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  • Two Steps Forward - Embracing life with a brain tumor

    by Claire Snyman
    When Claire Snyman is diagnosed with a rare benign brain tumor at the age of thirty-four, she and her family are completely blindsided. She tries to make sense of their new reality while trying to navigate conflicting medical advice. Claire learns to be her body’s own advocate as she undergoes a personal awakening during the often-harrowing journey of life with a brain tumor, her misdiagnosis and through the brain surgery and recovery that followed. This inspirational story of a woman, mother... more
  • Below the Water Line: Getting Out, Going Back, and Moving Forward in the Decade After Hurricane Katrina

    by Lisa Karlin
    In this intensely personal and moving memoir, Lisa Karlin provides a gripping account of her family’s hurricane evacuation experiences and all that followed in the decade after Hurricane Katrina. Her story begins in August 2005, when Lisa, her husband, thirteen-year-old daughter, eleven-year-old son, and two dogs evacuated New Orleans for what they thought would be a two-day “hurrication.” Her day-by-day account of the weeks that follow vividly chronicles the unprecedented displacement of thousa... more
  • Life Is Beautiful: How a Lost Girl Became a True, Confident Child of God

    by Sarah M. Johnson

    Life is Beautiful takes you on a full journey of trauma, loss, and finally resilience. While on a mission’s trip in Guatemala, a small Cessna Caravan’s engine blows while carrying fourteen passengers. Unfortunately, the Cessna crashes in a remote village, leaving eleven of the fourteen passengers dead. One passenger, Sarah, shares her story in Life is Beautiful, about the deaths of her father and brother; her mother’s extreme physical and emotional injuries, and Sarah’... more

  • A Life Worth Living: A Teachers Memoir

    by jeffrey b. roney
    Living a life full of challenges and complications. A death of a father and a son who gets lost in the pain of survival.
  • Which One of You is the Mother? The Absolutely Positively True Adoption Story of Two Gay Dads

    by Sean Michael O'Donnell
    After fifteen years of up-all-night gay disco dance parties, Sean O'Donnell and his longtime partner Todd decided to trade in their leather chaps for mom jeans and start a family. In August 2012 the not-so ambiguously gay duo walked into a Pittsburgh-based adoption agency and said, "We'd like a child, please." For the next several months they attended parenting classes, subjected themselves to probing FBI background checks, and completed enough paperwork to reforest the whole of the Amazon River... more

    by Niki Trosky

    From the prairies of Winnipeg to the sands of the Arabian Sea, readers will fall in love with a curious and charming heroine as she embarks upon a transformative journey to release her powerful, self-loving, independent woman from within. Conquering obstacles of homesickness and heartache, armed with the earnest hope of finding peace, “Love Life” chronicles author Niki Trosky’s rebirth from ‘the girl’ into the woman known as Zahira.

    In humorous tumblings of... more

  • Memorias de un Viejo Adolescente: Barcelona 1929-1939

    by Miguel Lluch
    Barcelona entre 1929 y 1939 es un lugar especial, crisol de experimentos políticos que atraen a intelectuales europeos y americanos de la talla de Hemingway, Malraux, Orwell y Neruda. Miguel Lluch es uno de los pocos testigos vivos de este período de la historia reciente Española. Aquí narra los recuerdos de su niñez y adolescencia, desde los prolegómenos de la Segunda República hasta el final de la Guerra Civil Española. Cuenta cómo siendo niño mimado de una familia de la burguesía catalana, ... more
  • Growing Up Superheroes: The Extraordinary Adventures of Deihlia Nye

    by Diane Fraser
    In 1983, Diane Fraser is emerging from the trauma of a violent family home life when her niece Deihlia is born with problems so severe that her prognosis is death before week’s end. Blessed with a powerful resilience and a pioneering female surgeon, Deihlia survives over 40 major surgeries, coming close to death many times. Through her humor, mischief, and appetite for life, Deihlia shows people how to live with gusto and maneuver around obstacles – self created or otherwise. Like the superhero ... more

    by wade stevenson
  • Confessions: Fact or Fiction? (an anthology available on Amazon)

    by Herta B. Feely
    This anthology contains 22 stories (fiction and memoir). The genre of each piece is identified in the back of the book with a short note from each author. The idea is to see whether the reader can tell if the piece is "fact or fiction." The stories span time, geography and space. An enjoyable read by 22 talented authors, many of them published before and after!
  • The Gardens of Fletcher Steele, American Landscape Architect

    by priscilla elliott
    One of America's premier Landscape Architects, Fletcher Steele worked for wealthy patrons designing unique and original gardens that break conventions and delight and enchant viewers. This was at a time in the beginning of the twentieth century when design was not constrained by cost. The book has many color photos, interviews with clients and staff, and landscape professionals. There is a bibliography, and a brief biography.
  • Mo(u)rning Joy

    by Kalan Chapman Lloyd
    “If the raw reality of stillbirth, loss of pregnancy, or miscarriage has rendered you senseless, then you will want to spend some healing time with Mo(u)rning Joy. If you feel helpless in friending a grieving family, then you will be touched by the words of care and concern that you can't always think to say at the time. I highly recommend this unabashed account of Kalan Lloyd's journey toward wholeness... she truly tells it like it is.”\t\t- Susanna Fitzgerald, MSW "A cry-laugh, laugh-cry. W... more
  • Destination Paranormal: Haunted Travels

    by Jason Hussong
    Just because you don’t believe in something, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t believe in you. Things do go bump in the night. Sometimes it even happens during the day. I’ve heard it. And, on occasion, I’ve even seen what makes it happen. Destination Paranormal: Haunted Travels details my trips to find what’s on the other side. For more than two years, I set off on a journey to get answers. My second book documents everything that happened – the times I was stabbed, grabbed, and talked with what’s... more
  • Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA

    by Richard Hill
    Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA is Richard Hill's true and intensely personal story of how he pieced together the long-kept secret of his own origins. This highly suspenseful book is a page-turning saga of personal detective work that will appeal to anyone who loves a good mystery. But this isn't fiction. It's an engrossing account of an adoptee trying to reclaim the biological family denied him by sealed birth records. This fascinating quest, including the author's... more
  • Tightwads on the Loose

    by Wendy Hinman
    Tightwads on the Loose tells the story of Wendy and Garth, lured to sea by the promise of adventure. They buy a 31-foot boat that fits their budget better than it fits Garth’s large frame and set sail for an open-ended voyage, never imagining they’d be gone seven years, or cover 34,000 miles at the pace of a fast walk. They live without most “necessities” and learn that teamwork and a sense of humor matter most as they face endless “character-building opportunities.” Tightwads on the Loose offe... more
  • Memoirs of a Ghost

    by Andrea Cagan
    Andrea Cagan, author of Memoirs of a Ghost, is emerging from beneath the sheet of invisibility to write her own story. A ghostwriter for decades, she has had more than a dozen books on the best seller lists, including NY Times and LA Times #1 best sellers. In Memoirs of a Ghost, Andrea’s chapters span her life as a professional ballet dancer, a healing researcher, a truth teller, a ghost writer to the stars, and above all else, an author and story teller. In her memoir, she reveals her trea... more