays in this book reveal author Krasimir Karamfilov's internal and external struggles during 13 months of unemployment. In other words, this is what a smartass without a job went through.
  • Jay Gatsby: A Black Man in Whiteface

    by Janet Savage
    This book expounds upon the thesis that Jay Gatsby, the much beloved hero of The Great Gatsby, is a man of mixed black and white parentage who pretends and appears to be a white man. A close review of the novel, Fitzgerald's life and letters and the racially charged climate of the Jazz Age, shows how America's troubled conscience about race laces through the novel and supports its central theme: the doomed pursuit of the American Dream. Fitzgerald himself said that even the most enthusiastic rev... more