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Other Nonfiction

  • Break Ground Without Breaking Up

    by Sandy Berendes
    Break Ground Without Breaking Up ~ 7 Keys to Securing a Strong Relationship While Building or Remodeling Your Home, was written by a seasoned interior designer and couple's therapist. All aspects of building and remodeling a house are addressed with relationship tools and design tips to help couples facing the daunting and exciting task of building a house. Emphasis is placed on the predictable and complicated stress and conflict couples often experience while building their house. The book i... more
  • You Were Here Before. Why Are You Here Now? Experiences Of A Past Life Regression Therapist

    by Barbara Pisick
    The past lifetime regressions in this book are based on the knowledge that the soul evolves through many lifetimes, continuing to reincarnate for increased soul development. People were guided to reexperience past lifetimes with people they knew before, or places they never explored which they found to be familiar to them. As a psychotherapist, I helped people to understand how the reenactment can help them to understand their current life purpose, The book includes 35 word-for-word pa... more
  • The DisABILITY A-Player Plan

    by Tarra Nystrom, MBA
    The DisABILITY A-Player Plan is a new perspective, an additional voice, and energizing content to the conversation of disability inclusion in the workplace. Talking to job seekers and employees with disabilities, job developers and job coaches, and businesses and hiring managers, this book highlights the ROI of Disability Inclusion and offers practical strategies for attainable outcomes for all audiences.
  • ACLS Certification Exam Q&A With Explanations

    by Michele G. Kunz
    This book is specifically geared toward healthcare students and new healthcare professionals that are preparing to take the ACLS certification exam for the first time. This book will also give the seasoned healthcare professional lots of great review information as well as a way to update themselves on the latest research and guidelines.
  • From Black To Human

    by Anthony Coleman

    From Black To Human is a collection of journal entries (Poetry, short stories, and quotes) which goes into details of what the author experienced, witnessed, and realized from being black in America. It was his journey, as a black man, which lead him to discover the truth of his (Our) humanity. 

  • Dowsing and Ley Lines

    by Gerald Chatfield
    This book contains information on dowsing for beginners and advanced alike. It provides information on how to find and follow more than five hundred ley marks across the south of the British Isles. It also contains unique insight on how shadow ley lines are connected to time as we measure it in minutes and hours. Also answers as to why the legendary figure of the Long Man of Wilmington is positioned where he is on the South Downs. There is also information on both Woodhenge and Stonehenge.
  • Basic Counseling Techniques

    by Wayne Perry
    Wayne Perry has been a therapist for more than thirty years, but he still hears the same thing from beginning counselors and therapists: Yes, I know what the theory says, but what do I do with this particular client? Drawing on his decades of experience training marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and pastoral counselors, he answers that question in the updated edition of his landmark book: Basic Counseling Techniques. He provides practical suggestions for setting up t... more
  • Will My Beagle Go with Me in the Rapture?

    by Don Diehl
    If you have a dog, cat or other pet – say a beagle (a class of its own), and ever think about heaven and life after death this book is for you. It is about "hounds, heaven and the hereafter." Even if you do not accept all of the author's dogma (pardon the pun), if you are an animal lover and ever wonder what your pet is thinking (or imagine what they would say to you if they could talk back in a human voice) you will identify with this book. The author takes plenty of liberty in presenting his ... more
  • Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven? People, Pets, and Wild Animals in the Afterlife

    by Dan Story

    Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven? looks closely at the biblical evidence for the immortality of animal souls, and provide compelling evidence for why we can be certain that earthly animals will be resurrected alongside God’s people, and join them in the prophesied new heaven and earth. This is an incredulous statement, but this book will demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that it’s true. Amazingly – as I’ll also show – this conclusion is s... more

  • Defending Your Faith, Christianity on the Offense, Engaging the Closed Minded, Should Christians Be Environmentalists? Will Dogs

    by Dan Story
    Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven? People, Pets, and Wild Animals in the Afterlife is my first self-published book through CreateSpace. My other books are traditional published. The book provides biblical and scientific evidence that pets and wild animals will inhabit Heaven with God's people. It also describes what Heaven will probably be like, where it will be located, and the relationship of humans, animals, and God on this Earth and in the Heaven. Includes many personal experiences as well as a... more
  • Fifty Ridiculous Drawings And Funny Sayings In Less Than Fifty Pages

    by Stephen Rafferty
    This book is exactly what the title says. This book is a collection of fifty of the most ridiculous drawings and funny sayings ever assembled by Stephen Rafferty- a comedian and YouTuber. Frd&Fs for short is based on the style of picture humor made famous by various comedians throughout time. The idea of imagery transcribed into jokes is intriguing and hysterically funny. Now what are you waiting for? Buy the book today! (and you don't want to buy it at least share this to your friends!) Don't b... more
  • Engaging College Students: A Fun and Edgy Guide for Professors

    by Mike Kowis

    In this amusing and *award-winning how-to guide for college professors, seasoned instructor Mike Kowis, Esq., shares 44 COLLEGE TEACHING TIPS that will help any teacher:

    •ENGAGE students in thought-provoking classroom discussions,

    •MOTIVATE them to read the assigned materials,

    •INSPIRE them to attend all classes and stay till the final bell rings,

    •CREATE a fun and lively learning environment, and

    •ENCOURAGE studen... more

  • Weedgalized in Colorado: True Tales From the High Country

    by Johnny Welsh
    Weedgalized in Colorado is a lighthearted and surprisingly informative read, featuring on-the-ground stories from scores of participants in Colorado’s historic transformation into a cannabis-friendly state. The book doubles as a reference guide, listing dispensaries, strains and more. Johnny Welsh’s unique perspective stems from his career as a professional bartender in the heart of Colorado’s famous ski country. His big, engaging personality encouraged friends and strangers alike to share wh... more
  • Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?

    by Dr. Frank Chase Jr
    KLEPTOMANIAC is a journey into the annuals of biblical history concerning what the Bible teaches about tithing and giving. This book will take you on a proverbial archeological quest to uncover the true meaning of biblical words that deal with money. When confusion exists about what certain words mean in the Bible, such as tithe, tithing, tenth or ten percent, this book will examine the Hebrew and Greek language to bring to life what these words actually mean in context. This book will upend the... more
  • Family History (1860-1950) of a Doctor's Daughter

    by Diana Walstad

    Book is a family history narrative that begins with the emigration of my 8 great-grandparents from northern Europe. I chose gripping highlights--fleshed out with historical information--that I think will appeal to general readers. Book delves into emigration, TB, maternal mortality, sibling rivalry, alcoholism, problems of stepmothers, oil drilling, Australian "war brides" of World War II, etc.  Reference sources well-documented.

  • Urban X-words: The Internet is Broken, Take This to the Bathroom Instead (Volume 1)

    by Craig Meggy
    Urban X-Words Volume 1 - Warning - Adult "Hours of fun with your only your hands, scatalogical and just good sh*t man" A must have book for those who want to improve their insult vocabulary, over thirty puzzles and word games! BUT these crosswords solutions are slang terms and obscenities so not for the easily offended.