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Other Nonfiction

  • Istanbul to Ireland: A Solo Cyclist's Journey

    by Rick Steeves

    "Each passing car in the never-ending stream of vehicles politely beeped its horn to let me know they were about to pass (just in case I didn’t know!). Then I heard a beep, and no one passed. Another beep, and still nothing. I next heard a mammoth rumble. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a tractor-trailer towing a wide load veering wide left behind me—causing oncoming traffic to scatter—crushing a dozen traffic cones in the median ..."

    Cycling only on vac... more

  • Snow Guns Before Sunrise: A Peek Behind the Veil of Ski Resort Operations

    by Patrick Torsell
    Ever wonder what it's like to operate a snowcat, or even run the whole show as a ski resort General Manager? Snow Guns Before Sunrise will let you in on the secrets as you walk, and ski, in the shoes of ski industry insiders to see what really goes on behind the scenes. Complete with job descriptions, “a-day-in-the-life-of” details, and anecdotes from industry professionals, you'll discover everything you wanted to know, and then some, about the inner workings of a ski resort. Get a glimpse of t... more
  • 100 Digital Rules

    by Pearl Zhu

    A well-defined set of digital rules are not for limiting innovation, but for setting the frame of relevance, and guide through changes and digital transformation.


    Digital businesses today are facing fierce competitions, unprecedented uncertainty, and velocity. There is a classic fable about a lion and a gazelle to analogize such a "surviving and thriving cycles." The lion wakes up and starts running, otherwise it will not catch lunch. The gazelle... more

  • Beyond the Black Stump of Eternity: A Toolkit for Understanding the Deeper Meaning to Life, Its Existence and Global Issues

    by David Shaun Larsen
    Beyond The Black Stump of Eternity provides a toolkit for exploring the deeper meaning to life, its existence and global issues. This is the first in a series of three books and at a time when anyone can be published, I feel it is my responsibility to “Awaken others” to what I know. Written uniquely for an Australian audience, it’s also suited for broader global readership. It’s intended to be an easy read that interweaves a mix of stories associated with my journey growing up in what I call, ... more
  • Eros and Ethos: A New Theory of Sexual Ethics

    by Jason Stotts
    Sexual ethics has historically been a bleak landscape of three false alternatives – resist, abstain, or indiscriminately indulge. In Eros and Ethos, philosopher Jason Stotts presents a radical new alternative in which sex is an ethically important part of a rich human life. He shows how sex is a significant expression of our character, because sex arises out of the deepest and most fundamental parts of who we are. On his account, virtue lies in proudly bringing desire in line with our flourishi... more
  • Temple-Smith and Cupples' Legal Drafting: Litigation Documents, Contracts, Legislation, and Wills (Revised)

    by Margaret Temple-Smith and Deborah Cupples
    This textbook is about document drafting and is a useful reference for practitioners. The book contains the following: - Discussion of legal issues that are crucial to drafters. - Guidance for creating document-organization schemes. - Suggestions for clear and precise phrasing. - Tips regarding grammar, punctuation, and style. - Document-specific guidance and exercises. - Citations to statutes, case law, and other sources.
  • Grammar, Punctuation, and Style: A Quick Guide for Lawyers and Other Writers

    by Deborah Cupples and Margaret Temple-Smith
    This guide is easy-to-read for all types of writers and includes notes for legal professionals. The authors consulted multiple grammar-related sources in their research, so readers would not have to. The book contains the following: - Rules of grammar and punctuation, with examples. - Key grammatical terms necessary for understanding rules. - Citations to grammatical and legal sources. - Style tips. - Self-test exercises and answers. - An easy-to-use index.
  • Revelations 12:12

    by David De Freitas
    ‘Woe to the inhabitors of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, knowing that he has but a short time.’ Revelations 12:12 1968. A young woman in the sleepy town of Sidon is at home, fourteen hours into labour. Uninvited and without warning, a Dr Brockman arrives to assist with her delivery. A few hours later, Martha Holman gives birth to her first child, Simon. Within months, however, Martha’s husband is killed in the Vietnam War. Suddenly a singl... more
  • Champions

    by John Schenk
    “Champions: 15 Inspiring Comeback Stories from Sports and Life” recounts the true stories of top-tier competitors whose greatest victories came against the fiercest of all opponents: life. From Victoria Arlen, a swimmer who came out of a coma to set a world record; to Bob Love, a busboy who fought his way back to the pro basketball ranks; to Kyle Schwarber who started out the Cubs’ 2016 season with a torn ACL and finished with a World Series Championship; these and a dozen other athletes will in... more
  • My Spinoza

    This book is for seekers who desire to gain a deeper understanding of God, Self and Beingness through the eyes of 17th Century Enlightenment Philosopher Baruch Spinoza, and to awaken to the Ultimate Reality of Being.
  • Outsourcing Student Success: The History of Institutional Research and the Future of Higher Education

    by Joseph Wycoff

    Colleges and universities have engaged in a bewildering succession of reform efforts to improve institutional performance and student success in higher education since the 1960s, with little success. After more than fifty years of seeking solutions internally, institutions are turning more and more to outside, for-profit firms to do it for them—raising important questions about the mission and the future of higher education. The history of institutional research provides an important pe... more

  • Maiden Voyage: The Prequel to The Adventure of a Lifetime

    by Tim Notier
    When a couple from Chicago buy an adventure motorcycle and decide to take a trip around the Rocky Mountains on it, they have no idea how inspirational such a short trip could be. Their journey is humorously told with beautiful scenery, interesting characters met along the way, and countless uncomfortable situations (i.e. the traveling strippers they befriended, Tim’s almost accidental initiation into a gang, a devil child on the side of the road with wicked aim, and the several times where the... more
  • Devil in the Basement: White Supremacy, Satanic Ritual and My Family

    by Charlotte Laws
    Devil in the Basement is creative nonfiction and based on the shocking true story of Charlotte Laws’ family. She learned about the murders, bombings, and devil worship when she visited her ancestors’ home town of Fairmont, West Virginia. As a former private eye, she investigated what had happened and even ventured into the eerie basement where the satanic rituals had occurred. The story begins in 1928 when thousands of Ku Klux Klan members march through this sleepy town. Great uncle Jal’s pas... more
  • Fire Sight: True Stories of Miracles & Immortality

    by jason nealon
    Fire Sight: True Stories of Miracles & Immortality is the first published work by author Jason Nealon, M.D. Just as Fire Power: Bending Reality with Movie Symbolism forever altered people’s perceptions of movies, this book unfolds in a similar manner and leaves the reader struggling to ever see aliens and UFOs the same way again.
  • How to Teach English Spelling

    by John J. Fulford
    With over 30 years teaching English in K-12, college prep, and ESL both in North America and overseas, Professor John Fulford has a keen understanding of student’s problems with learning spelling. Beginning in a lonely one-room school in northern Canada before moving to major city schools, as well as teaching countless foreign students, Fulford realized that the usual way of memorizing a list of dissimilar words does not work. For nearly 20 years Fulford researched English spelling and espec... more
  • How To Write a Simple Book Review: It's easier than you think

    by Allyson R. Abbott

    A #1 Bestselling and Award Winning book.. An extremely helpful book which is easy to read and follow with a friendly chatty style.  This popular book helps readers, new to reviewing books, with guides and templates and lots of reasons why it is important. There is help with writing really short reviews, negatve reviews and setting up a reviewing system.  At the back you will find lots of links to help you with confornace or for more information if you wish to take reviewing mor... more