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Other Nonfiction

  • Music for Kids: When to Start Piano Lessons

    by Deborah Johnson
    Parents and grandparents: do you want the benefit of music lessons for your child or grandchild? Many studies show how music improves self-discipline, thinking skills, spatial reasoning, creative abilities and more. However, with the number of activities and distractions most kids and families face, how do you fit in a quality music education for a generation that is busy and media-possessed? Music for Kids answers the "why" music education is so important, then the "how and when" to start a ... more
  • Cobra Killer

    by Peter A. Conway
    The first book and the most detailed account to date of the gruesome "gay porn murder" that made national headlines and led to a cross-country manhunt for the killers.
  • An Invitation to Travel

    by Hilary Emberton
    Take a pictorial voyage around the world through An Invitation To Travel. Step inside the covers of this book to see that Earth is an amazing and wonderful place and that despite deep cultural differences, people everywhere are kind and share similar needs. Images mostly in color, from fifty-six countries are paired with commentary bringing special meaning to the photos. This book will appeal to seasoned, aspirational and armchair travelers.
  • The Hidden Revelation

    by Morson Livingston
    This book, “The Hidden Revelation”, started out because of my search for knowledge and my in-depth studies of various religions. I realized that we are more alike than we are different through that search. I realized that the major religions of the world have more similarities than differences, yet we think we are so different from each other.**Various parts of the world, practices various religions and spiritual teachings and at the core, the very message, some traditions and some practices are... more
  • Freedom or Serfdom?: The Case for Limited, Constitutional Government and Against Statism

    by Hal Lillywhite

    Why should we defend freedom and how can we do it? This book is an invaluable source for those questions.

    Freedom or Serfdom? is probably the most comprehensive source available today in defense of freedom. Entertaining reading that provides well-document information, both some available elsewhere and some original material. Every citizen should read this book.


  • The Sacred Art: Growing Faithful Disciples for the 21st Century. ; God is a Strong Shelter: A Commentary on Selected Psalms for

    by Johnny Turner
    The book is about how the different psalmist encountered personal storms in life. Each psalm has a message for the modern day believer to relate to. At the end of each selected psalm, there is a Christological message and personal application for developing a closer walk with God
  • The Healer: Conversations with Alex Telman

    by Emma Sargent
    Once upon a time, Psychics and Healers were revered. They held positions of status and authority. They were the closest confidants to Kings, Emperors and mighty rulers. Over the centuries, the Western world changed. Psychics and Healers moved underground, as though their work had become taboo. To admit consulting with one was akin to a belief in faeries, witchcraft or even aliens. Today, there are different classes of Seer. Some charge $5 a minute, giving readings of a dubious nature over... more
  • Organic Container Gardening for All: From Kids to Seniors, Anyone Can Grow Herbs and Veggies in Containers

    by Amelia Painter

    Eating fruits and veggies is the number one habit for healthy living and is most delicious and nutritious when eaten fresh, local, in season, and organic. By replacing processed food with super food from the organic garden, families can turn the tide on the alarming rise in diabetes, obesity, and life threatening food allergies.  More people want to know where their food is grown, who's growing it, and how is it grown. "Organic Container Gardening for All" is your guide to ... more

  • Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy: The New Trifecta

    by Geraldine Perry
    This book argues that it is land use, not fossil fuel burning per se, which drives that portion of climate change attributable to human activity, and it is, in turn, monetary policy that has driven land use since the days of ancient Mesopotamia. We must come to terms with the fact that our current, single-minded fixation on CO2 reduction will only keep us on the present trajectory of planetary destruction - even as it makes boatloads of money for all manner of "stock-jobbers" and industry in... more
  • Into the Carpathians: A Journey Through the Heart and History of Central and Eastern Europe

    by Alan E. Sparks

    Part memoir, part travelogue, part natural and cultural history, Into the Carpathians describes a four-month-long hiking and wildlife research expedition along the length of the Carpathian Mountains, from Romania to Poland, some 1,700 miles as the crow flies. As readers follow the author and his companions on this intriguing journey, they will encounter the many natural wonders and colorful inhabitants of the Carpathian landscape—both human and non-human—while gaining dee... more


    by Tristan Sherwin

    LOVE: EXPRESSED explores what it means to live a faith that is an expression and extension of the generous love that God has already shown towards us, while guiding us away from a faith which seeks to extract something from God via our performance.

    This isn’t another one of those ‘self-help’ manuals.

    This isn't a book about romance and sex, or feelings and cuddles.

    This isn't a guidebook offering relationship advice, giving tips on how to find '... more

  • Bicycle Touring How-To: What We Learned

    by Tim and Debbie Bishop
    Have you ever thought about touring long distances by bicycle? Discover the secrets of a successful bicycle tour in Bicycle Touring How-To: What We Learned. Bicycle Touring How-To is all about learning how to bicycle tour from the ground up–and quickly--because that’s just what authors Tim and Debbie Bishop did when they ventured across country in 2010 after marrying. "How-To" contains tips on equipment, security, pre- and post-trip logistics, the daily routine, technology, and much more. Yo... more
  • Beethoven and Me: A Beginner's Guide to Classical Music

    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    In Beethoven and Me: A Beginner’s Guide to Classical Music, Earl Ofari Hutchinson breaks through a hard barrier that has long separated politics and social commentary from music, in this case classical music. He shares his many personal experiences in concert halls and his observations about the world of classical music. Beethoven and Me: A Beginner’s Guide to Classical Music is a fast paced, easy to understand survey of the music’s well-known and not so well-known composers, their music and th... more
  • Our Ailing Education: And a Prescription for Recovery

    by Margaretha I. de Lorenzo
    Granting diplomas just for spending a prescribed amount of years at a school desk is nothing short of criminal, and the school systems should be held accountable.**Author Margaretha de Lorenzo laments the failure of the school system to provide students with adequate academic preparation prior to high school graduation. She also asserts that parents are by far the most important instructors a child will ever have and exert the greatest influence on their child's learning and future behavior patt... more
  • Solving Problems That Matter (and Getting Paid for It): STEM Careers in Social Innovation and Global Sustainable Development

    by Khanjan Mehta

    Do you want to harness the power of science, technology, and innovation to change the world? Do you want to channel your passion and education to pursue a life-long career improving the human condition?

    Regardless of where you are in your career today, what should be your next step?
    Sign up for Peace Corps? Pursue graduate school? Take on a corporate job?
    Join a nonprofit? Launch your own social enterprise?
    Should you focus on energy, health or food security?
    Should ... more

  • Comparative Economics: Islam's Panacea to the Maladies of Capitalism

    by Omar Abdul-Latif
    A short book that expands on the Islamic economic system through contemporary economic theory. It introduces the subject of economics and the political economy, whilst highlighting core issues ingrained within the capitalist free market. It also attempts to ascertain the Islamic antidote to these problems, such that the reader is able to discern which ideology is more efficient in solving pertinent economic problems.