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  • Superheroes

    by David Faulkner

    Superheroes is the story of a boy learning to defy gravity

    At four years old, David spends his days exploring with curious contemplation the vast wonders of the seemingly magical world around him. His only real care is wondering when his big brother, Robert, will be home from school to share it with him. His life is replete with typical childhood antics, joys and fears, and nightmares that wrack his sleep, but ultimately every morning, he knows a new adventure awaits.

    <... more
  • Mysterious Places

    by Jeffrey Gorney

    In this keenly observed memoir, American artist Jeffrey Gorney's search for his roots in Romania sheds light on other lives in other places and obscure yet gripping aspects of World War II.. Even as he explores family history and family mystery, Gorney takes a lively look at growing up in working-class Brooklyn where tales told by immigrant grandparents spark future genealogical jaunts.  Ancestral sites and graveyards yield insights, and he tel... more


    by Mary Fox
    Memoir on 15 year Custody court battle, Parental Alienation Syndrome, Single-Parenting, Relationships between child & divorced parents, flawed Family Law Court systems (Judicial system). Poorly trained Court Evaluators/Psychiatrists/Commissioners/Judges. Out-dated Family Law court Orders, that only sabotage any ability to co-parent at all. How poor parenting can effect a child for their entire life. Psychological Warfare amongst families and divorcing parents.
  • Help Me Sin - A Memoir

    by Yeseul K. Winehouse
    A Korean girl's search for love and financial independence takes her to all the wrong places.There is a saying in Korea; Once a girl steps foot in escorting, she can never get out...
  • Exonerated: A Brief and Dangerous Freedom

    by Joyce King
    The story of a man who stood for something and the woman he loved. Falsely accused of murdering his girlfriend, James Woodard served more than twenty-seven years in prison. In April 2008, James became the seventeenth man exonerated by DNA evidence in Dallas County. The same day he was granted his freedom, James laid eyes on Joyce King, the "prison wife" he'd fantasized about falling in love with for nearly three decades. It was the happiest day of his life. Their mutual attraction was immediate,... more
  • Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA

    by Richard Hill

    Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA is Richard Hill's true and intensely personal story of how he pieced together the long-kept secret of his own origins. This highly suspenseful book is a page-turning saga of personal detective work that will appeal to anyone who loves a good mystery.

    But this isn't fiction. It's an engrossing account of an adoptee trying to reclaim the biological family denied him by sealed birth records. This fascinating quest, i... more

  • Before, Afdre, and After (My Stroke … Oh What Fun)

    by Maureen Twomey
    When Maureen Twomey was only thirty-three years old, she experienced a massive stroke--one that took away her ability to read, write, walk, and even speak (AAAAAAAHHH!!). Well, she wasn't about to go down without a fight. In Before, Afdre, and After, Twomey offers a sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes comical, and ultimately inspiring account of what it is to lose everything when you're supposed to be in the prime of your life--and what it takes to get it back, piece by tiny piece.
  • Salt & Pepper Cooking: The Education of an American Chef

    by James Haller
    Internationally acclaimed chef and award-winning writer James Haller serves up a perfect blend of humor, nostalgia, and wisdom in this delightful culinary memoir. In his latest book, Chef Haller chronicles a lifetime of cooking, from the age of three in the kitchen with his grandmothers to when he opens his own kitchen in the famed Blue Strawbery restaurant of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Chef Haller has written a touching memoir that is a feast for the soul, the mind, and the funny bone.
  • Tuna on Toast, Sister Clotildis, UFOs & Other Things I Survived: Growing up in the '70s in Portland

    by Sherri Bobzien
    From the surreal TV shows, to the meanest nun at Catholic school, to making your own fun (outside!), Sherri Bobzien’s first book captures the hilarity, the awkwardness, the heartache and the occasional magic of childhood in a quasi-functional family. Everything Sherri survived—princess pageants, a parent’s alcoholism, divorce, mild poverty and neglect—she did surrounded by an ample supply of tormenting brothers and hero-caliber sisters. This family will feel so much like your own—you'll cringe.
  • Flashbacks (an unreliable memoir of the '60s)

    by Morgan Smith
    A collection of memories about growing up hippie in Toronto, during one of the most interesting periods of the 20th century. Not mention the sex, drugs and rock and roll…
  • Double Happiness

    by Tony Brasunas
    Tony Brasunas's award-winning debut memoir is a fascinating portrait of life in China and a groundbreaking story of coming of age in today's era of globalization. In a classroom in sultry Guangzhou, having never before left the United States nor taught a class on anything, armed only with a beginner's grasp of the language, Brasunas is confronted by thirty-seven ninth graders in uniform. Only his intrinsic curiosity about Chinese culture and about himself drives him on, to keep trying in the... more
  • Unstoppable! Surviving Is Just The Beginning (2nd Edition)

    by Gigi Stetler
    Gigi Stetler tells her life's story in a casual, conversational, neighborly tone as if the writer and reader were sitting down together, at the kitchen table, talking over cups of coffee. This book is filled with the true tales of lessons learned at the point of a knife and other crises, peaks and plateaus. Regardless off what attacks or assaults you, yourself, your parents, friends, colleagues, professors, lovers, teachers, competition, your own children, your own past, your own present, or you... more
  • Vagabonding Through Retirement: Unusual Wanders Far from Our Paris Houseboat

    by Bill and Ina Garrison Mahoney
    Vagabonding Through Retirement chronicles the adventures of Bill and Ina, an engaging, globe-trotting couple who enjoy getting off the beaten track, meeting people, and exploring how regular folks live around the world, from Laos to Bolivia to Ukraine, just after the Soviet Union breaks apart. Central to their travels is Bill's passion for learning new languages, which he does in exchange for English and French lessons. Ina puts up with this habit because it attracts interesting people. Howev... more
  • 978-1-63417-800-6

    by Henry Carrier
    In context with my autistic brother's struggle, I have presented a brief memoir of a baby boomer who has paradoxically worked in Washington during the "I Have A Dream" speech; received two graduate degrees from Ole Miss during the Civil Rights Movement; taught in the Space Coast during the moon landing; and earned a Fulbright Fellowship to India when the host country was emerging from a Third World status. Popular culture combined with an evolving Christian Faith has provided the author with som... more
  • The Flem Cup

    by Scott Dow Dow
    The Flem Cup is the remarkable true story of a great friendship, a trans-Atlantic team golf match and the providential hand of God. The name of the event said it all: a tribute to the man whose idea it was as well as a tongue-in-cheek testament to the quality of play, and, for 5 years, teams from the U.S. and England collided in an intense competition punctuated by hilarious off-course antics in a battle for the coveted trophy - an antique, hand-blown glass spittoon. When cancer struck, thou... more
  • Yo Miz!

    by Elizabeth Rose
    What’s really going on in our public school classrooms? Good question. • Journalists are not allowed in • Teachers risk punishment if they speak out • School administrators will only share the good stuff • Most lawmakers? Clueless. Yo Miz! has the answer. Yo Miz! is the seriously funny memoir of an unconventional “edu-tainer,” ejected from her home school and assigned to teach at 25 Manhattan public high schools in one wacky year. Yo Miz! is about the kids. From el barrio to Wall Stre... more