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  • The Early Morning Light

    by Edward Forde Hickey
    'The life of this little evacuee couldn't be more different from those other unlucky children his own age, who had been left behind in a state of dreamy delirium on the battered streets of London.' While World War II was raging and turmoil spread throughout Europe, thousands of children were evacuated in the hope of protecting them from the trauma of war. Among these children was newly-born Edward (Teddy), who was rescued from the terror of the London Blitz by his parents and sent to live with h... more
  • I Hate Piñatas: Surviving Life's Unexpected Surprises

    by Heather Maloy
    Heart surgery doesn't happen in a vacuum. This is what Heather Maloy learned first-hand when her son, Colman, was diagnosed in utero with a combination of congenital heart defects which are fatal without surgical intervention. "I Hate Piñatas" is a compelling story of hope and strength that vacillates between heartbreaking and outrageously funny as Maloy takes you through what three heart surgeries in three years looked like for one family.
  • Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story

    by Landon J. Napoleon
    They were airborne for six minutes. And then they were gone. On Thanksgiving eve 2011, Karen Perry’s life changed forever when her three young children and their father died in a plane that crashed into Superstition Mountain in Arizona. The story made national headlines and was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network as part of its Super Soul Sunday series. Everyone wanted to know—how does a mother comprehend, let alone process, such a loss? "Angels Three" takes readers deep inside Karen Per... more
  • What I've Learned from You: The Lessons of Life Taught to a Doctor by His Patients

    by Scott A. Kelly, M.D.
    What I’ve Learned from You is the story of the lessons of life taught to a doctor by his patients. It explores human relationships and gives an intimate view into the window of the human condition. On the road to becoming a physician Dr. Kelly longed to find serenity in a world of conflicting ideas and aspirations. He took notes in a journal on life lessons he learned from his patients. They opened their hearts and exposed their wounds. He paid attention and listened, and his patients became ... more
  • Two Steps from Glory: A World War II Liaison Pilot Confronts Jim Crow and the Enemy in the South Pacific

    by Maj. Welton I. Taylor

    African Americans enlisted by the hundreds of thousands during World War II, swelling the ranks of the U.S. military by more than a million strong. And as they had in every U.S. war from the War of Independence on, blacks signed up with two goals in mind: to fight for the country they loved and to earn, on the battlefield, the respect they’d been so long denied at home.

    For the majority of black soldiers, however, those goals remained elusive. The U.S. Army believed blacks ill-sui... more

  • Lost in Language: A Tragicomic Memoir of How One Man Failed Language Class in Italy But Found His Voice

    by Jay Desind
    “I admit it. I failed foreign language class in Italy.”...So begins this rollicking comic adventure where nothing is exactly what it seems. Structured around twenty-four Italian language classes, poet and photographer Jay Desind invites you on a quest that goes backwards and forwards through time, surprises with unexpected humor, and shows an emotional range and honesty in a framework of quirky invention.
  • Blowing Sandstorm

    by Horace Chrenshaw, Jr.

    Everyone is looking for that extra boost that propels them when they feel like quitting. It’s the extra boost that turns losing teams into winners. Some find an extra boost in sports drinks, energy pills, etc. to sustain them when their level of effort is literally empty or on “E.”

    In this remarkable, compelling memoir, author Horace Crenshaw Jr. tells his story of being a commander that was put in charge of an Army Reserve Petroleum Unit during the initial months of O... more

