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  • Boarding School Bastard. My First Year at an Orphanage for Fatherless Boys

    by Alan Sharavsky
    A deaf woman leaves her eight-year old son at an orphanage, hoping he’ll find a better life than their hand-to-mouth existence. The widow dreams that Girard College, a boarding school for fatherless boys, will be his Camelot. What she doesn’t know is that emotional abuse, corporal punishment and pedophilia are the norm. And her son doesn’t know whether his mother is ever coming back, or if he’ll have to run away. Boarding School Bastard is the memoir of a child’s first year at an orphanage i... more
  • Martial Bliss. The Story of The Military Bookman.

    by Margaretta Barton Colt

    Martial Bliss is a memoir of a singular, specialized antiquarian bookstore THE MILITARY BOOKMAN, which flourished in New York City for 27 years. The store, dealing in military, naval, and aviation history, came to have an international reputation and clientele. In the midst of a serious, almost scholarly atmosphere and a wealth of wonderful books, there was also the Sitcom. The author, a co-founder, tells of fascinating characters, and anecdotes set in a changing city. Some former customers s... more

  • Humans, Dogs, and Civilization

    by Elaine Ostrach Chaika
    Having intensively researched the literature about the cognition and evolution of dog,, I prove or disprove scientific research by taking the reader through my long life with dogs. I hold a PhD in Linguistics, am a scholar with a credible list of articles and books. This is my first book for a general audience, however. As a Linguist, I have studied how dogs communicate with each other, and present my findings in this book. Alex Austin, the novelist, calls the book, "An enthralling blend of s... more
  • Unconditional: Based in the True Story of a Metanoia

    by Maitri May

    Spiritual teacher and clairvoyant, Maitri May is pleased to announce the release of her new book Unconditional. Based on the true story of a Metanoia, May hopes to inspire people take risks, overcome their fears and live a fulfilling life.

    The brain is a malleable, transformable and improved body. Neuroplasticity is learning new, complex, difficult tasks because that is what forces us to exercise mental muscles.

    The main character realizes that in order to change her life, she has... more

  • Travel in Peace: The Soundtrack of My Escape

    by Rod Harris

    Rod Harris follows advice of his psychologist by discovering and then writing the unfiltered lyrics composed by his own life--his choices, and his fears. By asking thought provoking questions and examining the root cause of why our Plan B often becomes our Plan A, Rod begins to balance facing the enemy of fear and finding inner peace.

    Why does someone’s plan B often become plan A? This is the question at the center of Travel in Peace: The Soundtrack of My Escape. By finding ... more

  • Crib Notes: the Toddler Years

    by Winter Prosapio
    A collection of essays from hilarious columnist, Winter Prosapio who writes a weekly column in the Texas Hill Country. "It's my job to make Texas Germans laugh - it's the toughest gig in journalism," said Prosapio. She chronicles her erstwhile journey as a mother, with hysterical results. Click here for an excerpt. REVIEWS: “Props to Winter P. for putting a challenging period of one’s life into such a perfect frame. Her humor and writing are spotless, and Crib Notes is downright poetic.... more
  • Jamaal Wilkes: Memoirs of the Original Smooth as Silk

    by Jamaal Keith Wilkes
    An inside look at the Hall of Fame basketball career of Jamaal Wilkes. or "Silk", from the beginning to legendary Coach John Wooden and UCLA along with 2 NCAA championships and an 88-game winning streak, to the 1975 championship season in Golden State, and 3-time NBA champion with the Showtime Los Angeles Lakers. Jamaal's story inspires, uplifts and amuses young and old, and basketball and non-basketball fans alike as he shares his unique perspectives.
  • From Silicon Valley to Swaziland: How One Couple Found Purpose and Adventure in an Encore Career

    by Wendy Walleigh
    Former high tech executives, Rick & Wendy Walleigh moved to Swaziland for six months then Nairobi, Kenya for one year to work in economic development for TechnoServe, whose tagline is “Business Solutions to Poverty” and to which all royalties are donated. The book describes their experiences from the challenges of daily living in unfamiliar cultures to the joy of helping people in poverty grow their own businesses. Including some “how-to” in their book, the Walleighs demonstrate how they applie... more
  • Small Town, Big Dreams: A Childhood Journey Through the '80's.

    by Brett Rotier
    This is a story of summer love, boyhood exploits, and a boy learning from mistakes as told from the memories of the author growing up into a young man. This was a time where technology was bringing many exciting things to entertain a child while planning his or her daily adventures around the neighborhood. Where this may not be a complete guide to the decade of the 80’s, you will join the author as he recounts his boyhood dreams and adventures during a decade of amazing toys, music, movies, and ... more
  • Sheer Madness - From Federal Prosecutor to Federal Prisoner

    by Andrew McKenna

    Andrew's story is one of redemption and hope, having traveled the difficult road from Airman, U.S. Marine Corps Captain, JAG attorney, to Justice Department prosecutor, to opiate addict, to heroin addict, to bank robber. The descent and eventual rise as told in his memoir Sheer Madness: From Federal Prosecutor to Federal Prisoner is astonishing in its brutal honesty and candor, and is an inspiration to those struggling with life's myriad challenges.... more

  • From Fear to Faith: A Survivor's Story (Includes Original Journal, "Chronicles of a Cancer Survivor...")

    by Matt D Talford
    At the age of 37, in peak physical condition and at the height of his corporate IT career, Matt seemed to have it all: a lovely wife, a high-profile career and active involvement in the community. But over a span of about eight months, he went from playing daily tennis matches and running 12 miles a week, to barely being able to climb a flight of stairs; and just weeks after his 38th birthday, he received a dreadful diagnosis that would forever change his life. From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’... more
  • 9781507661178

    by Richard Houck
    “Assume the Position: Memoirs of an Obstetrician” will place the reader in the shoes of an Obstetrician and Gynecologist with years of clinical experience and training. It will also place the reader in the same stirrups as patients in my office, listening to the trials, tribulations, joys, and fears expressed to me. Most people would assume that sitting on the stool where I have sat for many years has given me a unique view of life. However, I would argue that it is walking in my once white wood... more
  • It's Their House; I'm Just a Guest

    by Douglas Kent
    Convicted of Fraud, Douglas Kent is sentenced to 46 months in Federal Prison. This amusing but accurate memoir recounts the time he spent in the Federal Prison system, from the day of his arrival at Allenwood Prison in Pennsylvania through his time spent in a Federal Halfway House in the Dallas, Texas area. Along the way he meets unique and amusing characters, navigates the prison bureaucracy, suffers through the prison medical system, and tries to survive this forced vacation in one piece and h... more
  • A Woman In Love: A Memoir of Sexual Development, Spirituality, Loss, and Love

    by Elizabeth Stall
    This is a story of sexual awakening, a great love letter of our age. The promise was that if a couple followed all the rules and remained virgins until they married, everything would magically work out. But the church was wrong--the best sex happened outside of those rules. Purity culture--virginity culture--was a mistake. Find out what women really want--or at least, what one of them does. Read about what sex--really good or really bad--is like for a woman. You'll find adventure! Sex scenes! Se... more
  • A Walk Back Home: A Humorous Family Saga

    by Gil Garcia

    The Tom Sawyer of South Central is the best way to describe this little guy  who manages to find himself in impossible one of a kind situations that will leave you smiling as he visualizes for you, and so descriptively beautiful, a neighborhood's panorama of life as seen through eyes of a child.
    Gil's parents, his warring brothers, two sisters, a Dutch priest, and a English Sheep dog make up the cast of characters in this entertaining collection.  It's Gil'... more