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  • A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity - A Trip To The Antarctic And Back

    by Robert Van Wyck
    The book is a historic presentation, including more that 70 photos, of the Authors exciting trip to the Antarctic in 1963. A number of both interesting and humerous vignettes of the trip are included. The purpose of the trip was, as part of a team of experts, to evaluate safety of the operation of a new nuclear power reactor at the McMurdo Site. Facts about the Antarctic are also presented and a summary of the nuclear rector operation and demise are included.
  • Mother's Letters...and mine

    by Joyce Davis
    Before adopting and after, between the years of 1956 and 1967, Mother wrote letters to the Harry Holt Adoption agency. They kept her letters all those years then gave them to me. I assembled her letters and interspersed mine to her, for there was a secret in the family we girls never revealed to her.
  • Not the Mother I Remember: A Memoir

    by Amber Lea Starfire
    When Amber Starfire discovers boxes containing a lifetime of her mother’s journals and letters, she realizes she's been given a rare chance to unlock the enigma that had been her mother—but will her mother’s writings reveal the woman she remembers, or someone else altogether? Not the Mother I Remember tells the story of a sensitive girl raised by an exceptional and unconventional woman during a time of social change, gradually exposing the true nature of their relationship and their extraordinar... more
  • No Labels (ISBN# 9780992047405)

    by Monica Gurdjian

    No Labels traces the lives of the author, Monica Gurdjian, and her interfaith and multi-cultural family from war-torn Europe to Iran and then to Canada within an overarching theme of politics, culture and religion. The author describes her quest to find an identity within the kaleidoscope of cultures and religions that defined her childhood and how this journey informed her life lessons. According to Monica (and to quote Aeschylus),  “I'm not afraid of storm... more

  • My Adventure to the New World

    by Paul Nguyen
    My Adventure to The New World is a interesting real life story a Vietnamese American who was born in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War and had witnessed what had happened to the people in North Vietnam during that period. He finally escaped out of Vietnam by a small sail boat and went on a long sea journey to the Free World. The rich and moving story narrates his life during the war time in North Vietnam, the dangerous escaping journey, and how he came to the United Stated.
  • ...And Then I Met the Getty Kouros

    by Jack Yaghoubian
    …And Then I Met The Getty Kouuros is a memoir that chronicles the remarkable story of Jack Njdeh Yaghoubian, the son of Armenian Genocide survivors who has made a huge impact on the world of engineering in the United States and around the world.This Armenian-Iranian-American odyssey is a story of one life with three rich and distinct cultures as an omnipresent backdrop to a prolific career in earthquake engineering. Yaghoubian developed and holds the patent for an ingenious mechanical joint syst... more
  • Blow-Drying a Chicken

    by Molly Fisk

    Poets notice what other people miss. Nationally-known poet Molly Fisk’s singular perspective on love, death, grammar, lingerie, small towns, and the natural world will get you laughing, crying, and thinking. These 50 essays were originally written as three-minute radio commentary for community and NPR stations.

    "Molly's voice is made for radio—crisp and decided yet relaxed and just close enough, somehow—and the pieces all are impeccably shaped and written.&quo... more

  • L.A. Sadhu: One Man's Spiritual Quest from India to Los Angeles

    by Kali Das
    L.A. Sadhu is my journey, my trip from spiritual India to navigating in the material world of L.A. It is about my search for meaning and purpose in a society that often does not value the realm of spirit. A mix of deep joy and sorrow of life, L.A. Sadhu will get you to laugh and cry.
  • The Beatles and Me On Tour

    by Ivor Davis
    In the summer of 1964, the Beatles embarked on a record-breaking pandemonium-inducing tour of America and Canada. “The Beatles and Me on Tour” presents the first chronicle of that tour told by an insider: author/journalist Ivor Davis, then a young reporter for the LondonDaily Express. Ivor traveled with the Beatles as the only British newspaper writer invited on the entire tour. Through thirty-four days and twenty-four cities, Davis traveled with the Beatles watching them make rock history. He e... more
  • My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco: Our 25-year Friendship, Beyond Grace Kelly

    by Joan Dale with Grace Dale

    Get to know the real Princess Grace, from the first years of her marriage to the last days of her life. "My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco: Our 25-Year Friendship, Beyond Grace Kelly" chronicles what it was like to be best friends with an iconic princess, and gives a behind-the-scenes look at Grace Kelly's life after she became Princess Grace. 

    Includes Princess Grace's final days, with a detailed account of her last family vacation the... more

  • Cousin Bella the Whore of Minsk - a memoir

    by Sherman Yellen
    This is a family memoir, a story told to me by the central character, Cousin Bella. Cousin Bella is the story of an elderly relative who as a girl was sold into prostitution by her step mother in Tsarist Russia, and who was liberated by my forceful grandmother. Bella went on to a life in America on the Lower East Side of NYC that was even more dramatic than her early years, events full of drama and deception. When Bella raised another woman's child as her own it led to remarkable and tragic ... more
  • From Pain to Parenthood: A Journey Through Miscarriage to Adoption

    by Deanna Kahler
    Follow one woman's incredible and heartfelt journey from the pain of miscarriages to the joy of becoming a parent through adoption. Witness the many struggles that can permeate your life in the aftermath of pregnancy loss. Take a glimpse at the overwhelming desire some women have to become a mother. Celebrate the joy of overcoming adversity and achieving your dreams. Filled with honest, raw emotions and helpful coping tips, "From Pain to Parenthood" promises to touch your life with a real story ... more
  • State-Sponsored Sex and Other Tales of International Misadventure

    by Claire Noble
    During Claire Noble's inadvertent decade in Asia, there was one constant: she always ended up in the land of the absurd. In her shockingly personal and surprisingly poignant humorous memoir, Claire's witty prose delivers stories that range from hilarious to heartfelt. Claire ate maggots and smuggled parasites. She suffered through tortuous massages, mammograms and colonoscopies and lived to laugh about it. From a time-warped Shanghai neighborhood to a luxury Hong Kong high-rise, Claire char... more
  • I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman

    by toni newman
    I’ve always found it interesting that someone had to throw Jackie Robinson the ball for there to be a Jackie Robinson. Give talent and passion the right team to play on, and, as they say, the rest is history. In no less a historical spotlight, I am proud to present you with I Rise – The Transformation of Toni Newman, the first memoir written in America by a member of the African American transgender community. It is gut-wrenchingly honest, factually supported, and well written. Dr. Marc Weiss Ph... more
  • The Boy from Pleebo

    by Sylvester Youlo, MD
    Have you ever wondered: “Did that emaciated and tattered-clothed African refugee child on TV ever have childhood aspirations?” Meet Sylvester Youlo—born to teenage parents in Pleebo, a small town in Liberia, where survival into adulthood isn’t sure, and a college education is an impossible dream. Consequence of a class-segregation created by free slaves from the United States that settled in this coastal West African country in 1821, it is at five years of age when Sylvester first realizes that ... more
  • Hit Woman

    by Susan Hamilton
    Hit Woman is the very personal tale of winning in a man's world at a time when such a thing was unheard of. ..and of Susan Hamilton's adventures in music with "the great, the near-great, and the merely hysterical" (Dr. Steve Sohmer).