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  • Little Women of Baghlan: The Story of a Nursing School for Girls in Afghanistan, the Peace Corps, and Life Before the Taliban

    by Susan Fox
    A forgotten diary comes alive in this true account of an ordinary young woman who answers the call to service and adventure during an extraordinary time in world history. Peace Corps Volunteer Jo Carter is deployed to Afghanistan on March 21, 1968, with instructions to start a nursing school for Afghan girls. She keeps a daily journal, never dreaming her tiny handwriting will become a significant historical account. A half century later, her words are a window to the past—reminders that at one t... more
  • A Widow's Journey: Healing a Broken Heart

    by Paula M. Ezop

    The death of my husband tore apart my world. This book contains my innermost thoughts as I came to grips with his death. My writing helped me deal with my terrible loss. Chapters in this book were written at various times as I grieved.

    There is one recurring theme, and that is that we remain connected through our love. I call it the love connection. This love connection is what enabled me to survive after the death of my husband.

    As you read my words it is my hope that you too wil... more

  • MS Madness

    by Yvonne deSousa
    MS Madness! A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosis \tYvonne deSousa’s diagnosis of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis came with an insightful declaration from a new doctor (“MS Sucks”) and a brother’s helpful advice (“You could totally get one of those handicapped parking plates now”). \tWhat followed was a year of MS-adventures: “accidentally” kicking an officious male doctor in the crotch, becoming an undercover agent to pay for medication made from Chinese hamster ovary ... more
  • From Picas to Bytes: Four Generations of Seacrest Newspaper Service to Lincoln

    by Faith A. Colburn
    Second-place winner in the Nebraska Press Women's adult nonfiction book category. When Joe R. Seacrest died March 28, 1995, I knew I was on my own. I didn’t even know what I had in our one interview until I’d tracked down a number of people who could tell me about the newspapers. The project was originally aimed at revealing how the Seacrest family used technological innovation to keep a mid-sized daily newspaper in business while almost all the others closed their doors, but as I conducted the ... more
  • Threshold: A Memoir

    by Faith A. Colburn
    Award-winning series of creative essays about how our families and communities serve as the threshold we cross into our lives. This memoir is a series of twenty stories about one ordinary American family’s struggle to thrive across race and through time and space. From five-year-old Joseph Swope kidnapped and adopted by a war chief to Cecil Colburn blasting up U.S. Highway 41 with a turtle for a co-pilot trying to save a marriage, this memoir reveals what happens when communities fail and how t... more
  • The Pepper Tree Kingdom

    by Franklin Burroughs
    The book focuses on my unusual life "formed by unusual circumstances" and my quest for self-knowledge and a life-purpose . The account of my quest invites a reader to look behind the curtain and glimpse real life with its pains and struggle. It clearly shows how it is possible to find purpose and the "self" in unexpected places and through very different experiences.
  • A Star Is Born

    by Rajeev Lal
    Lollipop, a lovely white Japanese Spitz, came into our lives when our two sons were in their early teens. He became a member of our family, our furkid. He brought smiles and laughter to our lives every day, and was our good luck charm. He enriched our lives and also made us rich. From the day he entered our home, he was the center of attention. We brought him up the same way as we had brought up our two children, except that this time it was under their scrutiny. We soon realized that we had a ... more
  • Sealed With a Kiss: an American Love Story in Letters

    by Bob Zielsdorf

    Sealed with a Kiss is a coming-of-age story, a romance, and a glimpse of an America poised on the brink of change. Anyone who remembers having a pen pal, scribbling envelopes with codes like S.W.A.K, or even just falling in love will recognize themselves in its story--and savor its vision of not just a unique moment in time, but also a timeless love.

    In 1957, Bob Zielsdorf is thirteen and living an ordinary middle-class suburban existence in York, Pennsylvania. On a trip to Massachusett... more

  • Speaking Frankly: A Southern Boy's Journey from Slaughterhouse to Creation of the World's Top Hot dog Brand

    by Doron Levin
    Clyde Riley was born poor on a small farm in Alabama. With rudimentary education and few resources he worked his way to the top of Hygrade Food Products, a Detroit-based meat packing company. There he was instrumental in creating Ball Park Franks, which today stands as the nation's (and world's) top hot dog brand. His story shows how it's possible, with few advantages, to succeed in American business.
  • A Gift from the Enemy: A True Story of Escape in War Time Italy

    by Enrico Lamet
    Written from the perspective of a child of 7 to 11 years of age, this WWII memoir is unique in many ways. Growing up in Italy, away from his home in Vienna, the boy lives an adventurous life, unaware that the world is crumbling around him.
  • Anne Frank: Silent Witnesses Reminders of a Jewish Girl's Life

    by Ronald Wilfred Jansen
    Ronald Wilfred Jansen visited Anne Frank’s home addresses in Frankfurt am Main, Aachen and Amsterdam; her hiding place the Secret Annex; and the Westerbork, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps where Anne Frank was imprisoned. His book describes her history and the objects that today still remind us of the environment in which she lived. His motivation for writing this book is that it was one of the last opportunities he would have to contact the people who knew Anne; these p... more
  • The Blue Tent Sky: How the Left's War on Guns Cost Me My Son and My Freedom

    by Brian D. Aitken
    In 2010 Brian Aitken was sentenced to seven years in prison for possessing firearms he legally owned. He lost everything and spent four months in prison before Governor Chris Christie demanded his release and taking his case to the Supreme Court. This is his story.
  • Closet Full of Coke: A Diary of A Teenage Drug Queen

    by Indra Sena
    Narrated by the teenage girl who lived it, Closet Full of Coke tells the true story of how a New York suburban fifteen-year-old girl's savvy and wit helps turn the small-time drug business of Armando, a Colombian drug dealer, into a large cocaine operation that puts them on the DEA's Wanted List.
  • Sharon farrell Hollywood Princess From Sioux City Iowa

    by Sharon Farrell with Jessie Dee Young Also my Editor
  • "Sharon Farrell Hollywood Princess From Sioux City Iowa"

    by Sharon Farrell with Jessie Dee Young Also my Editor
    Left Sioux City Iowa for The Big Apple started there. After a long struggle I got a movie,. "Kiss Her Goodbye" I met Che Guevara in Cuba where we filmed.. He was the first my young life. Then Bob Hope brought me out the Hollywood. I did tons of TV s. My first big movie there was "Marlowe" with James Garner I met Bruce Lee and fell in love with him the minute I layed eyes on him. Then Steve Mcqueen I played his leading lady in "The Reivers". The book is about my wonderful career and the ... more
  • The Mozart Project

    by James Fairclough and Harry Farnham
    Curated and authored by some of the most respected experts, The Mozart Project gives new insight into the life of a musical genius, providing the ultimate experience both in terms of contributors and the carefully selected playlist of music and images that they have chosen to feature throughout the book.  10 Chapters by 7 of the World’s greatest Mozart scholars 3hrs of Mozart’s Music 25 Specially Filmed Performances, Documentaries and Demonstrations 8hrs of Audio Extracts and Panel Discuss... more