  • My Final Ride

    by LeAnn Bednar
    My Final Ride is the true story of Chuck Christensen's mule-back Canada-to-Mexico journey while battling stage-three bone marrow cancer/multiple myeloma. Given eighteen months to three years to live and told he'll never ride again, Chuck crawls back on his mule and, with tears streaming down his face, vows to trek as far as he can. Along the way he faces mud bogs, giardia, broken bones, and deep discouragement;With water and food scarce, his mules begin to eat cowpies; his horse, however, refus... more
  • She's The Last Model Standing

    by Wendy Stuart Kaplan
    Dubbed as "the Kathy Griffin of fashion" Wendy's hilarious, occasionally poignant story of how she became and is still one of the most successful "fit" models in the country, from studying voodoo in Nigeria, to schmoozing with Andy Warhol at Studio 54 with years of taking mind numbing jobs to pay the rent, she tells an "only-in-New York" tale as she continues to "cover the asses of the masses".
  • Flat Out Flat Broke: The Original Stig

    by Perry McCarthy
    Perry McCarthy is an ex Formula One racing driver and was the original ‘Stig’ from the BBC Top Gear TV show. Flat Out Flat broke is his hilarious and internationally acclaimed autobiography which takes you on Perry’s roller-coaster adventure as he battled on and off the race tracks of the world to fulfil his dream of Grand Prix stardom. One of the best selling motor racing books of all time, Perry’s story will have you on the edge of your seat either on the verge of tears or howling with laughte... more
  • Missing Pine Park

    by Neil R. Beller, Jr.
    Author Neil R. Beller Jr. uses his merry, yet mischievous memoirs to wrap you up in the warm blanket of his youth. The memories he paints a picture of aren’t sappy, wistful, or mushy though. They are bursting with chuckle-provoking antics and with humorous sentimentality that we can all relate to. Born and raised in the quiet suburb of Carney, Maryland in the ‘60s and ‘70s, this Baltimore native’s novel contains tales of growing up with a father who employs a stare-and-breathe method of discipl... more

    by Maryrose Carroll
    "This is quintessentially a love story" Joseph Bathanti, a poet laureate of North Carolina, says in his introduction. And, he continues, it is a fascinating account of some of the most vibrant, stormy and controversial times in American literature. In fact, for any student of 20th Century poetry, it’s downright mesmerizing. Combining literary history with very personal drama IMaryrose Carroll tells the tale of her husband, Paul Carroll, and his exploits with the censorship of his little mag... more
  • The Next Breath: New Life after Near Death

    by Joseph C. Fisher
    What is it like to be suddenly, catastrophically on the verge of death? Every year millions of people in the U.S. suffer acute medical emergencies that nearly take their lives. Millions more have accidents that bring them, without warning, to the edge of existence. I am one of those people. How does one adjust, living with a new understanding of the tenuous nature of existence? The Next Breath: New Life after Near Death tells the story of three near fatal and connected medical emerg... more
  • Falling Away From You: One Family's Journey Through Traumatic Brain Injury

    by Sage O'Connor
    On Thanksgiving Eve 2012, the course of one young man’s life would be forever changed. Falling Away from You tells the story of Taylor Bingaman and his journey through the world of Traumatic Brain Injury. Taylor’s mother, Nicole, shares the story as she recounts the events that happened as the result of a devastating fall down the stairs in their family home. Nicole brings to life what happens in Taylor’s accident through his continual recovery in a very personal and candid way. She expresse... more
  • The Devil Wears Clogs

    by Jennifer Burge

    Have you contemplated what your life would have been like if you lived abroad? Have you dreamt of taking your career overseas? You are not alone. The victim of an extreme case of wanderlust, author Jennifer Burge, has been on a mission to see as much of the world as possible, beginning with Europe. At thirty, Jennifer began the journey in real-life, having one of the world’s largest tech consulting firms finance her plans. 

    Within days of the collapse of the Twin Towers,... more

  • Traveling the Two-Lane: A Memoir and Travelogue

    by Marilyn Berman
    Inching through rush-hour traffic at the age of sixty-three, it dawned on Marilyn that she was also inching through life. At that moment, she decided to make the journey of her dreams—a long vacation, a year or more alone in a van. She spent months preparing to escape her settled home and habits, and in June of 2004, she got on the road. Destination: Alaska. A lifetime of memories accompanied her. As she drove, explored, and hiked, she pondered her past. Marilyn grew up gay at a time when hom... more