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  • Out of Hollywood

    by Bob Dix
    Robert Dix grew up in his father's world, surrounded by the glamour of early Hollywood. Being the son of one of the world's most loved and admitted Hollywood actors opened doors, Robert was acting under contract to MGM Studios at age eighteen. but all was not flitter and glamour. In the shadow of his father's spotlight, with troubled relationships and addictions, Robert's life crashed into reality.
  • Naked: Stripped by a Man and Hurricane Katrina

    by Julie Freed
    A house and marriage violently disintegrate. Abandoned by her husband and left alone to raise an infant in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Julie is surrounded by the rubble of her life - stripped bare by love and loss. What happens when one woman loses everything? It is a time of unprecedented clarity. She must unflinchingly face her marriage, her womanhood, her husband's alcoholism, his infidelity, and the remains of a shattered home. Acknowledging her own pain, she also shares the heart... more
  • Black Man's Meat

    by Lisa Dockery

     Adopted from birth because of her skin colour

  • What It Looks Like

    by Marta Maranda
    The Holy Hammer is an event that turns a life upside down. Every life has at least one. It might come in the form of death, divorce, disease, downsizing, natural disaster, addiction, or dysfunction. But its purpose is always the same: to teach us to awaken to a personal relationship with truth, compassion, openness, accountability, and authenticity. And to show us that every act contains two of life’s most precious gifts—connections and consequences. The Holy Hammer came to Marta Maranda through... more

    by Inno Chukuma Onwueme
    Imagine yourself having one foot planted on one continent while the other foot is on another continent. A huge transformational step, isn’t it? That’s precisely what Inno Onwueme’s early-life story does. One foot is planted firmly in the traditional African village where age-old customs mingle with poverty, disease, ignorance, and deprivation. The other foot pivots tantalizingly in 1960’s California, at the cutting edge of western civilization. Here, searing social and political upheavals of glo... more
  • Strides of Destiny

    by Loly Garriga

    Strides of Destiny is a true love story that gives new meaning to the words love, fate and destiny. It passionately depicts love’s triumph and perseverance during the many hardships and uncertainties experienced by a young couple who are ultimately separated against their will -- with no hope of ever reuniting again. Alex and Loly’s adolescent romance begins during the 1950's when life’s cadence on the exuberant and exotic Caribbean Island is mixed with flowers&rsqu... more

  • Ten Days in the Glades

    by Michael Goldy
    In the unforgiving Florida Everglades, almost anything can happen, and it usually does. This book follows the true story of Michael Goldy, who spent 10 days in the dangerous South Florida wilderness, the largest wilderness in the eastern United States. In this book, Michael Goldy recalls the ultimate backcountry experience as he sets out on canoeing the Wilderness Waterway through Everglades National Park. Coming face to face with alligators, venomous snakes, and the brutal force of mother natur... more
  • Worth Fighting for

    by Steve Alpert
    This journey of passion and transformation will take you along the path Steve Alpert took when he realized his core mission in life: to help raise awareness for veterans and their families through the use of his art. In trying to find meaning in his own life, Alpert goes back in time to face his choices and chance encounters that set him on a new path towards realizing his mission. Alpert visits wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC. He donates a major painting to the mu... more

    by Seng Ty

    The Years of Zero: Coming of Age Under the Khmer Rouge is a survivor’s account of the Cambodian genocide carried out by Pol Pot’s sadistic and terrifying Khmer Rouge regime in the late 1970s. It follows the author, Seng Ty, from the age of seven as he is plucked from his comfortable, middle-class home in a Phnom Penh suburb, marched along a blistering, black strip of highway into the jungle, and thrust headlong into the unspeakable barbarities of an agricultural labor camp. Seng’s mother was ... more

  • Persuaded by Reason: Joan Kennedy Taylor and the Rebirth of American Individualism

    by Jeff Riggenbach
    A memoir of Joan Kennedy Taylor who as an author, editor, actress, radio commentator and libertarian feminist - studied with Gurdijieff, dated Allen Ginsberg and had a long friendship with Ayn Rand ... was considered the founder of the individualist movement. Jeff Riggenbach thematically intertwines her encounters with the political and intellectual events of the the time, revealing how Taylor's work, writings and behind-the-scenes contributions helped shape the rise of individulalism in the lat... more
  • One America: Moving Beyond the Issue of Race

    by Art Gilliam
    What is the central factor in the racial divide between blacks and whites in America? How has African slavery affected America and how does it continue to impact racial understanding today? One America: Moving Beyond the Issue of Race examines the underlying challenges preventing Americans from achieving the level of racial harmony that most of us desire. Art Gilliam shares his experience of growing up in the Deep South during the 1950's -- a time when racism was pervasive. His person... more
  • Out of Grace: An Unlikely Journey Through Guatemala's Haunted Highlands

    by Cynthia Renwick
    Guatemala City is officially classified as one of the most dangerous cities in the Americas, where armed guards stand in the doorway of every bank, shopping center, and McDonalds. Murders make daily headlines. The men hiss at women the same way they hiss at dogs. Here, in the shadow of the country’s many spectacular volcanoes, a 22-year-old anthropologist embarks upon her Fulbright research, and quickly finds that things aren’t quite what she expected. Even the folks at the U.S. Embassy want her... more
  • Road Stories

    by Ed Davis
    In 1972, Ed Davis, like many in his generation, felt the call of the road. Unlike most, Davis rode freight trains. He caught rides on-the-fly, slept in hobo jungles and dodged railroad security across the Pacific Northwest and Canada. And like Jack Kerouac and Jack London before him, Davis wrote about what he saw. For the next four decades, whether catching freights, trekking the Sierras, visiting an old friend in prison or attending a presidential inauguration, Davis took to the road whe... more
  • Path to Freedom: My Story of Perseverance

    by Conrad Taylor
    "PATH to FREEDOM: My Story of Perseverance" charts a sometimes-humorous, fly-or-die journey of resilience, hope, survival, and love, as its author traverses between a vibrant mining community deep in the impenetrable tropical rain forests of Guyana, South America and the wind-swept plains of the highly-regimented United States Military Academy - at the height of the Vietnam War. The narrative sums up rude awakenings, especially after West Point - because of West Point. It offers up a ringside se... more
  • Unvalidated Pain: A Chaplain's Journey to Iraq and Back

    by Melinda Russell
    "Unvalidated Pain" shares the pain of military suicide through the eyes of an Army chaplain who lost her assistant during their 15 month tour to Iraq from 2007-2008. Through the pain of loss and guilt it is a story of hope and healing as she finds her way back home.