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Other Nonfiction

  • The End Times - What Is It Really About?

    by Michael Kiser
    "The End Times" spotlights the many stories that are spread all throughout the world. Religions focus on this one aspect, but does not, in any way, depict the END of The World. This book attempts to dissect these aspects, and to put forth that the "End Times" are really about the change of thought, while also proving that the doom and gloom being taught is incorrect. It also attempts to prove that it will not be brought about in the year 2012. It is ‘my’ sincere, desire within my soul to... more
  • An Arranged Love

    by Thomas O. Scarborough
    A true story. A dying wife invokes an ancient tradition of the church in Europe, naming her "replacement" before her death. This is no ordinary replacement, but a rural African woman of royal descent. Her clan, too, has ancient traditions. The author finds himself cold starting an arranged marriage by African custom. A heart-warming, tumultuous tale.
  • The Recovering Feminist: Empowering All People to Create a Whole World

    by Beth Wilson
    Women are rising up to shape the future. Driven by a fierce love for humanity, the Earth and all her inhabitants, many recognize it is time to forge a new path of empowerment. With wit and wisdom, international bestselling author Beth Wilson exposes the insidious influence of the domination system on the women's movement--a system that will cause irreparable damage if we remain tethered to its destructive trajectory. The Recovering Feminist summons women to join together--often in partnership wi... more
  • Write With Your Speaking Voice

    by David Klein

    Many struggle to write even a simple document. But speaking, that comes naturally. We just open our mouths and the words come falling out. And yet writing can be as simple as speaking. Learn to capture your speaking voice and transfer it to the written word. It's not difficult to do. You may fall in love with writing.

  • Tipps für Escorts Callgirls inkl. ProstSchG 2017

    by Silvia Berrenrath
    “Tipps für Escorts Callgirls inkl. ProstSchG 2017” beschreibt die aktuellen Änderungen und Bußgelder und das neue Prostitutionsschutzgesetz.. Ausserdem habe ich ein paar typische Beispiele beschrieben über den Ruf der Tätigkeit mit Gegendarstellung. Das Buch ist nicht nur für Menschen aus dem Miliue. Es wird Zeit, das die Leute endlich toleranter werden. Dieser Ratgeber ist nicht nur für Sexworker, Neueinsteiger oder Kunden. Auch für alle die interessehalber einen kleinen Einblick in das R... more
  • What is the Woman Saying: Lessons Learnt from Biblical Women

    by Dane Miller
    A woman’s voice is one of the most powerful voices that anyone can listen to. For years some societies and even in the Christian realm they have been marginalized. However, their role is far from ordinary and even saying it is extraordinary is just the starting point to the depth of their value. In this book, you will explore various women of the bible and see the depth of their ‘Words’ and ‘Actions’ and how it can build your relationship with your God, family and friends.
  • Learning and the Affective Approach

    by Acene Fleurmons
    My book, Learning and the Affective Approach, is a demonstration of the importance of affection, love, association, and integration for kids, preschoolers, and schoolers in their immediate environment and learning journey. That was an intellectual work that led us to a profound reflection on learning and on human intelligence (which we redefined in chapter 1), which facilitates the learning process?how we acquire knowledge, what makes people appear more intelligent or less, and what hinders the ... more
  • Down the Rabbit Hole an Osint Journey: Open Source Intelligence Gathering for Penetration Testing

    by Chris Kubecka

    Learn over fifteen OSINT tools while traveling on a hacker journey. Discover weaknesses in the Panama Paper's firm Mossack Fonseca, the DNS political party weak email and security systems. Analyze document metadata to discover the GOP network manager's system. Investigate how anyone could have hacked into the Dutch election board and voting tabulation software in the Netherlands and Germany (and still can). Follow the author down the rabbit hole and see what you can find.

  • The Housewife Loved a Bandit

    by Larry Baran
    Sarasota's top crime story of 1955. My mother is the only woman to escape from the Sarasota County Jail. That begs the question “What was your ma doing in jail?” In 1953, she left her husband and six kids in the Hyde Park Chicago neighborhood for a 7 month coast-to-coast crime spree. Flo Baran and Bill Gaskell used guile, guts and a gun to support their illicit lifestyle. Their little fun ride together came to a surprising end at a Miami motel. You know, just like a tale of love, adventure and b... more
  • Big Sister Book

    by William Hartley
    Becoming a new big brother or big sister is unmistakably one of the most important events in your child's life. Why not spend that precious one-on-one time with your child and our new completely interactive Big Brother and/or Big Sister Books? With our exclusive artwork (made by kids, for kids of course!) and timeless poetry, you and your child will journey through learning just how special their new role is- and always will be as a big brother or big sister. Customize your book by adding family... more
  • Lose Your Stuff, Find Yourself

    by Lori Firsdon
    Lose Your Stuff, Find Yourself is an inspirational guide, helping you begin the journey of organization, so you can better manage your life. Each chapter is filled with practical advice, real-life situations, and motivational stories, helping to process the emotional grip clutter has on us.
  • Jon Haggins The GlobeTrotter

    by Jon Haggins
    Jon Haggins the GlobeTrotter is a journey onto itself. If you’ve ever had a desire to see the world, the color photos will take you there as you turn the pages. You will explore Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Caribbean, France, Corsica, The Aegean Sea, Greece & Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Sweden, Brazil, and many more. Let me not forget the history, culture and the aromatic recipes that will whet your appetite for the taste and flavors from around the world. ... more
  • Unaccompanied Children: Care and Protection in Wars, Natural Disasters, and Refugee Movements: Reprint of the 1988 Edition

    by Everett Ressler
    A study about unaccompanied children in wars, natural disasters, and refugee movements. This study was undertaken in 1988 and published by Oxford University press. This is a re-print. The study provides guidance for policy makers, program staff, academics, and researchers. It covers history of unaccompanied children, unaccompanied children from a psychological perspective, and a review of unaccompanied children in comparative and international law.
  • The Old Testament Case for Nonviolence

    by Matthew Curtis Fleischer
    In The Old Testament Case for Nonviolence, Fleischer cuts through the rhetoric and popular misperceptions to provide a compelling, scripturally based, and highly readable case for a good, just, and loving God, one who is not only not bloodthirsty but who actually hates violence. If you have ever struggled to understand or appreciate what God was doing in the Old Testament, you will love this book. You might even discover a deity who is more beautiful than you have ever imagined.
  • The Writer's Crucible: Meditations on Emotion, Being and Creativity

    by Philip Kenney
    The Writer’s Crucible provides a detailed map for navigating the turbulent emotional waters of a creative life. Writers will come to understand the psychology of vulnerability, perhaps the most common of which is a persistent sense of not being good enough. This troubling insecurity is often present in even the most successful writers; they too are subject to undermining episodes of self-doubt. To help manage this core experience, The Writer’s Crucible offers an in depth exploration of the psych... more
  • Eli'jah Is Here! The Day of the L-rd!

    by Eli'y אֵלִיָּהוּ
    "I, יֵשַׁע Ye'sha, יָשַׁע Ya'sha, יְשׁוּעָה Yesh'uw'ah Im Moshi'ach, have sent Mine ANGEL, MY מַלְאָךְ Mal'ak Messenger of G-D, MY Messenger of The Covenant, אֵלִיָּהוּ ELI'JAH, before you, to Testify, to Bear Witness as a Testimony, a Written Record unto you all these things in The Great Congregation, to prepare & keep you in The Way of The L-RD to bring you into the place which I have prepared for you. MY Coming will be according to Nevi'im, זכריה פרק יד Zechariah 14:1-21, The Tanakh." "Heed H... more